*Note: This is a deviant based on three years into their time at Upperton University; Kim and Ron are no longer a couple and Bonnie has a twin.

A brown-eyed raven haired young woman ducked into the shadows of a nearby alley. Her gloved hand instinctively moved to the left pocket of her black trench coat as her keen hearing picked up the sound of approaching footsteps. Measuring the timing between each footfall, she peeked around the corner before removing a tetra-blade hidden within the fold of her sleeve. Narrowing her eyes, she attached the tripwire to the end and took aim. Once it was near her target, she gave the string a slight tug and made a clean swipe across their trachea and let the blade fly back into her gloved hand. As soon as the victim fell with no further signs of struggle, she moved from the shadows. The cool wind swept through her hair, the moonlight tingeing it a sleek black. A bold sky blue streak across her bang gave her porcelain skin a dangerous edge. She swiftly bent down to peg the man's right shoulder with a red pin before straightening up to cast a look over her shoulder. Taking hold of the shoulders, she dragged the body back into the alley. Removing a stiletto blade from her pocket, she expertly carved IX onto the neck of the victim. Moving to the pin, she tapped it and stepped back as a body bag materialized around him.

Reaching down, she zipped the body into it before leaning against the wall. Her fingers slid across a smooth brick and she pushed it in before she rolled away from it, which resulted in the wall silently shifting to reveal a moderately large tunnel. Excellent… she thought victoriously as she moved to push the body through. Once the conveyor belt had pulled it through, the wall slid back into position. Now to report it to HQ; I can't afford to fail Stealth 101. Climbing up the fire escape two rungs at a time, she flipped up to the waiting roof. She blew out a silent sigh as she unsheathed a blade-like comlink from her breast pocket. Tilting it slightly, she allowed the moonlight to glint off it before replacing it. Smiling to herself, she rolled up her sleeve and tapped on her bracelet. "I need a quiet mode of transportation." She whispered into the hidden speaker before holding it out in front of her. A beam of grey light immediately shot out before the pixelated form of a hoverboard appeared. Once it had solidified, she waited for the beam to retract before hopping onto it. Looking back up at the moon, she estimated that it was around two a.m. Well, I better head home: I can't have the Head Master wondering where my loyalties lie. She inwardly cringed at the last time someone had double-crossed her father; it had definitely ended badly as he had placed them in front of a firing squad. And that was on his good day, when he was being merciful.

Landing in the backyard, she hopped off and pressed a button located on the bottom. Once her mode of transportation had taken on the form of a backpack, she slid it onto her back and adroitly climbed the tree before silently creeping across the limb to the window in front of her. I'm almost home free, just gotta open the window. Removing a tetra star from her sleeve, she thrust it into the outer locking system of the window. She worked at it until she heard the satisfying click that would admit her into the room. Opening it just enough, she slipped in and shut the window soundlessly behind her. Closing the drapes, she conjured a tongue of fire in the palm of her hand to light up the room. Knowing her godparents, they were going to awake at any time now to begin getting ready for their day. She smiled softly as she placed the flame into a candle holder; it had been ages since she had seen them last. It would be nice to see them after thirteen years, especially my godbrother. Her smile wavered slightly as she thought about her dear sibling. She had only been able to keep contact with him over e-mail and phone.

Pushing that thought to the back of her mind, she removed her gloves and placed them on her desk. Walking over to the candle she had lit, she stuck her bare finger into the flame and allowed it to coat her finger in its warmth. With her finger ablaze, she brought it up to her face in a smoking gun position and took a quick inhale of breath before slowly releasing it. The small flame enveloped her as she rose into the air. The flame surged around her almost as if it were alive and changed from its calm amber to cool lavender. It encircled her from head to toe, engulfing her in its warm embrace. She drifted soundlessly to the ground, the flame flickering out of existence. Stripping out of her trench coat, she stood in a black tank top and black sweatpants. Stretching upwards, she slid into her bed and allowed herself to drift into a dreamless sleep.