To say that Douglas W. Rockwaller was handling the absence of his top assassin well would have been an understatement. What made it worse was that his wife was condoning their boycott by slowly emptying their closets and drawers of their clothes on a weekly basis, even taking them to wherever they had decided to stay. It had taken some haggling on his part, but he had finally gotten the address of where his daughters were staying. Furious beyond belief, he stormed straight through the door and drove to the Possible's. Once he had found the house, he smiled malevolently as he parked his car beside Bonnie's Lexus before he marched up the stairs and rang the doorbell. Waiting patiently, there was a moment before he saw the door open. Standing in the doorway was a medium-build Caucasian with streaks of grey in his chocolate mane. Calmly adjusting his tie, he smiled as he held out his hand. "Well good morning to ya, the name is Dr. Timothy Possible. How can I help you?" the lieutenant glanced down at the rocket scientist's outstretched hand before his smile dissipated. "I'm Lieutenant Rockwaller; would my daughters happen to be here?" the doctor looked to the man with a raised brow before he chuckled mirthfully. "I see, well you just missed them; Briz and Bonnie just left with my daughter Kim and their friends." The blond hummed as he ran his fingers through his hair. "Well when they come in, could you please tell them that I didn't raise them to be an inconvenience to others?" the father of three nodded in reply, wishing the steaming man a good day. Wincing at the car slam, he watched the soldier drive off before stepping inside. Leaning against the closed door, he shuddered at the thought of what the muscular war machine would do to the young women he had come to care for. Pulling out his iPhone, he sent his wife a quick message to warn her of what had transpired.


Brittanya smiled tenderly at the monitor that displayed her unborn children, unconsciously squeezing Kai's hand as she did so. Anne smiled as she rolled the transducer over her stomach, happy that the children looked to be in prefect health. Not that it should be a surprise, seeing as she leads a healthy lifestyle. Her eyes meandered over all those present, her smile growing brighter at the overwhelming support from her sister and friends. "Well sweetie, the good news is that your children will be healthy and you are nearing your due date." The young mother-to-be beamed at the news before her mind registered what had been said. "Dr. Possible, are you insinuating that there is bad news?" the neurosurgeon sighed as her stately grin dissipated into a light frown, placing the sonogram device to side so that she could remove the gel from the Queen's Hand's stomach with a nearby cloth. "There is bad news, but not where your children are concerned." At the worry now etched onto the young woman's face, the redhead dropped the cloth on the table and pulled out her phone. Quickly unlocking the device, she flipped to the message she had received from her husband. "According to Tim, your father decided to drop by in order to take you and Bonnie home."

A moment of icy reticence followed the news, save the sounds of the fetuses' movements on the monitor. The non-pregnant brunette slowly ambled to her feet, walking over to hold her sister's hand. "There's no way we're going home now… not after everything that's happened." She breathed, looking to the Assassin still lying on the table. Everyone turned their gaze to the young woman who had yet to say anything, her face unreadable as she slowly sat up. Covering her stomach, she regarded those present as she wearily drew her fingers through her hair. "Delle's right, we can't go home." Pulling out her iPhone, she placed her thumb on the home button and waited for the security measure to unlock the Apple product. "But I have an idea of where we could go." Once a picture of a lotus flower appeared on the home screen, she tapped on the phone icon and quickly punched numbers into the keypad. Holding the phone to her ear, she only had to wait for two rings before someone picked up. "Hey Davy, I just found a way for you to pay me back."