Eyal just held her, rubbed circles on her back and rocked while Annie cried. It was when he heard her breathing even out that he knew she had fallen asleep.

He sighed. She hadn't elaborated after saying "He cheated on me". He could guess who she was talking about, but he just couldn't garner why. Why would he do something like that? Why would Auggie sleep with someone else? Why would he do that to Annie? After everything she had been put through why would he want to put her through more? And for her to find out in the middle of the operation. Eyal needed answers.

Eyal lifted Annie off the floor carrying her easily over to the bed and laying her on top of the covers. What am I going to do? How can I help her?

Eyal knew that he was her closest friend but he also knew that she was aware of his feelings for her. So why come running to me? He simply had too many unanswered questions. However, looking down at her sleeping form he knew they would have to wait until she awoke.

He debated with himself for a moment. Undress her or leave her be? He looked around and realized that the clothes she had on were very likely the only thing she had with her so…

He sighed again. He knelt down and took off her boots and socks, then her jacket. He hesitated. When have I ever hesitated taking off a woman's clothes? He smirked to himself. But this was Annie, his neshama, the smirk slipped from his face.

Eyal looked down her sleeping form. She was so beautiful. Even with the dark hair, she was still Annie. She was still his neshama.

He shook himself out of his thoughts and unzipped her pants, laying them with her jacket on a nearby chair. Now to leave her shirt on or not? Well she wouldn't want it to be wrinkled right? He very gently removed it as well, laying it to the side as he picked her up and placed her under the covers.

When he went to step away; he'd sleep on the couch, she latched onto his arm. "Please, don't" she whispered, looking at him intently.

"Don't what Annie?" Eyal asked, bending down to her level.

"Don't distance yourself. I can't stand it" she said. "Please. Stay with me."

He chastised himself. He should have known she wasn't asleep. She was a spy just like him. But they also shared something most didn't: trust. She trusted him to keep her safe and to not cross the line.

"Annie…" Eyal knew they were coming close to that line.

"Please Eyal" Annie pleaded.

He looked at her. He knew he couldn't deny her anything. Sighing, yet again, he squeezed her hand on his arm and moved to take off his shoes.

After removing his shoes and jacket, he again paused. I don't think I've ever done more pausing in my life then tonight. I guess I just know I don't want to screw this relationship, friendship, whatever, up.

"Just take it off Eyal" Annie spoke across the room. "I've already seen it. First mission. You almost killed me then you flaunted everything in a towel. Just take it off and come to bed please."

Eyal was slightly shocked at her words. She certainly had become more straight-forward, more confident. He removed his pants and shirt and then crossed the room standing next to the bed. He again looked down at Annie who was now staring up at him.

She rolled down the covers on his side and patted them. "You're sure about this Annie?" Eyal asked.

"Eyal we're both in our underwear. We're friends. We've shared worse. Just get in, I need to sleep and I bet you do too" Annie responded.

"But Annie…you're…you're involved" Eyal said, sitting on the edge of the bed, back to Annie.

"Eyal can we please not do this right now. Tomorrow ok? I'll explain everything tomorrow. Please let's just sleep" Annie said tugging on his arm.

"And you're sure you want me in the bed with you? I was just going to take the couch" Eyal indicated.

"We'll both sleep better if you're right here. Now just go to sleep" Annie said.

Eyal relented, turning and swinging his legs under the covers and laying down staring at the ceiling. Annie scooted over, back to Eyal's side.

Eyal glanced down and turned on his side as well. Annie slide over again, right up against Eyal's side. He pulled her into his chest and he could hear her breathing even out again.

Eyal's thoughts swirled. What did she need from him? Was this what she wanted? Just some comfort or something more? What was the deal with Auggie? After a good hour or so Eyal drifted off to sleep as well, questions badgering his brain, but secure in the idea that he would get answers soon.