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Annabeth stormed over to the bench and snatched her sketchbook off the table beside her.

"Uh-oh. What happened, Clarisse mouth off to you again?" The boy beside her looked to be older than her by about a year, and was wearing a plain white tank top underneath an open black shirt, plain jeans, and a pair of sturdy leather sandals. His black hair was pulled tight into a short ponytail close to the top of his head, and narrow, storm grey eyes glanced up from the book he was studying.

She sighed. "No, just frustrated with the new kid." Shin-li just chuckled. "I told you not to expect too much. He hasn't had a lot of time to adjust, from what I hear." Annabeth scowled at him. "Okay, okay, calm down. Anyways, I wanted to go over this with you. These pillars, here. I think they should be spread out, and staggered in two rows. That way, you can space the windows to accommodate, and…"

Ten minutes later, Chiron walked up, leading a somewhat disheveled and confused looking boy about Annabeth's age. "Annabeth, Shin-li, I have masters archery at noon. Would you take Percy from here?" Shin-li nodded. "Sure." Annabeth just glared at the boy, until Shin-li kicked her under the table.

"Cabin eleven," Chiron said, showing him. "Make yourself at home." The campers bowed to Chiron, and he turned to leave. "Well then, good luck, Percy. I'll see you at dinner." Shin-li took a glance at Annabeth. She was getting frustrated again. "Well? Go on." Percy started towards the cabin, and Shin-li decided to spare him the usual first day mishap. "Watch the first step," he muttered, slipping past him into the cramped cabin. "Percy Jackson, meet cabin eleven."

"Regular or undetermined?" Shin-li held back a groan. Why did someone always ask that gods-damned question the minute a new kid showed up? Might as well get it over with. "Undetermined." 3, 2, 1… Right on cue, everyone in the cabin started moaning. Ah, the ever famous cabin eleven welcome. Damn it all, where's…

"Now, now, campers, that's what we're here for." Luke Castellan, timely as usual, stepped forward. He flashed Percy a quick, appraising look, and was back in character before anyone noticed. "Welcome, Percy. You can have that spot on the floor over there." He gestured to the spot of empty space that always seemed to crop up whenever a new camper arrived.

Shin-li caught Luke's eye as Annabeth started explaining the situation to Percy. A quick glance around the room, and then he rolled his eyes. Well that went as smoothly as ever, he said in the inexplicable sign language the two always managed to understand. The corner of Luke's mouth twitched, and he gave a slight shrug. Well, that's life here in the glorious cabin eleven. Shin-li gave him a wry smirk.

"How long will I be here?" Luke arched one of his eyebrows at his friend. That's my cue. "Good question," he said aloud. "Until you're determined." Percy turned back to Annabeth, and Shin-li walked over to Luke. "We need to talk." Luke took a glance at Annabeth leading Percy away. "I'll meet you there later." Shin-li nodded, and went over to his bunk to relax.

Ten minutes later, Luke came up behind Shin-li and sat down on top of the large rock the two often met at at the edge of the woods. "So, what did you need to talk about?" Shin-li glanced at him. "I wanted to know what you thought of Percy." Luke leaned back and rested his head against the tree that had grown through and split the once larger boulder in half. "What, the new kid? I don't know, seems alright, why?"

"You didn't sense anything… different about him?"

"Different?" Luke sat up straight now, giving Shin-li a curious look. "Different how?" Shin-li shook his head. "I'm not sure. All I can say for certain is that he's not an average demigod." The relaxed look bleeds off of Luke's face, and he slides into a more serious mood. A frown tugs at the scar on his jaw. "Do you think he could be the one? We've been waiting a long time." Shin-li stared into the distance, deep in thought.

"It's possible," he said eventually. "He doesn't seem gifted, but he's new to this. Nobody adapts that quickly, we have to expect that. I think we should look into recruiting him. If he is a child of the big three, we gain a powerful ally, and if not, we lose nothing." Luke nodded slowly, agreeing. "Alright. Be careful, though. Chiron seems to have his eye on this one, and I don't want to draw his attention." "Agreed."

They drifted into other, more relaxed topics as they walked back towards camp, regular discussions about their favorite weapons, and which girls they wanted to see more of in water games.

Luke was shaking his head. "Yeah, yeah, I see your point, but I still say that…" "Hey, Luke, Shin-li!" The boys turned towards the voice. "Grover?" Asked Shin-li. "What's up?"

Grover reached the two, and put his hands on his knees to catch his breath. "You guys… will never… believe… what Percy just did…"

As Grover panted, Shin-li and Luke spared a glance at each other. An insight into his abilities, perhaps? Shin-li looked down at his friend. "What happened, Grover?"

Grover stood up straight, and took a deep breath. "Well, it all started when Clarisse ran into him and Annabeth on their way to…"