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Part II: Night of Anguish

He knew something was up when she came into the café with her brother, sporting a black eye and impressive gash. He'd fallen down the stairs as a child; hell the first time he'd met Bousset was cleaning up the poor 5th grader after tripping over air…down the stairs. No one got that banged up from falling down stairs, well not that kind of banged up anyway. What made his stomach twist more was the errand she had to run. He watched her eyes, those magnificent chocolate spheres flicker to her brother, then for a moment they caught his. What he saw within those doe eyes frightened him, was it fear? An apology, a plea? To his dying day, Combeferre will live with the guilt of not acting faster, or offering to walk to her errand, or join her. Maybe then she wouldn't wake up screaming on occasion, or have a masterpiece of scars littering her otherwise perfect body.

Despite the joy and excitement of the evening in the entertaining of a two year old boy, the knot in Combeferre's stomach continued to tighten and churn. He turned to Enjolras two hours after her departure.

"Enj, d'you think she's all right?"

He remembered Enjolras frown slightly, his eye brows furrowed in thought.

"I'm sure she's fine 'Ferre."

If only his words comforted the stressed philosopher. If only his words were true.

What transpired later that night nearly cost Combeferre his sanity and heart.

Little ten year old Azelma burst into the café, tears streaming from her green eyes, a nasty cut tearing into her cheek. Seeing the child in such distress, Combeferre prayed to anything and everything who would listen, but his worst fears were realized when little Gavroche awoke and recognized the new comer.

Combeferre hadn't moved so quickly in his life. He vaguely heard Enjolras question what happened, followed by Bahorel commanding the girl to lead them there. But he was already out the door, bringing his car to life and barking at the rest to hurry.

He cracked open the passenger door for Azelma and Enjolras, the little girl perched on the leader's lap as she directed the way to her family home.

Pulling up to the Gorbeau tenement, the knot in Combeferre's stomach did a triple flip, tightened itself, then sank through the floor. Bahorel was questioning the girl, double checking if this was indeed her home. Combeferre was cursing himself. They should've insisted they walk her home earlier, known where she lived, knew of her home life, not wait till a moment like this.

She tearfully nodded, wiping her running nose on her sleeve.

"This is where Papa, Ponine, Gav and I live…" she paused, sucking in a shaky breath. "And most of Papa's gang."

"What about your Mama?" Jehan asked quietly, rubbing the girl's shoulders from his perch on Courfeyac.

She blinked some more tears, ones that coursed down her cheeks and settled in her gash (Combeferre would reflect later on why they had taken the time to have this conversation and not the time to clean Azelma up.)

"Papa blames Roche." She said quietly, looking down at her hands. The silence in the car weighed down on the students' shoulders.

"Is your Papa home now?" Grantaire questioned, pulling his hands into tight fists.

"Non," The little girl spoke quickly. "He and the gang went out to the bar after they finished." She whispered the last part. The words nailed Combeferre in the chest, his heart lurching. Without a second thought, he swung open his door and made his way to the building, the boys not far behind.

Bahorel beat him in, breaking down the door with one ram of the shoulder. Jehan nearly hurled at the scent of the apartment while Enjolras openly hissed at the blood stains on the carpet.

Courfeyac was the first to make it into the living room. His breathless "Oh my God." Brought a heavy stun over the group, Combeferre nearly toppled Grantaire running to the door, his dinner wishing to make a reappearance at the site. Before he'd even dragged his eyes to where Joly was now crouching, having pushed past him in full medical mode, he saw what were her jeans in a shred and tattered heap in the corner. Fresh blood stains ruined the carpet, couch, and even splattered the walls. Broken bottles littered the floor and a forgotten brass knuckle was carelessly thrown aside. He was frozen, frozen on the spot imagining everything this brilliant girl had gone through tonight, hell what she'd gone through her entire life. They'd known her for four bloody years! Pontmercy an extra three, and none of them realized any of this. He was about to turn away, find her father, all the men who had hurt her, and murder them, when voices brought him back.

"Ép, calm down, you're safe. Please Ponine, you're going to agitate your injuries more, you need to calm down." Joly's voice was shattering; Éponine's whimpers literally impaling each of them. Then, she spoke.

"Henri." It was barely above a whisper, and it caused each of the boys to turn and stare at the young guide. Joly pushed back and Enjolras lightly pushed his back. He didn't really need the encouragement though; he was at her side in a heart beat.

The site of her face made his blood boil; her right eye was swollen shut, her cheek was bruised black and purple, blood dribbled from her split lip and from a deep gash on her forehead. What killed him the most were the two distinct tear tracks that ran down her cheeks.

"Henri?" She croaked again, her watery eyes blinking feebly.

"I'm here Ponine, I'm here." He breathed, taking one of her hands in his, the other he reached up to brush the hair from her face.

"It hurts Henri." She whimpered, new tears spilling from her eyes.

"I know, but you're strong, you're gonna be ok." He half smiled as she blinked at him, her eye lids flickering.

"They all hurt." She whispered, finally turning over to her side and retching the remaining contents of her stomach. Combeferre understood what it meant and he too wanted to release his food from his stomach, but he couldn't weaken, not when Éponine needed him.

"I know, but we're," He paused, clasping her hand tighter and waiting until her frail syrup eyes bore directly into his stormy ones. "I'm not going to let anyone hurt you ever again."

She nodded tearfully before whispering.

"Henri, will you hold me?"

He paused for a moment, the request to simple, yet monumental to his ranging mind. At first he couldn't manage the words, but his body worked a head of him, taking her frail form into his arms. Joly quickly fixed the blanket that he drew around her lower half and Combeferre had to fight a vicious growl at the areas where blood was staining the feeble cloth. Once she was in his arms, the boys backed off slightly, Joly still hovered if needed, Enjolras stayed as well, wishing to help his best friend. Grantaire was not far from his Apollo, but he was so close because his heart was pulled tight; there was one of his best friends, who helped him apply to uni and get his art seen, and overall, helped bring back the confidence he'd never thought he'd even possessed, barely moving and fighting for her life. It was a site that he wished he would never see again. Courfeyac and Bahorel were in the hall, the former pleading with 911 to come straight away, the latter phoning the others to tell of the situation. Jehan was not far from them, comforting little Azelma, whose head was buried in his oversized sweater.

Éponine was far too light in his arms, but her warmth gave his heart another lurch. He pulled her gently into his lap, cradling her ever so carefully.

"Ponine," He cooed, praying she was still awake.

"Hmm?" She moaned, her eyes becoming far too heavy.

"Ponine, you've got to stay awake alright? For me?"

"It hurts Henri," She breathed, face contorting in another bout of pain. "It hurts too much."

"But you're strong Ponine, one of the strongest people I've ever met. You're strong, brave, brilliant, and frankly the most beautiful thing I've ever seen."

Her eyes opened only a fraction wider. "You think I'm beautiful?"

He nodded, smiling despite everything. "The most stunning, entrancing creature I've ever had the good fortune to look upon. Ponine, you've done and seen things some people fear most and you've come out stronger because of it. I need you to pull through this, if not for me, for Azelma, and Roche, but if not for them, for yourself. You're going to shine at uni; they won't know what hit them. You're gonna be ok Ép, just keep fighting." He finished with a gentle kiss to her brow, simple contact causing his heart to explode.

"You really think all that Henri?" She whispered, her voice even more feeble, her movements becoming slower. He nodded frantically, praying she'd hold on as the blue and red lights flooded the cramped living room.

"You know mousier," She paused, taking in a shaky breath. "I think I've been a little bit in love with you." She reached up to stroke his face, but her hand lost power as it made contact with his chin, slumping to the floor, motionless.

"NO! Please NO! Ponine, I love you! I should've said it earlier, like years earlier, I've loved you from the first moment you walked into the café. Even more when you scalded Enjolras that first meeting you came to alone. Please don't leave me Ponine, not when I've finally done something right!" He cried, tears flowing heavily from behind his specs. He cradled the girl close to his chest, howling in pain, praying to anyone who would listen.

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