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Part III: Years to Come

It didn't take long for the paramedics to arrive, assess, and begin working on the frail girl in the distressed boy's lap.

"Son, we're going to need you to let her go."

"NO!" Combeferre practically screeched in the medic's face, pulling Éponine's limp body closer to his chest. The other boys were momentarily frozen at the sudden character change in their usually calm and collect guide. Enjolras timidly (for perhaps the first and only time in his life) moved towards his best friend. Kneeling down by his side, he flinched at the crazed look in his friend's eyes.

"Ferre, listen, they're only trying to help her, you have to let them help her."

He watched as the guide contemplated these words, his eyes flickering between Éponine 's figure and Enjolras's imploring blue orbs before speaking.

"But I don't want anyone to hurt her anymore." His voice was small, almost childlike as huge tears rolled down his reddened cheeks.

"Ferre, no one else is going to harm Ponine, but if you don't let the paramedics do their job, we might all lose her." Enjolras immediately regret his blunt observation, seeing the utter panic in Combeferre's ocean eyes.

"Please Mr. Ferre." Combeferre blinked back his tears to see Éponine's little sister standing in front of him; tears staining her small cheeks, eyes bloodshot and worn, her little body slumped in fatigue. "Please let the doctors help my sister."

It was probably her little voice, or perhaps her sudden resemblance to the girl of his dreams that broke him from his state. Whatever it was, something sent a brain wave to his fingers to slacken their grip on the girl in his lap enough for the paramedics to lift her to the gurney.

He sat there for a few moments as the medics secured her to the bed and checked her vitals. He vaguely heard snippets of the conversation. Words like sexual assault, broken bones, stab wounds, major blood loss. Each discovery inflamed Combeferre's blood even more.

"Well?" Bahorel demanded, impatient with the paramedics' hushed conversation.

Both older men exchanged weary looks.

"Son, we'll do the best we can, but she's taken a lot tonight and it'll be up to her and God if she wants to make it."

Combeferre thought he'd heard it all, but nothing was more heartbreakingly terrifying then the devastated scream of a small girl. Azelma, who had moved from Jehan's arms to Enjolras, Combeferre, and Joly's side, dashed to the gurney to begin shaking her sister.

"Pony, please please be ok! You can't leave us! You prowmised Pony, you prowmised you'd never leave!" When her little fists began to hit her sister's arm, Combeferre moved forward to sweep the young girl into his arms.

"No, please, let me go!" She pleaded, but most of her fight was gone with the medic's statement. Soon she let Combeferre wrap her into his arms and she released ten years worth of tears into his shirt.

From that moment, Azelma, unconsciously, found a fatherly figure in her sister's future fiancé. From school help to personal issues, Combeferre would always be the first person Azelma would go to out of the whole makeshift family, even sometimes before she'd go to Éponine. Years and years later, it would be Combeferre who would walk Azelma down the aisle to beaming Feuilly… and Bahorel (…no one remembers how it happened, but they figured the type relationship ran in the 'family')

After comforting the small girl, Combeferre carefully lifted a now sleeping Azelma into his arms, leading the group back to his car. For some unknown reason, the group had waited to follow the ambulance, perhaps frozen in their own fear, perhaps waiting for Azelma to exhaust herself, no one really knows. Eventually they made it to the ER, the rest of the group already waiting. Feuilly was the first to move to the new comers.

"What's going on? We showed up right after the ambulance had unloaded and no one will tell us anything, but the nurse looks scared out of her bloody mind, what the hell happened?"

Enjolras tried to move Feuilly back, tried to get everyone to calm down, but Combeferre decided to tell everyone anyway. He'd handed little Azelma to Jehan, who was sitting next to Courfeyac. The latter was holding a sleeping, and red eyed, Gavroche. The little boy's thumb was carelessly dangling from his open mouth.

Combeferre swiped his glasses from his face to massage the bridge of his nose before explaining what they found.

"She lives at the Gorbeau tenement, her father's the leader of a gang, and she's their personal punching bag," he took a deep breath, noting the pale and horrified faces of the group before him, he almost couldn't continue, but he needed to say it, needed to get it out there just so it would stop burning his chest. "And their personal sex slave." Musichetta and Jehan actually burst into tears. Marius was shaking his head in disbelief.

"All these years, I was her neighbor, and I never knew." With that statement, Combeferre saw red. Within moments, there were shouts of disapproval and shock and a broken nosed Pontmercy lay at his feet.

"What the hell Combeferre?" Bousset yelped, backing off from the apparent maniac.

"You were her bloody neighbor and YOU DID NOTHING?"

"I didn't know!" Marius cried, flinching when Combeferre moved suddenly.

"HOW COULD YOU NOT KNOW? IT'S BEEN GOING ON FOR YEARS PROBABLY AND YOU DIDN'T KNOW? ARE YOU THAT FUCKING OBLIVIOUS PONTMERCY?" Combeferre didn't realize he was crying, he could barely hear his own shouting over his heartbeat. Enjolras and Courfeyac tried to pull him away, but he fought, until a young nurse cleared her throat.

"Excuse me? Are you here for Miss Thénardier?"

Combeferre was in front of the nurse in seconds.

"Please, please tell me she's alive." He whispered, clasping the nurse's hands in his prayer bent hands.

She was taken aback for a moment, but the whole scene really; the boy on the ground with a bloody nose, the frazzled others standing aside, finally the kneeling in front of her, tears evident on his pale face.

"The young lady has certainly been through hell, doctor's weren't sure she'd even make it to the hospital itself, let alone through surgery, but she's managed to pull through both."

Combeferre nearly collapsed with relief, but the nurse's intake of breath stomped the warmth back out.

"However, she hasn't been responsive since coming out of the surgery. The doctors considered a medically induced coma to begin the process of healing her wounds, but she came in already passed out, which is very dangerous. Though she pulled out of surgery, if she remains unresponsive…" The nurse halted her speech, regretting her blunt words. The group before her was broken; the boy at her feet was now a shaking wreck.

"Can anyone go see her?" Enjolras whispered, moving to his best friend's side, placing a comforting arm around his shaking shoulders.

"Well, she's in the CCU right now, so we can start her with one visitor."

The nurse knelt down to the boy in front of her, squeezing his shoulder gently. "You can go visit her if you'd like to dear, maybe it'll help her."

Combeferre blinked away a few more tears at the sight of the woman in front of him, nodding shakily; he got up and followed the nurse down to the CCU.

It was a room and a sight Combeferre would grow accustomed too over the days it would take Éponine to break through and begin to heal, but the first time he encountered it, he nearly hit the wall.

His beautiful Éponine was covered in wires and tubes. An IV was jutting out of her forearm; a mask covered her lips to aid her with breathing. Her skin was ghostly white and her lushes chestnut locks appeared dull and lifeless. From underneath the neckline and sleeves, Combeferre could see the bruises and bandages that no doubt covered her frail body. Pulling up a chair, he took one of her hands in his and brought the cool digits to his lips.

"I am so sorry Ponine," He breathed, pushing some loose hair out of her face. "So sorry that we," he paused. "That I didn't realize what was happening to you. Sorry Pontmercy is so bloody oblivious to everything. But I'm mostly sorry I didn't have the courage to tell you earlier how much you mean to me." He took in a shaky breath, continuing to card his fingers through her hair. "Ponine, I should've told you the day you waltzed into the café and put Enjolras in his place. I should've saved you from being a carrier pigeon and a punching bag. Oh Ponine, if I was half the man you deserve you wouldn't be lying here now." He sighed, squeezing his eyes in frustration, willing the tears to continue to fall.

"I think you'll be ok, well, I pray you'll be ok, because life'll be boring, ugly, and plain unpleasant without you." He chuckled slightly, reminiscing on everything wonderful she'd brought into his life. "Oh Ép, you have no idea what you do to me."

He breathed, leaning down to place a timid kiss on her icy forehead. "Please, if you can hear me, don't leave now."

For a couple days, he feared she didn't hear him. As the Amis and her siblings cycled in an out, leaving flowers and trinkets, tears and memories, Combeferre stayed vigilant by her side, one hand clasped in his own, a prayer frozen on his lips. After nearly two weeks of no response, the others began to worry about Combeferre's wellbeing. The poor high school senior had dark bags under his bloodshot eyes along with a drawn look that earned him pitiful looks from the hospital staff who'd learned to work around him.

But someone must've heard his pleas, for three weeks after the accident, Combeferre was startled awake but a weak mumble.

At first he thought it nothing, a creak in the door, his own cracking bones, but then he heard it again, louder. He stared at the girl in front of him for a moment, eyes wide in disbelief before speaking.


Silence, followed by a small groan, then his favorite sound to date.


"Thank God."

After that night, after explaining what happened and after the rest of the Amis cycled through again, all relieved to see their girl alive and well, he remained by her side. She didn't question, some distant memories nagging at the back of her mind of lost conversations. For some reasons, she was happy Combeferre was by her side, in fact, nothing made her happier.

On her final night in the hospital, Éponine decided to address the memories of that fateful night.


"Hm?" He was just nodding off.

"I'm remembering words that were said before I, you know, passed out." He sat up a little straighter. "Well, more like confessions." His face turned very red.

"And I was wondering,"

"Look, I'm sorry, it was the moment," he tried to cover himself.

"If it was true and," she paused, reaching to tilt his face towards hers. "if they still are."

She could kiss the dumbstruck look on his face, in fact she did.

"Took you long enough Henri."

That night they spent a blissful night in each other's embrace, finally feeling safe.

They came out quietly to the group, most already realizing it was going to happen anyway. Three months later, they graduated hand in hand (some rules were bent in the alphabetical order.).

Two years later there were stargazing under the big oak tree near her flat. Their hands were intertwined, her head ghosted near his shoulder, his free hand tangled in her fanned hair. They were escaping Enjolras's planning and Grantaire's drunken banter. Escaping the pressure of the adorable factor of Marius and Cosette and Joly, Musichetta, and Bousset. But mostly, they were escaping to just be with each other.


"Hmm?" He turned over, bringing his hand up to brush the hair from her eyes.

"I realized something." She spoke, eyes fixated on the constellations he'd spend hours describing to her some nights.

"Yes?" There was something in her voice that twisted his stomach, whether in fear or anticipation, he wasn't sure.

She paused, scrunching her eyes together before rolling over to face him.

"I love you."

He'd never thought he'd love hearing words more than those.

Six years later, Combeferre was perusing the cases at the local jewelers, trying to find the perfect ring for his Ponine.

He chuckled to himself thinking back to how their relationship started, leave it to them to have to face death before anyone made a move.

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