"Naruto, Sakura," said Kakashi,"Sasuke and I were going to talk after he went to church (Sasuke was a Christian). But after hours after church ended, Sasuke did not come home. So I went looking for him. I found him lying on the ground full of scratches and a bite on his neck. I took him to the hospital."

"Will he get better sensei?" asked Sakura.

Kakashi dropped a tear and sadly replied," probably. But his neck injury was really deep. It was probably a bear who did that to him."

Naruto wispered bad words and left crying. He did not know what to do now. They own the forth ninja war, Sasuke returned, his father was with him again. Now that happened to ruin the happyness.

Naruto ran to the woods to find and kill the bear. He ran for a long time, until, he finally saw something black and big near a cave. It looked small for a bear. It's fur remonded him of Madara's hair. However, it had Sasuke's blood on its paws. Naruto charged at it with a kunai on his hand. The beast turned around. Then, Naruto saw it was not a small bear and yes a huge wolf.

"You won't want to do that kid," said the wolf in a female voice. Naruto stopped and stared."Can you talk kid?" she asked.

"Are you a demon?" Asked Naruto.

"No. I'm just a regular wolf."

"Then why are you huge, and black, and talk?"

"I think you had Kurama in you."

"Yes I did. But after the war, the seal disapeared and I did not see her again. But what does that matter?"

"Kurama and me were close friends. She wanted to pay me a visit but then, that FORTH HOKAGE MINATO SEALED HER IN HIS OWN SON! SEALING A POOR KYUUBI AND PUTTING HIS SON ON THE AKATSUKI'S TARGET LIST!"

"Sorry for your friend. However, you almost killed my friend!"

"You mean the boy who came too close to my cave yesterday-"

But then, Naruto attacked her and struck the kunai on the rib. The wolf barked as she backed off.

"At least,"she said lowly,"I will meet Kurama again. Her time with you made you understand me. Your choice might make your friend suffer. Farewell"

The wolf colapsed dead. Naruto stared at the wolf for a while. The God, in his form of a golden lion with wings, came down. He breathed at the wolf and she faded. He took off after and flew toward Konoha.

Naruto gasped. God would do something. He ran back to the village. Then, near the hospital, Sakura apeared and said,"Naruto, sit down so you won't fall!"

"Why, what happened?"

"Sasuke desapeared!"