Naruto dove down to attack the fox reflection thinking the little fox was there. But with that, he fell on the water and the current pulled him to the waterfall. He tried to swim back to the shore. As he looked at the shore, he realized his close was right beside Sasuke's. He also was not feeling cold as before. He was the fox.

But when he realized it, he started falling down the waterfall. He was wanting to drown anyway. However, when he crashed, he did not feel anything. He crawled out of the water and started freezing. Then, at the other edge, there was the little fox laying dead. Naruto walked over to it and sniffed it all over.

Just then, he heard something moving behind him. He grabbed the dead fox and tossed it over the bushes. Out of other bushes, there came aniether fox. That one was really similar to the little fox but it was larger and was scarlet. It walked over to Naruto. Naruto realized it was larger than him.

"Hi, I'm Paul,"it said,"What is your name?"

"I'm Naruto. Wait. Are you talking."

"Why are you so surprised? All animals talk."



But then, Sakura came out of the bushes. She seemed to be looking for Naruto.

"Hi Sakura," said Naruto,"something random has happened. I got turned into a fox and this other one is talking."

Sakura stared at Naruto. She had not understood what Naruto said. Naruto was a fox. He could understand the other foxes and talk to them but humans could not understand him. Instead, they heard barks and growls.

"This fox is mad at me for no reason. What is going on?"

Sakura walked away. Naruto followed her. Paul followed them curious of what was happening. Skaura thought it was really weird of two foxes following her. She walked away from the woods but the foxes were still there. She had enough.

Sakura pulled out a shuriken and attacked the foxes with it. Paul saved Naruto and went for Sakura. She hit Paul and he went far. Naruto went toward Sakura.

"Stop Sakura!" he barked,"we won't hurt you!"

"Be careful Naruto!"Paul told him running back and pushing Naruto away,"there are more of them coming to kill us!"

Naruto and Paul ran as fast as they could from Sakura and the ANBU reinforcements coming toward them. Paul led Naruto into a cave in the waterfall. Both foxes hide there for a while.

"Naruto," said Paul," humans hunt us down. We have to be careful."

"I know Paul. Off the conversation, do you have a family?"

"Yes. My mother and my younger brother. He goes off a lot. His name is Shoiri. Although his name does not match his color (Shoiri means white)."

"So where will we stay Paul?"

"My house is far away and its getting late. So, Lets stay on my friend's."

"Who are they?"

"The bears Nita, Koda, and Kenia."