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The village of konoha or konohagakure no Sato is one of the five great ninja villages in the elemental countries, some would even say it is the strongest of the five great villages. The village has created many great and strong ninjas such as Hashirama and Tobirama senju, Hiruzen Sarutobi, Sakumo Hatake, Minato Namikaze and many others who are legends in the ninja world and today is a special day for the village as today is the graduation day for the ninja academy where new young ninjas will join the ranks.

Ninja Academy

It is a bright morning and the sun is shining on the ninja academy which is full of graduates celebrating their success and parents congratulating them for it and encouraging them on for their future.

Looking on from a distance is a boy of age five looking with an emotionless face at the scene, the boy seems to be a little tall for his age with light tan skin, black spiky hair that spreads out in all directions, sky blue eyes that seem to glow. As for clothes he is wearing black ninja sandals, combat pants and a black muscle shirt with fingerless combat gloves and a tanto with a black sheath with a silver hilt strapped to his back just above his hips.

The most eye catching details about the boy other than his sky blue eyes that seem to glow, is the black ninja hiate wrapped around his left bicep and the distinct red and white fan symbol on the back of his shirt.

'Why are they even celebrating? Don't they know that more than half of these losers are going to get killed on the field and the rest probably won't make it pass 20, the ninja path is not for everyone especially for some idiots that are doing it for fame and fortune.. Idiots…' thought the boy as he looked on emotionlessly.

"Hey check it out, that's the orphan kid that turned out to be an uchiha and got adopted into the clan; man I can't believe he graduated and he's only 5! He must some prodigy" Said one of the random civilians to his friend. "Yeah I heard he is a genius without equal, I mean the kid graduated in just a year! Seriously the only other kid that can match up is the clan heir Itachi who also got graduated this year" replied the other civilian as they continued to gossip amongst themselves, no one noticing the slight flinch the boy had at the mention of adopted.

The boy sighed as he closed his eyes "… yeah I'm an orphan…"

Flashback one year ago

The same boy was lying on the ground, his forehead bleeding as he tried to get up; he glared bloody red daggers at the scene in front of him.

In front of him was a middle aged drunken man and he was beating up a teenage girl who was also on the ground crying as the man kept on beating her. "How do like that you little slut?! When I tell you to do something you do it!" spoke the man as he drunkenly beat up the girl.

The boy summoned every ounce of power from his body as he stood up shakily "Hey you bastard leave her alone!" roared the boy as charged the man but failed as the man kicked him away "You just don't listen do you little shit?! Looks like I really have to teach you a lesson!" Said the drunken man as approached the boy and took out a kunai.

"Let's see if we can make a little adjustment to that annoying face of yours" spoke the man as he brought the kunai to the boy "STOP!" cried the girl as she tackled the man away from the boy.

The drunken man dropped the kunai as he fell down but got angry at the same time "That's it now you're going to get it you little bitch!" said the man as he stood up and started to strangle the girl; the girl tried to fight back but couldn't free herself, she continued to try and free herself but slowly stopped as the lack of oxygen caught up and life slowly left her eyes.

The boy looked on horrified as the girl he considered his older sister died right in front of him and he couldn't save her; didn't have the power to protect her 'NO! no no no no NOOOO!" thought the boy in despair and rage and stood up as a new power flooded his body and stood up grabbing the kunai on the floor.

The drunken man stopped as he looked and realized that the girl was dead "Shit looks like I'll have to kill the boy, can't have any witnesses" said the man but when he turned around he froze as he looked at the deep red menacing eyes of the boy with three tomoes spinning wildly inside them.

"DIE YOU BASTARD!" roared the boy as he appeared in front of the man with surprising speed and stabbed the man right in the throat; blood sprayed at the boy's face as the man fell down but the boy didn't stop as kept on stabbing the man repeatedly.

Finally after five minutes the boy stopped stabbing the man but then stopped and threw the knife away and walked slowly towards the dead girl.

Tears were falling freely from the boy's eyes as he looked at the dead girl "Nee-san I'm sorry… I'm sorry I couldn't protect you… I'm sorry I wasn't strong enough… I'm sorry" said the boy as he held the girl closely to his chest and kept on saying sorry.

Flashback End

'Then the village police found us in that warehouse and when they saw me having the sharingan they took me to the clan head and other stuff happened and here I am' thought the boy as looked at his left palm and clenched it 'I swear nee-san I'll never be weak again to protect those I love…' silently declared the boy as determination burned in his eyes.

"Congratulations on graduating" Spoke the clan head of the Uchiha clan Fugaku as he approached the boy and alongside Fugaku was his son Itachi Uchiha with his own headband wrapped around his forehead.

"Thank you Fugaku-dono" replied the boy as he nodded towards the clan head.

"I look forward to seeing your progress Naruto" said Fugaku as he looked at Naruto with an approving look.

"Congratulations Naruto and I hope we get selected on the same team" Spoke Itachi as smiled slightly towards Naruto.

"Thanks and congrats to you too Itachi and it would be nice to be on a team with someone competent" replied Naruto as also gave a slight smile as well.

"Actually unlike other traditional teams where the hokage decides who are paired up in a three-man team your two cases will be different as I've requested that you two be placed on a team of two and your sensei will be different members of the uchiha clan who will teach you in their area of expertise and any area of the ninja arts where you might be interested in" said fugaku as he looked at the surprised faces of the young genin and mentally smirked.

"But why though?" asked Naruto.

"Simple you two are the most talented ninja to in appear in a long time and the uchiha clan needs to rise up again so that's why I've decided to not waste your time with a mediocre jonin and some weak genin holding you back so I came up with this plan" replied fugaku as he turned around and left the two genin alone.

"Well that's a surprise but a good one and I look forward to working with you Itachi" Naruto said as he looked towards Itachi. "Same here Naruto"

The two genin looked at each other then raced off towards the clan compound to begin their training as genin.

Time skip October 10

"Damn today's mission was a close one, I didn't think two iwa chunnin would attack us, considering the war just ended a little while back" Said Naruto as he sat on a porch and drank some orange juice.

"They were nuke nin Naruto so even if we captured them it wouldn't have mattered but I'm more surprised with how you killed your opponent with that lighting move, what was it called again?" replied Itachi as drank some tea and sat alongside Naruto and relaxed.

Naruto grinned as he held his right index and middle finger and pointed it towards a tree and sparks of electricity started to gather around his fingers "I call it piercing light" and just as he said that a beam of electricity shot out from his fingers and pierced the tree easily, leaving a burning hole in the middle.

Itachi raised an eyebrow interested in the move his rival/friend just used "It's pretty useful who taught you that?"

"Actually I made it myself since you're doing fire nature manipulation training I'm doing lightning and as you can see it's going pretty damn good but it still doesn't have enough piercing power so I'm still working on it"

"But wouldn't it be better if you used it with handseals that way it will be easier to control and you can increase its power" Itachi asked confused

"You might be right but that will make me dependent on handseals and that takes time which I can't afford to waste in a battle but not only that if I can master jutsu without handseals or at least lower it to very small number of handseals I can be a lot more efficient in battle and lastly it will skyrocket my control on the elements if I master using them without handseals" Naruto replied as his right hand started to get covered in lightning.

"hmm your right but that will take time but then again you always choose the most difficult of things" said Itachi amused at his rivals answer.

Naruto smirked "It isn't any fun if it isn't difficult"

The two rivals continued to chat together until a wave of complete power and terror wash over them and just then an almighty roar shook the village as screams were heard all around the village.

"What was that?" asked Itachi as jumped to the top of the house and saw a sight that made his run cold, in the middle of the village was a gaint nine tailed crimson fox destroying everything in its path.

Naruto was also shocked at the sight before him but quickly snapped out of it and looked at his rival "Listen Itachi we have to get everyone to safety, you get your family and get them to the safety bunker and I'll get the civilian uchiha because if that thing decides to attack here then we will be dead so get moving"

Itachi nodded and both boys ran towards their targets as fast as possible so they could save as many lives as possible.

Later when boys had gotten their jobs done and now they were watching from a safe distance away the fight between the Yondaime hokage and the nine tailed fox.

While the boys only got a few glimpses of the fight they were awestruck that the hokage could stop a monster like that.

"Hey you two everyone is ordered to get to the front of the hokage tower, it looks like its mandatory and especially to ninjas so get moving" said a random ninja as he passed by the boys.

"I wonder what the big announcement is and I hope the yondaime is alright" Said Naurto as he started roof jumping to get to his destination.

"We will find out when we get there so let's get moving" Said Itachi and both boys increased their speed.

In front of hokage tower

Almost everyone in the village are gathered around the hokage tower, everyone anticipating the news of the hokage and everyone were whispering amongst themselves.

On the top of the hokage tower came the sandaime hokage Hiruzen sarutobi and he waited a moment as everyone quieted down and waited for his announcement "People of konoha I have grave news as today when the nine tailed fox attacked our village and was defeated by the yondaime… but he had to sacrifice his life to seal the fox inside this new born child and his final wish was for this child to be seen as our savior" Said the third hokage and everyone was silent for a while, no one made a sound until roars of murder was called to kill the child or kill the demon while it was weak or finish what the yondaime started.

It kept on going until the sandaime declared an S-rank law to keep this incident a secret from the younger generation and if anyone broke it then they would be instantly executed without trail.

Everyone kept quiet after that, no one could go against a law like that made by the hokage.


Both Naruto and Itachi were walking back towards the uchiha compound and both were silent as they processed the new information.

The nine tailed fox attacked the village, the yondaime sealed the fox inside a new born child but sacrificed his life, the village has suffered great loses both financially and military wise as well.

Everyone hates the child that is unknowingly keeping the village safe.

"So what do you think about the kid that got the fox inside her?" Naruto asked as almost reached the uchiha compound which looked fine since the fox wasn't any it all so the compound came out unscathed through the attack.

Itachi was quiet for a moment before he answered "We owe our lives to her, I don't see why the other villagers are acting so stupidly about, they should trust the yondiame and his sealing abilities since he was famous for it after all"

Naruto nodded "Yeah… but it can't be helped they are all blinded by their rage and sorrow for now, I just hope they get it in their heads soon that that girl isn't the fox and don't do anything stupid"

"Yes I hope so too but I wonder what will in the future now" Itachi asked

"Things are definitely going to change…" replied Naruto as he looked towards the full moon.


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