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Chapter Nine: Revelations and Training

"Yes he is stable enough for you to take him home but he should rest for a week at least since the experience should have been very devastating for him" explained the doctor as he signed some papers and handed them to a nurse.

Naruto nodded quietly and made his way through the halls of konoha hospital (the hospital is in the manga and anime so won't be describing it)

'I'll have to restrain him considering the truth I have to tell him, he won't believe anyone other than me about his brother… and I'll have to make sure he doesn't spout out any information to anyone if they try to subtly interrogate him' Naruto thought as he made entered Sasuke's room and looked at the young boy and could easily tell he couldn't believe what had happened to him and his family; his face just screamed sorrow and pain.

The young ANBU made his way towards the boy and placed his hand on his shoulder "We need to talk" Naruto said as both of the last Uchiha disappeared in a bolt of lightning.

Uchiha Clan Compound

Both of them reappeared again in a dimly lit traditional room with uchiha fan symbols on the door and walls which was one of the uchiha clan secret meeting rooms.

The room had other two occupants as well which were Naruko and a shadow clone of Naruto who nodded towards his creator and disappeared in a puff of smoke.

"Naruto what's going on?" asked a confused Naruko as she looked at the young ANBU who moved towards the door.

"Wait a minute" Naruto said as he bit his left thumb and went through a few handseals.

As he finished he placed his left hand on the door "Sealing art: Barrier Seal" and as he said those words an array of seals covered the doors for a moment before they disappeared.

"Alright now we can begin" Naruto said as he moved away from the door and sat on the tatami floor.

"Sasuke what I'm about to tell you is very important and it is the truth of why Itachi and Shisui massacred our clan, so I need you to sit down and listen attentively… the truth might hurt but you need to let me finish" Naruto said seriously as he looked at his young clansmen who's eyes widened in surprise and quickly sat across from him.

"Naruko you need to know as well and I also have something very important to discuss with you after this" said the genius ANBU and the young blonde nodded.

"Alright I'll start from the beginning… before the great ninja villages were formed there were ninja clans who fought each other constantly either for resources, area or contracts from clients… they would always fight; the strongest and the ones that stood out the most were the Uchiha, Senju and Uzumaki" Naruto would have continued if Naruko didn't interrupt him.

"Wait there was an Uzumaki clan? But I thought I was just given this name and why didn't you tell me before?" Naruko asked as she looked at her savior with curiosity and a little hurt that he kept a secret like that from her.

"I was going to tell you when you became a chunin since then the hokage would have allowed it but now that the circumstances have changed I don't give a damn and it's important that you know that truth" Naruto said as he looked at the young blonde who nodded seeing as he was going to explain everything to her soon enough but was a little worried since a secret that the hokage forbade couldn't be something small.

"Alright like I was saying they were the top three clans you could say but the uchiha and senju fought endlessly, way too many lives were lost in their battles and the most strongest among them was Madara Uchiha and Hashirama Senju… they were the best but it was clear that if Hashirama ever lost or died then there wouldn't be anyone to stop Madara from wiping out the senju… later on when Hashirama got tired of the endless battles he decided… to make peace with the uchiha which lead to the formation of the hidden leaf village…. Time passed and the senju slowly died out but their teachings didn't… though some of teachings became corrupted you could say and slowly the village became arrogant and power hungry… one of the main and horrible acts would be the wiping out of the uzumaki clan..." as Naruto said it both the young academy students eyes widened in shock.

"WHAT?! why?!" Naruko asked in anger and shock but Sasuke had an idea as to why.

"Simple, the uzumaki had made their own village the village hidden in the whirlpools and since they didn't have so many battles their numbers were in the thousands and they became a threat to the leaf… even though they always were their allies… so the leaf betrayed them by giving away the village secret entrances and defenses to Kumo, Iwa and Kiri… it was a blood bath… very few survived since the three villages had brought in their jinchuuriki and with their help whirlpool was wiped out… I found this out after I raided one of the Root facilities… I'll explain what Root is later but onto the more important part..." Naruto took a breath to calm down and looked at both Sasuke and Naruko in the eyes with complete seriousness.

"Our clan saw that the village was becoming arrogant and wasn't headed in a proper direction… if it continued then they were sure that there would be war again soon which we wouldn't win… so we decided to stage a coup but failed since there were two moles for the village… those were Itachi and Shisui" Naruto said and Sasuke's eyes widened he instantly got a dreadful feeling of what he was about to hear next.

"Itachi and Shisui loved the clan but their love for the village was more so when the hokage ordered it they killed off the clan"

"…why?..." Sasuke asked almost breathlessly since he couldn't comprehend as to why his brother would betray his own people.

"Simple they knew that if some were spared then they would leave the village which would result in them losing the sharingan so they decided to kill off the rest and keep someone who could restore the clan so to speak and that was…me… my sharingan and skills were much better than Itachi and Shisui's so I was chosen to restore the clan for konoha even though I was supporting the coup… they planned it in a way so that I wouldn't be in the village when it happened and make it look like it was Itachi and Shisui's fault and not the village's…" Naruto finished somberly and as he looked at Sasuke he could understand the disbelief in his eyes.

"B-but if that's true then why didn't he kill me?" Sauske asked desperately.

Naruto sighed at the question since he didn't really know why, maybe it was because he wasn't in the area and got lucky since Itachi had to leave by the time he arrived; he couldn't really tell since Itachi killed off everyone even his own parents.

"I don't really know why… Naruko told me you both came late because you were practicing taijutsu so I think you got lucky and weren't there when it happened and by the time you came Itachi had probably left" and as Naruto finished Sasuke could feel fear, relief but most of all burning hate boiling inside his body, he was spared because he was lucky but worst of all was that his brother betrayed his clan, family and was going to kill him too!

Sasuke lowered his head in anger and clenched his hands as his anger kept on increasing.

"So Sasuke what are you going to do now?" Naruto asked but he already knew the answer.

Sasuke raised his head and looked at Naruto in eyes with rage and determination "I'll make Itachi and the village pay!"

Naruto nodded "Good then we have the same goal and I'll help you achieve it" Naruto said and Sasuke nodded since he understood Naruto would also want revenge.

"Wait but that means you'll be against the entire village! You can't just fight them like that; you'll get killed!" Naruko yelled in shock and Naruto sighed.

"True there is strength in numbers even if the quality is low, but that's why I'm going to train you two to help me and survive" said Naruto and Sasuke nodded acceptance while Naruko seemed unsure.

Naruto sighed as he looked at the young blonde who seemed more scared than sure but it was logical since going up against the strongest military village in the world with just two people doesn't seem very reassuring.

"Naruko there are something's you should know… first of all about your parents" Naruto said and Naruko felt herself stop breathing at the mention of knowing her parents since it is every orphans dream to find out who their parents are.

"Your father was easy to figure out but your mother was a little difficult since their marriage was done in secret nonetheless your father is Minato Namikaze the fourth hokage and your mother is kushina uzumaki the heiress of the uzumaki clan" as he finished both Naruko and Sasuke's felt shock for the umpteenth time that day.

"H-how but if I'm the d-daughter of the hokage then why didn't anyone tell me?" Naruko asked in shock and sorrow but inside she felt a little happy knowing she was the daughter of two great people.

"It's standard procedure to seal a tailed beast inside a child who is related to the hokage or someone in high position in order to keep them loyal and if not possible then they're sealed inside any child that can hold the tailed beast… you're the daughter of the hokage and an uzumaki thus making you the perfect candidate for the sealing" Naruto explained and waited for the question.

"What are tailed beasts?" sasuke asked curiously.

"Beings of pure youkai that can cause massive destruction and can't be killed… there are only nine in the world and the nine tailed and strongest is the kyuubi that is sealed inside you… Naruko" Naruto said slowly to let the young blonde absorb the information and saw her shaking in shock.

Naruto quickly moved and hugged the young blonde close to himself to calm her down.

"W-why me?" Naruko asked as tears started to form in her eyes.

"It was probably the only choice since the kyuubi couldn't be killed and you were the only one available to him for the sealing… either that or everyone in the village would have been killed… me, sasuke, mikoto-obasan everyone… if it weren't for you we wouldn't be here… you saved us all and even the hokage asked the village to treat you as a hero you are as his last wish but that was ignored by the majority of the village" Naruto explained and felt that the young blonde was calming down a little from his words

"W-what about my m-mother, i-is she a-alive?" Naruko stuttered to ask the question and Naruto sighed sadly.

"I'm sorry but she died that night due to blood loss" Naruto answered and the young blonde began to cry silently.

Naruto tried to soothe her and calm her down and eventually Naruko did after a few minutes and Sasuke quietly watched and silently sympathized with his rival since he knew perfectly well the pain of losing your parents.

"W-why didn't anyone tell me this before… why didn't you?" Naruko asked as she sniffled.

"The hokage forbade it with death penalty; I only knew of your sealing at first, I figured out about your heritage and parents later on… I was going to tell you this later but seeing the circumstances it would better if you knew the truth so no one fools you with lies"

"Then is that it? I'm just a weapon to the village?" Naruko asked almost hopelessly.

"To the village you are but to me you're my most precious person in the world and I'm not going to let this village or anyone else hurt you" Naruto said with burning determination as he looked at Naruko who felt her heart warm up at the words.

"Naruko I don't know if you want to destroy this village for what it's done and if you don't want then it's-" Naruto would have continued if he wasn't interrupted again.

"I'll do it; I'll help you and Sasuke take down this village" Naruko said determined and Naruto smiled at the young blonde for her determination but inside he felt like shit having to train two kids in order to take down a corrupt village which would no doubt end in a blood bath.

"Well then guess we have a lot of training to do if we want to take this place down" Naruto asked and both Naruko and Sasuke nodded.

One Month Later

"C'mon is that all you've got?! Move faster! You still have two more reps to complete!" Naruto ordered and Naruko and Sasuke groaned in protest while their bodies ached in pain and agony.

After the shocking truth was revealed to them both Naruko and Sasuke decided to help Naruto take down the leaf.

Both of them had their own reasons while Naruko didn't want to destroy the village that her father sacrificed his life for; she couldn't ignore the fact the leaf sold out her mother's village and disrespected his last wish and the last nail on the coffin was the massacre of the uchiha, they were the only people in the village that respected and liked her and weren't afraid to show it, killing them off and wanting to use Naruto as a tool made her decision to destroy the corrupted village that will destroy more lives if left alone.

Sasuke's reason was simple, he wanted revenge on the village for destroying his clan but most of all his brother who chose the village over his own family and was going to kill him too if he weren't lucky to not be their; knowing that his life would have been over that night made his blood boil; he wasn't strong enough to protect anyone- he isn't strong enough to protect anyone even now if his brother wanted to kill someone he wouldn't be able to stop him.

While the determination of both the young ninja was admirable it wasn't enough against the ridiculous training regime they were going through right now.

"Do you seriously think you two can beat any capable ninja with the level you are at now? Then let me tell you; you can't, that ninja would destroy you; Me and Itachi had to go through training that was way harder than this when we were your age and we did all of it with stride; if you want to beat anyone in life then you have to train harder, better, longer than them and if you can't then you'll lose;

talent and kekkei genkai means shit if your mind and body are too weak to use them! So move faster and complete the rep for me" Naruto ordered and Sasuke moved faster when he heard Itachi trained harder than what he was doing while he hates him now he now understood how Itachi became so strong, the training he went through must have been hell.

Naruko on the other hand couldn't believe that Naruto went through tougher training when he was her age and understood one thing that even if someone wasn't as talented as someone else their gap could always be broken with the right amount of hard work.

Naruto had taken them out of the academy by his power as the new clan head stating that they needed proper training now seeing as Sasuke was one of the last Uchiha left and his survival was important while Naruko was his apprentice.

The fan girls and fan boys that were beginning to form whined about their idols leaving the academy but there wasn't anything they could do and both Naruko and Sasuke were grateful that they could get away from the brainless annoyances.

Naruto himself couldn't quit the ANBU since if there weren't any ninja from a clan serving the village than that clan wouldn't be counted as a ninja clan and would lose a lot of power and prestige that came with that status so he had to work tirelessly.

Though he only started taking on special missions that didn't need him to be out of the village for too long and only took the most dangerous and high paying missions that involved killing off dangerous ninjas or stealing documents from the most tightly guarded places.

The missions did three things for Naruto, one was to make him stronger, let him practice his mangekyou powers and lastly provide a large sum of money for him that he would need in the future.

While Naruto would be in the village he mostly kept himself in the clan compound or the ANBU hq.

The training he made Naruko and Sasuke undergo for the first month which would continue for one year was physical and mental training.

The training involved waking up at sunrise, ten minutes of whole body stretching, then starting their workout of two hours which involved them running up the hokage mountain with weight and resistance seals on that worked on making them have stamina, speed and some strength.

Then next was strength exercises that involved different forms of pushups and other strength building exercises that didn't buff them up but rather make their muscles denser and push their limits to the max.

Then they were forced to do a twenty minute sparing session with Naruto in which they would get their asses kicked but it also helped them to gain pain tolerance while gaining fighting experience at the same time.

After the sparring session they would get a break in which they would get their breakfast which consisted of a breakfast that Naruto would make that was high in protein and carbs for them.

After breakfast they would do mental exercises that consisted of either solving puzzles, mazes or do genjutsu detection to help them always be prepared and ready for any situation.

After that they would get a couple of hours of their own free time; while Naruto made sure to spend some time with them.

In the evening they would do strenuous physical exercises that pushed their bodies to the limit again.

This training regime has continued to over a month and it was steadily getting the results that Naruto wanted.

Sasuke's chakra reserves had increased about half his entire reserves and his stamina had increased by one-third his max.

Naruko's taijutsu had increased dramatically which combined with her amazing stamina reserves made her a non-stop fighting machine.

Sasuke himself couldn't be more grateful for the training but what he appreciated more was the fact that Naruto treated him like his own little brother which made his heart ache a little since Itachi never gave him the time of the day or train him or have fun with him.

Even Naruko's incessant pranks made him feel like he hadn't lost everything even though it got annoying sometimes.

The three training together for over the month had not only gotten stronger but even formed bonds that would soon become unbreakable.

Five Months Later

It was sunrise and both Naruko and Sasuke woke up almost automatically since the training had ingrained waking up early in their bodies and both came out from their respective rooms after they did their morning rituals.

After the first month of training Naruto decided it would be better if they all moved into a bigger house so they took one of the empty mansions that wasn't being used by anyone in the compound before and moved in.

Though there was a little scuffle between Naruko and Sasuke when it came to who gets which room.

But that aside both ninja in training came to the luxurious living where Naruto was waiting for them while watching tv.

"Good Morning Naruto/ Morning Naruto" greeted Naruko and Sasuke respectively.

"Morning you two, so ready for training?" Naruto asked the last part with a grin and both Sasuke and Naruko sighed since there was no secret that Naruto enjoyed watching them struggle through the hellish training.

"Yeah/Yes" both replied tiredly, even though they got used to the training somewhat that didn't mean they liked it but they couldn't argue with the results either.

"Good! But since you two have been working so well on your physical training I've decided that today you two will start chakra control" Naruto said with a wicked grin which sent shivers down Naruko and Sasuke's spines.

"We're in for a lot of hellish training aren't we?" Naruko asked and Sasuke nodded shakily not trusting his voice since they both knew whenever Naruto made that face then it meant hell for them.

"Then let's Begin" Naruto said almost sadistically and the hellish training started with a whole new level of pain and agony.


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