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She was a true princess. There was no doubt about it as she stared at her reflection in the hallway mirror. Ana had taken her to the spa to get her hair, makeup, and nails done; she'd never felt so pampered in her life ever!

Staring back at her was a completely new person. Her pink ball gown flowed perfectly, accentuating her curves pleasantly and giving her a more 'grown up' look. Her makeup was flawless and stunning. Her hair was curled to perfection with a sparkling hair comb twinkling in the light. Her new earrings hung down like snowflakes and the silver flower pendant shined on her cleavage. Ana had actually been saving the necklace for some time, wondering if giving it to her on her birthday in June was best, but instead, she'd surprised Rapunzel the day before by letting her open the box to see the shimmering exotic silver flower. The title on the box read "The Sunflower".

Ana had found it at the hospital gift shop when looking for something to give Rapunzel on the day the school had reported her mother for abuse. To be honest, she never understood why she was drawn to get it, but now she understood. The flower was apparently a symbol of healing and although Rapunzel was technically 'healed', giving it to her now was perfect. Rapunzel now had the strength to help others, the confidence to lead, and the wisdom to share with the world.

Rapunzel smiled as she touched the flower and then looked down with a cheeky grin at her dazzling glittery heels the color of silver. She felt like Dorothy in Oz only less puzzled.

The sudden memory of being a trapped little girl in a closet waiting for a belt across her back flashed instantly but was shoved back. She still had nightmares about those days, but with everyone's help, they were becoming less and less frequent. She shook her head and let the light shine in her bright green eyes again; now that was better.

She was ready.

Jack on the other hand…

"You are being the biggest ninny." Merida jabbed at Jack.

Both were early and waiting at the very expensive and fancy restaurant with their parents for their dates to arrive. The restaurant had a lake in front of it and the scenery was just too perfect to pass up for pictures.

Jack had already spun Merida around when he got a look at her gorgeous sky blue dress that flowed in the breeze. It had just enough bling on it to make her stand out, but to be honest, her curly red hair done perfectly for the evening was sure to turn heads anyways. To be honest, he really wished she'd not worn heels in case he planned on teasing her in some way. If he so much as said one thing to piss her off he was doomed to walk home with a silver high heel up his ass.

Jack straightened his silver tie nervously and rebuttoned his silver vest under the black suit jacket he'd rented. He looked incredible to say the least. He'd made sure his shocking white and brown hair was clean and didn't stand up all over the place. He'd only decided to wear two earrings and the eyebrow piercing to be a little more formal. And he'd even borrowed some of Flynn's very expensive black loafers. But in spite of looking incredible in black and silver, he was a mess. His hands were shaking and all he could do was pace and wish he'd brought his yo-yo with him.

His dad was in a dither of course. Flynn was nominated once again for prom king so he hadn't gotten a chance to get good photos of him before his son rushed out the door to pick up his own date and get the formal pictures taken. Meanwhile Vanellope was excitedly running around in circles like an airplane quacking like a duck in the hopes the ducks across the way would come to her…Jack didn't blame them for waddling the other way.

North attempted conversation with Elinor and Fergus but with Vanellope constantly tugging on his beard and asking them questions it was pretty hard to focus. Elinor took pity on him; having three crazy boys of her own, and paid attention to Vanellope before she began to throw a fit at the lack of attention she was getting.

Jack looked up when he saw a car approaching, and although he was glad to see who it was, he was hoping it was someone else arriving next.

Hiccup's dad pulled into a parking spot and Hiccup climbed out, looking dapper in a white suit with a bright blue tie to match Merida. He held the corsage for her in his hand and smiled shyly as he walked over towards her. She paused and visibly relaxed in front of everyone as her eyes lit up as bright as her dress.

She was obviously hoping to look casual and calm as he walked closer but Jack could see her foot tapping the ground, obviously wanting to run into Hiccup's arms.

Hiccup came up to her and kissed her quickly, but sweetly, before presenting the corsage to her. Bright blue flowers surrounded white roses and she put it on excitedly.

No words passed between the two but they didn't need any as they looked into each other's eyes. Immediately they were whisked away by their parents who were snapping photos insanely while Jack waited.

He looked down to see Vanellope smiling up at him. He smiled back and patted her head gently, "What you need squirt?"

"I think you look really good Jack." She said with a genuine smile.

"Thanks." He told her gratefully.

"Why are you so nervous? Did you and Rapunzel fight?" she asked.

"Nah." He laughed, "I'm just…worried I look weird." He tried, not sure if the little girl understood what self-conscious meant.

"You do look weird, but it's a good weird." She explained to him earnestly.

"I'll take it." He shrugged.

"Daddy wanted me to give you this." She said, handing the corsage full of lilacs, daisies, and pink roses scattered like a delicate bouquet. He knew her dress was pink, but when he saw the picture at the florist, he just knew Rapunzel would love it. At least he hoped she did.

"Thanks." He nodded, taking it carefully.

"Will I get to wear one of those?" she asked him.

"You bet. But I have to approve of the lucky guy first." Jack winked.

She giggled, "Boys are gross."

Jack shrugged, "Okay, then if it's a girl, I just won't beat her up."

"I don't want to date a girl!" she giggled like a maniac now.

"Well make up your mind!" he teased.

"I'm only eight!" she defended, her cheeks turning red from happiness.

He turned sharply as Ana's car finally pulled up and parked. He froze, his eyes going wide. He barely felt his little sister shoving him forward to give him her version of bravery.

Ana got out first, her brightly colored hair the first thing he noticed. She was wearing an emerald cocktail dress with bangles and necklaces all over her arms and neck.

But then he saw her.

She was beautiful. More beautiful than he'd ever even dreamed of. But it wasn't the dress that made her so beautiful…it was the way she practically glided over towards him gracefully, the smile on her face full of confidence, the look in her eyes filled with glee. He would never take his eyes off of her ever he decided.

She was in front of him before he knew it and he had a feeling with his mouth open he'd managed to catch some flies. He quickly swallowed and then handed her the corsage. He couldn't even form a sentence, not even a word it felt.

She took it and smiled, "Jack I love it!"

Now she was glowing and he was ready to die from an overload of amazing. Vanellope shoved him again and he managed to finally blurt the first thing he could even think of, "You're so beautiful."

Rapunzel was thrilled and all she could do was smile at him.

"You two are gross." Vanellope snorted and skipped away to find North.

"Jack you look wonderful." Ana said proudly as she fixed his tie for him.

He blushed and thanked her as Rapunzel put on her corsage.

"Hurry up! We need to get pictures before we lose the reservation!" Merida yelled.

"Guess that's my cue too!" Ana said happily, ushering them towards the beautiful view of the lake.

None of the teenagers could tell how long the parents made them pose, but by the time Vanellope yawned rather obnoxiously they figured it was finally time to actually have dinner.

Ana hugged Rapunzel, "I'll see you at the school. Be safe!" she whispered.

"I will Mom." Rapunzel promised, closing her eyes and savoring the moment that she always dreamed of; a mother who thought that she was beautiful.

Jack held his arm out casually for her and she took it, glad to see the suit didn't deter him from being his usual self.

Merida on the other hand practically dragged a laughing Hiccup into the restaurant.

As they walked in they all felt invincible. Eyes turned in their direction, smiles came upon the many faces who knew what a big night it was for them.

"I feel like an Avenger." Hiccup whispered proudly as he practically strutted in.

Merida rolled her eyes.

"We're better than the Avengers." Jack smiled. Although he was an absolutely huge Avenger fan, who wouldn't be? He had to admit they were their own little team with their own strengths and back stories.

"Big Four." Rapunzel suddenly said.

They all turned to her and she shrugged, "It just came to me is all…"

"I like that." Hiccup grinned, "Big Four. That's us!"

"All in favor of starting our own club and making jackets?" Merida teased as they walked to their seats.

Jack raised his fist in the air proudly.

Rapunzel giggled as she raised her hand with the pretty corsage on it.

Hiccup raised his hand as well.

"Okay, well I'm not making jackets, but I'm sticking to the name." Merida winked.

They all sat down and began talking about the superpowers that they would have animatedly.

"I'd be the best marksman on the planet!" Merida boasted.

"I'll be an inventor like Batman." Hiccup smiled, "Maybe I can ride a dragon too or something!"

"What about you Frosty?" Merida asked Jack who was still staring lovingly at Rapunzel.

He thought about that and then grinned devilishly, "I'd have ice powers."

"Figures." Merida snorted, "What about you Rapunzel?" she asked her friend.

Rapunzel had no idea what sort of power she'd even be good at. She wasn't strong. She hated being invisible. She had no desire to run fast and race through life…

"Maybe a healer…" she thought, "Like my mom."

"OH!" Hiccup gasped, "You could have this awesome ability to like heal people and bring them back to life just by touching them!"

"You totally could! Everyone touched by you has their lives changed." Merida smiled.

"That's not true…" Rapunzel said sadly, "I haven't changed anyone's life."

"Now that's not true." Jack told her sternly with a smile, "You changed my life."

"Mine too." Merida nodded.

"And me." Hiccup agreed.

"How?" She gasped.

"When you came to town, we all found our fates." Merida told her, "I never would have found the courage to be with Hiccup if I hadn't seen how brave you were."

"I fell in love with you and realized that my past doesn't define me." Jack added.

"And because of you and Jack, I realized that I did have a chance to be with someone I love." Hiccup nodded.

"So you see?" Merida smiled at Rapunzel, "You didn't just change your life when you came here. You changed ours too."

Rapunzel was touched as she smiled at her friends. Before she could even respond a waiter was upon them, gushing over their gowns, asking questions about prom, and of course ordering their food.

Rapunzel decided that once she'd ordered, there was only one thing she needed to tell her friends, "Thank you."


He had her in his arms and she was content to stay in them all night it seemed. Nothing could ruin their perfect night. Everyone, all of their friends, were dressed to the nines. Flynn even won prom king and as everyone cheered for him, he couldn't resist high-fiving his favorite little brother and hugging his dad with tears in his eyes. Never in his life had he felt rich or wanted, tonight proved he had it all.

As Jack and Rapunzel danced the night away he finally smiled down at her, "Can I show you something?" he smiled at her.

She grinned up at him and nodded.

He took her hand and led her out of the gymnasium and towards the cafeteria where people were doing a photo booth session and grabbing punch. He was able to open the doors to the hallways and quickly walked with her towards his locker.

"What are we doing down here?" she asked curiously as he opened his locker excitedly.

"You'll see." He smiled.

He opened it and then turned to deviously smile at her, "Close your eyes." He instructed.

She sighed and did as he asked.

"Okay." He laughed.

She opened them and was not at all surprised to see him holding another Care Bear for her. She laughed and then took it, holding it to her chest

"It's True Heart Bear." Jack told her, "She's one I actually found online…turns out she was like one of the first Care Bears…she's a leader…and she's brave." He told Rapunzel, "Just like you."

She smiled as she held the multi-colored bear to her and closed her eyes.

Jack shuffled his feet awkwardly, "I know it's lame that I keep finding Care Bears and stuff-"

Rapunzel shushed him, "Jack I would never want anything else in the world but a Care Bear from you."

He smiled and moved closer to her. She put the bear back in the locker and shut it before taking his hand in hers, "Jack I don't think I've ever met a truer heart than yours."

He leaned his forehead against hers and sighed.

"Alright!" A deep voice barked out, causing them to jump, "Back to the gym!"

They blanched as Mr. Black came around the corner like some shadow, giving them a look.

"Yes sir!" Jack yelped as he grabbed Rapunzel's hand and led her away.

Pitch rolled his eyes but smiled. He'd seen the whole thing and he had to admit that the Overland boy had game. Miss Corona had picked well when choosing a good boyfriend. She was quite the blossom at the school and he was glad to say he helped run the place. The kids were ornery, insane, and at times not very bright, but he cherished all of them. These were kids who'd had a history, who made their lives something. And he helped.

As he practically slithered back into the gymnasium he looked at his phone where he got a text from a certain lady friend he was meeting tomorrow evening. He smiled and wondered if he should take a page from Mr. Overland's book.


The evening was over, but Jack wasn't finished yet.

As they walked out into the cool night, his jacket around her shoulders, they smiled looking up at the skies.

"Just like your room." She whispered to him.

He had his arm around her and nodded.

She leaned into him and smiled, "I wish this night never ended."

"Me too." He agreed as he looked back down at her, "But…"

"But?" she asked curiously.

"I have one more thing to do before we go." He grinned at her. The million dollar smile never got old.

"Close your eyes." He whispered.

She did this time with no questions asked. The minute his lips pressed against hers she wrapped her arms around him and let the jacket fall to the ground. It didn't matter, he kept her safe and warm no matter how cold it was outside.

They parted and both opened their eyes a smidge to look at one another. And on cue, as the clock struck midnight both of them at the same time said in a low whisper that only they could hear, "I love you."


4 months later

Rapunzel walked into the school, clutching her backpack tight. She adjusted the skirt of her new black and red cheerleading uniform and put on her best smile. Sure she was dressed like a cheerleader and to be honest she was one, but that didn't mean she couldn't smile and wave to all the new students who looked nervous to enter Berk Academy.

Her hair had grown once again to a very nice and manageable length over the summer and now flowed in waves down her back. She'd put it up in a ponytail when the pep rally began. Luckily she'd remembered the cute bow she'd made to match her uniform when she did.

Of course when you are a junior and was on a cheerleading team with a coach as strict as Calhoun, she knew better than to forget anything.

She took a breath and walked inside the school. As she walked into the double doors past some students filing in, she read the sign in bold letters; Berk Academy. Her school.

As she walked she made eye contact with people as she walked by. They smiled at her and waved. Some of the new students looked nervously at her but managed a smile back when she gave them a reassuring nod. Apparently the uniform didn't make them as nervous anymore once they saw how genuine she was.

She knew her mother was right; she was a star no matter what she wore. She'd ingrained that into her mind the moment she moved in with her. After years of abuse, her new mother was the complete opposite of the last disaster. Not only was Ana kind and affectionate, she never hesitated to help her in any situation. The best part was that she was allowed to have a boyfriend, go out with friends, paint whenever she wanted, wear whatever made her comfortable, and do her hair and nails so long as her mother went with her to enjoy the time as well.

"The world is such a mystery." Ana had told Rapunzel at their last spa day together, "But that's the beauty of it. My advice is to do as much as you can with the time that you have and have no regrets. Make a million friends, believe in what you want to believe, and love hard. Trust in who you are, and if you want to worship God or Buddha, go ahead. No one can be you, but you. Believe in yourself and trust in that always. And never forget how much I love you. Nor how much your parents loved you too."

Rapunzel had no doubt that her new mother was right. She even found sometimes just being away from Ana for even just forty minutes was hard she loved her so much, but luckily, she didn't have to wait much longer to see her that day; for she had class with her mother first thing in the morning. A class that she also shared with her best friends Merida and Hiccup, and her boyfriend Jack.

As she found her locker she heard Merida laughing at something Hiccup was obviously telling her. Both were wearing school colors, Merida of course in her soccer jersey, her messy hair falling in dramatic waves down her back. Hiccup had gotten a little taller and remembered his contacts that morning. His hair had gotten shaggier and he'd gotten some bulk from working out with Merida over the summer. They looked happy and of course waved excitedly to her. She waved back and then turned when she heard a familiar voice right behind her.

"I knew I'd love that uniform."

She giggled and gave a seductive wink. Being with Ana had definitely given her confidence, "Go Berk!" she cheered.

He laughed, his usual piercings glinting, his black and red lacrosse t-shirt clinging nicely to his frame, and of course, the head of shocking white hair going every which way. She loved her punk of a boyfriend. She'd come to realize that he dressed like a punk and sometimes acted like a punk, but he had the sweetest heart of all. And the fact that he was dating a cheerleader made him no less of who he was. If anything he boasted it to every hot guy who tried hitting on his girlfriend.

"You two ready yet?" Merida called as she squeezed Hiccup's hand.

"Not quite." Rapunzel breathed as she gave Jack the first kiss of the day. It was short, sweet, and simple, but it spoke volumes the moment their eyes met.

And with that, she knew it was going to be an incredible year.

The End

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Bonus Drabble

Cause I just love you all so much

Elsa waited nervously, checking her glittering dainty watch. She stood outside her door wondering if her date would even show up. For all the work she did instilling confidence in her clients she sure could use some of her own feedback too. She blew out a breath and had to convince herself that she could do and that she would be fine, but it did little to ease her anxiety.

It really had been a shock when he'd asked her out to dinner when he first met her. She had to admit that sparks did fly as they talked with one another about a serious matter involving her client, but she didn't think that after they'd finished discussing it that he'd actually ask her. She remembered thinking about it and realizing that they wouldn't be in trouble for going out, decided to take a note out of her little sister's book and just go for it. Let it go as she liked to say.

She smiled to herself and lifted her chin a little higher and then adjusted the black cocktail dress she wore. She of course made sure to accessorize with glittering beads and bangles around her neck. Tonight she decided to let her hair down in glorious waves across her back. She might as well look good for date night and not as professional. She clicked her black heels and then sighed.

A jet black car pulled up into her driveway and she smiled; her date had arrived.

He opened the door and she was not at all surprised to see the man dressed in a nice black suit with a tie. His black hair had been slicked back as it usually was and he smiled at her kindly as he walked over towards her.

She clutched her small black purse and took his offered hand as he helped her down the steps, "Miss Arendelle, are you ready?" he asked her.

"Yes, Mr. Black." She smiled.

"Please call me Pitch." He said politely.

"Then I insist you call me Elsa." She answered.

His golden eyes twinkled and he nodded, "Well, Elsa, I have an excellent night planned." He told her as he led her to the passenger side of his car.

Opening the car door for her and helping her inside she couldn't help but think that this guy was truly the gentleman.

He climbed in and turned on the car.

She was startled to hear Broadway show tunes before he shut it off quickly.

"My apologies." He said, looking embarrassed, "I was trying to find good songs for my Acapella group at school."

"Oh it's no trouble, I love Broadway." She told him, "My favorite musical is Wicked."

"Really?" he smiled excitedly, "You saw that one?"

"I have." She said just as excitedly, "Three times actually." She admitted.

"You must be as bad as me. I've seen Les Miserables at least five times whenever I can." He chuckled.

"Oh, I love that one." She gushed, "I saw it on a school trip to England once. It was divine."

He appeared to have found his soul mate as he drove off, looking like a schoolboy with his cheeky grin and his eyes practically glowing.

The evening went as planned with a nice dinner at a very classy Italian restaurant. Both discussed the work they did, their schooling, and of course what they liked to do on their time off. Apparently Elsa loved singing as well as going to see movies and shows, the classics of course. She was also taking ballroom dance lessons on the side. She'd admitted that she'd had to take them when her sister got married but she just couldn't find a good reason to stop.

Pitch also liked singing, classical movies and shows, even classical concerts. But another thing that he was very into was horseback riding. He grew up in England and was involved in many shows involving horses as well as hunting game with his father's friends. It was something he always tried to do.

Both admitted to liking England and their favorite places to visit when they went.

The night wore on as they talked at ease with one another and Pitch was struck with an idea, "Would you like to go somewhere a little more fun?" he asked.

"Sure." She smiled, not wanting the night to end. After endless days of listening to very sad stories and dealing with crisis after crisis, she deserved a night to herself to enjoy. And Pitch of course was constantly dealing with crises involving the kids at his school and not only that but being the disciplinarian wasn't always what it cracked up to be. He too deserved to be the fun good guy for a night.

They left and Pitch hoped the place they went to wasn't trashy but it was the only place in town he could think of that did it.

He parked near a bar he'd frequented off and on and walked her inside. He smiled, glad that it was not a crazy night; but then again, Karaoke night at this place was never as insane as other bars he'd been to. If anything this bar was his favorite because it was at least clean and easy going. In fact many of the couples in the bar were dressed up, having wanted to find a relaxing place to go after a nice dinner, just like them.

She smiled when they walked in, her face lighting up when she heard the sound of a very bad singer on the stage singing his rendition of Queen's "Bohemian Rhapsody".

She giggled, "Oh, now this is fun!"

"I usually get a chance to go on stage." He admitted, "The crowd isn't as rough as most karaoke places."

"I haven't done karaoke since my sister's wedding." She admitted.

"So do you sing often?" he asked her as he found a couple of spots at the bar and ordered them both drinks.

"Once in a while." She shrugged, "I was in choir and did a few plays in my time at school."

"What do you say to a little sing off then?" he winked, "Perhaps a duet?"

"Let me have just a little more to drink first." She winked back as she practically chugged the drink, "Sign us up!"

He liked her spirit, he had to admit. He would go easy on her since she hadn't sung in a while it seemed. And he would sing and coach his Acapella group everyday practically. Might as well be fair.

He was up first and did a beautiful rendition of "Stay with Me" by Sam Smith. Elsa loved how silky and smooth his voice was and how he was able to hit high and low notes like a pro. He came off the stage to a round of applause, looking humbled as he sat next to her.

She sighed and took one last drink, "Well…looks like I have some worthy competition." She grinned.

She walked on stage and Pitch was surprised she picked a song from Aida. And it was a very intense song too.

"In life," she began in a silky voice, "one has to face a huge assortment. Of nauseating fads and good advice."

But then she began to get more into it, "There's health and fitness, diet and deportment. And other pointless forms of sacrifice."

He watched her curiously.

"Conversation? Wit? I am a doubter. Manners? Charm? They're no way to impress."

He smiled.

"So forget the inner me, observe the outer." She sent a wink his way, "I am what I wear…and how I dress."

The beat picked up and she shook her hips seductively to the music and he was officially entranced.

"Oh now I believe in looking, like my time on earth is cooking, whether polka dotted, striped or even checked. With the some glamour guaranteeing, every fiber on of my being, is displayed to quite remarkable effect. From your cradle via trousseau, to your deathbed you're on view, so never compromise, accept no substitute, I would rather wear a barrel than conservative apparel for my dress has always been…my strongest suit."

As she practically danced and belted the lyrics beautifully, all Pitch could do was cheer and drink to her. Hell he might as well drink to himself because he finally found the perfect woman.

She finished the song with a huge round of thundering applause and she walked gracefully back towards him with a satisfied smile on her face.

"Dabbled in musicals, eh?" he grinned.

"Just a bit." She giggled triumphantly.

"Well then, I suggest we pick a fantastic finale." He said as he held out his arm for her to take and lead her back up the stage.

Everyone cheered, glad that at least tonight they were getting a good show and not a round of bad singers obviously too drunk to function.

"So Pitch." She said mischievously, "Which song are we going to sing?"

He grinned back, "That depends, are you up for…"

He whispered in her ear and she blushed then but managed a brave smile, "Simple but very classic." She nodded her approval.

Pitch was pleased as both began a very beautiful rendition of "Almost like Being in Love".