"No, Daniel, give it back!" Alyss hear her daughter call from the other room. She sighed and put down her pen for the fifth time that morning to go settle things between her two oldest children. Will was checking on the outlying villages of the fief, and would be gone for another two days, and baby Arratay was sleeping in a cradle nearby.

It was as she had suspected. Daniel had stolen Evanlyn's favorite doll and was running around the room while she chased him. He was grinning wildly, holding the doll by one foot as its mock Ranger cape fluttered behind him. Alyss moved to intercept Evanlyn, who was closer than Daniel, but the six-year-old was moving with enough speed to knock her mother down.

Alyss fell hard, Evanlyn rolling to one side to continue the chase, and heard something shatter as it hit the floor. She felt a stabbing pain in her arm and turned her head to see a vase shattered on the floor, and blood beginning to run out of her arm when a large piece had impaled her.

Evanlyn and Daniel had stopped running, and were stairing at her, wide-eyed and scared. Alyss pushed away the pain she was beginning to feel, and spoke calmly to them.

"Evanlyn, please go get Grandma Pauline. If she is in a meeting, wait politely until she is done." Evanlyn nodded and ran out the door. Daniel's eyes were beginning to fill with tears, and she turned her attention to him now.

"Daniel, set Ranger Doll on the chair and come sit by me, please," she said, tearing a piece of cloth from her sleeve. She could easily apply preassure herself, but Daniel needed something to distract him. He was only four, after all.

As he complied, Alyss sat up carefully and wrapped the cloth around her arm, careful not to disturb the pottery shard. He was a little young to remember this, but she figured that a little first aid would do no harm, and certainly distract him.

"See how I wrap this?" she asked. Daniel nodded. "I do that so the healer can take the shard out more easily."

"Lotsa blood," he said, his voice scared.

"Yes, there is a lot of blood," Alyss agreed, careful to keep her voice light and pain-free. She didn't want him more scared than he already was. "That's my body trying to push out the bad things."

Daniel looked at the shard carefully, then said, "It not move."

"No, the shard doesn't move," she agreed again, modeling correct grammar. "It's too big. But smaller things can be moved by blood." She hoped he didn't ask what. She had merely come up with an excuse for all the blood so Daniel wouldn't be scared.

Thankfully, that was when a worried-looking Halt appeared, followed closely by a teary Evanlyn. He crouched next to her and reached to examine her arm.

"Pauline went for a healer," he said, his gruff voice gentle. "You're going to be okay."

"Of course I am," Alyss replied, mostly for the children's sake. "It was kind to think of having a healer examine my arm."

Halt looked up sharply, but said nothing. Just then, a healer hurried in and shooed Halt and the children out before kneeling next to her. As Alyss began to allow the pain to seep into her reactions and the healer began extracting the shard, she wondered at the love that made her put the feelings of those that had hurt her first.

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