Maka stumbled up to the bar, giggling madly. "Tap water, please!"

The bartender rose a brow but moved to fill a cup for her anyways. She took it and chugged down the cold water greedily, slamming the cup down on the table. "Thanks!"

"Maka?!" She turned at the sound and giggled again when she saw a head of white hair searching for her in the crowd. She squealed as he got closer and looked around for an escape route. She turned behind her and started to climb onto the bar, then walked across it, nimbly avoiding drinks and peanut bowls.

"Hey! Get down from there!"

She giggled in response and jumped down when she got to another gap in the crowd. She started to weave her way through people as a certain scythe cursed himself aloud for thinking that spiking her drink was a good idea.

"I just wanted to get her to loosen up a bit! It was only one goddamn shot of tequila! Fucking lightweight, making my life so hard."

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