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The Akatsuki were having a bad day.

First of all, a ninja with a high price on his head had slipped through there hands.

Second of all, a bunch of Konoha ANBU had followed Deidara from the shops, thus them finding their hideout. Deidara had blown them up along with the hideout, so the Akatsuki had to move quickly to a new hideout.

Thirdly, Itachi said that Susanoo had frozen up half way through a fight, almost making him lose his arm.

Madara and Pein thumped their heads on the desk when Hidan reported that while he was praying to Jashin-sama (Making a bloody mess while at it) his god said that the Akatsuki would be getting a surprise soon, and it was up to them to deem it as nasty or good.

"Lets just hope its a good thing to us, and nasty to Konoha." Madara muttered to himself. He called for Itachi to look at his Susanoo, only to find out that he was out with Kisame capturing the two tails for a second time. He groaned when Deidara came by, making him to acted like that idiot Tobi.

It was one week later when Itachi and Kisame came back, luckily, with the man that had slipped through their hands before. Pein called everyone back to seal her, and just as they were begining, the body poofed into smoke.

"A shadow clone? How could you not tell the differance?" Pein yelled at Itachi. Kisame laughed.

"I think it was when Itachi came across Pocky in her pcoket. He dove for it and once I came around, Itachi was munching on the Pocky, sitting on the girl. He said she had hit a pressure point at the same time as Itachi did. I'm guessing when we were both out..." Kisame explained.

"Taken out by Pocky, of all things..." Madara stared at Itachi, shocked out of his mind. Hidan was laughing his ass off, which let is head burnt off by Itachi by a simple grand fire ball jutsu. Pein, fed up with his life, used Almighty Push against everyone (but Konan) to shut them up. Nearly everyone flew away but Itachi used his Susanoo to protect his body. Sure, it protected him, but in Susanoo's hand was this white crystal cross. Susanoo floated off Itachi and stabbed the ground with it before disappearing. Everyone crowded around the non-see through t, and stared at Itachi.

"What? I have no clue what it is." He defended.

"Sureeeeee." Hidan teased before Kakuzu cut his head off. Their attention was drawn to Sasori when he pointed to the top, showing them the small crack that was at the very tip. As they watched, it grew before the beautiful smooth surface of the white texture was ruined by huge cracks.

"Tobi says he can see a darker bit in the middle where the horizontal line meets the vertical! Tobi noticed because Tobi is a very good boy!" Tobi shouted, pointing to the said dark haze. Suddenly the crystal shattered into nothing and a person was lying in it's spot...

Sup peoplz! Just because I can, I'm going to put an Omake in once I'm finished. Hopefully, it will make you laugh.



What's happening at Konoha!

Konoha... was having a good and a bad day/week.

Good parts:

1. the Akatsuki had stopped going after the tailed beasts.

2. Tsunade had not tried to avoid the paper work with alcolole.

3. Sasuke had come back to Konoha with his group.

Bad parts:

1. Sakura and Karin fought every. single. day. over Sasuke, Naruto the only ones who could brake them up.

2. Naruto had pulled a huge prank on Konoha by painting his head on the Hokage moutain while scribbling the rest out.

3. Only Sasuke could catch Naruto, which he refused to do so.

4. Sakura had damaged 50% of Konoha while chasing after Naruto.

5. Naruto was finally caught at Ramen Ichiraku, only to find out it was just a shadow clone after it did Sexy No Jutsu (Kakashi patted Naruko on the back when he was caught again).


(Translation- Why the hell did I come back?)