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"Naruto is awesome!" normal speach

Nah, the Akatsuki are better. thinking/thoughts & writing

"How the hell is the Akatsuki better?" Tailed beast/god talking to container/human

"...Their all badass." Same as above, just thinking.

Your just weird... Place, maybe time (noon, sun set, not 2:30)

And proud of it! Jutsu/spell

Why am I your friend? POV

Itoshī Kami-sama,

I have a request- may I go down to the Ninja world (the one with chakra, not reiatsu) and kill that Madara. He is over due by a long shot and I know you want him dead as well. I can go down disguised as a mortal and when time is right, kill Madara once and for all.


Itoshi Shinigami,

Yes, I do wish Madara was dead, but we can't go down to any world unless the mortals call us. Maybe we could pick up a mortal from that world with nothing special but the technology is much more advanced then other worlds, and dump the mortal with Madara in his group 'The Akatsuki', tell her to kill Madara and then live on as a immortal. I think the world mortal's call their land 'Earth' and Kishimoto Masashi was the one who wrote a manga about Naruto in the ninja world?


Itoshi Kami-sama,

ANYTHING to stop Madara! So, which mortal? I would chose one who believes Naruto strongly and knows the story line completely. I think Shizen Hikari would do the job perfectly. Don't we have to ask the other gods?


Itoshi Shinigami,

Yes, I do, and I have already done that. When I explained our plan, everyone agreed. Although, Yami (I swear he's always out there to make my job harder) asked what powers Shizen would get. This created an up roar. I calmed them down and now I have a list of powers I could give her. I know I have to give her chakra, but a special power? I don't know! Then, Yami asked again what will her past be so the Akatsuki will take her in because of her past/parents/powers and so on. God, sometimes I hate Yami.


PS- why weren't you at the meeting?

Itoshi Kami-sama,

A mortal, named Minato, summoned me by the Dead Demon Consuming Seal to seal Kurama into his son (Naruto). Madara, yet again, showed up and put poor Kurama under a genjutsu to control him. Nearly destroyed Konoha, but so on.

Anyway, I have an idea for her past...

Shizen's POV

"Hey brat, open your eyes."


"I, Shinigami, command you to open your eyes Shizen." My eyes flew open without my command. Creepy.

"What? Aren't I'm dead?" I asked myself, rubbing my eyes as I stood up. As far as my eyes could see, was white. It wasn't blinding, but it was coming to that stage.

"Shizen, behind you." I turned around to face the Shinigami from Naruto. In his mouth was a dagger, his arms out like a scarecrow with runes all over it and in front of him was a see-through blue ruff shape of a human, I mean, mortal.

"Shimigami?" I asked, stunned. What the fuck? I defiantly know I wasn't born in the Narutoverse.

"You, out of all the mortals in your world, have been chosen to kill Madara. For this to happen, you will have one wish and you can choose one power." it began to explained. I stated at it, stunned.

"Um, my wish is that my best friends, Emma, Sophie, Jade and Yihui will go to their favorite world." I started, thinking back to them. He nodded, before motioning to continue.

"And my power... I can fly and I'm faster then anyone, in any state." I said, a picture of Kaoru Akashi from Zetti Karen Children floating appearing in side of my head. Surprisingly, the Shimigami nodded. I looked at him.

"Aren't you afraid I'll take over the world? I mean, I could easily take over the world!" I pointed out.

"We would kill you before you could even start." it replied coldly.

"Oh." I whispered quietly. We stood there for some reason, until four loud bangs (that nearly blew my ears off). Whipping around, I heard the Shimigami say faintly 'hope you like your wish'.

Emma, Sophie, Jade and Yihui stood there, looking confused. I broke out in a grin.

"Guys!" I yelled, running over to them, then jumping for a big hug.

"Mistress Shizen? Theyes said that youes died!" Jade cried to me, hugging back. I smiled warmly.

"Didn't ve all die?" Sophie questioned.

"I was asked by Shinigami to kill Madara. I asked that you four would go to your favorite worlds. When I kill Madara, I'll be come immortal and I can visit you." I explained and then we had a nice long chat about everything and nothing. Once, I felt I was floating like a millimetre off the ground. Finally Jade asked to show one of my powers.

"Um, fly, un?" I said uncertainly. I shot up into the air and pretty quickly I got the hang of it. I just imagined myself at that piece of air and I flew to it.

"I think it might be time for Shizen to go now. The death god doesn't look happy." Emma pointed behind me to the death god... Who was eating ramen.

"ER MEH GESH IT'S RAMEN! Can I have some, yeah?" I asked, puppy eyes out. The death god waved his hand and it appeared in front of me. "Right, time to get the art of chopsticks for once."

"Wait, youes don't know how to uses chopsticks?" Jade asked, a smirk forming on her lips. I glared at her. The next hour or so was them teaching me how to use them.

"Okay guys, I think we should go, dattebane. Bye, Jade, Yihui, Sophie, Emma." for once I didn't have the verbal tick. My eyes burned and I hugged them good bye. I waved and one by one they faded away. I turned to face the Shinigami and nodded. I closed my eyes and waited.

I could see around me without opening my eyes. I was enveloped in a white crystal, much like a 't' and I had my hands put like a 't' as well. I opened my eyes and saw some dark figures out side. A sharp, loud crack shocked me. I began to squirm and more terrifying cracks appeared around me. My right hand gripped a piece of crystal but I didn't notice, since I was panicking to much. Finally I was free of the crystal but found myself falling. I saw about five shadows, but I didn't see behind me. I soon noticed I had a cloak around me, much like a Ranger's cloak from Ranger's Apprentice. I was still awake when I hit the ground, but only barely.

"Someone poke her." A commanding voice told the group around me. Footsteps from behind me lightly made their way to me. A sharp jab to my ribs, and they nearly exploded from pain.

Okay, I'm not used to pain, okay?

I rolled over then I hear three sharp intakes of breath... far away from me? I sat up and focused my eyes on some air. I imagined being there, floating away from the ground, no pain concentrated to one point. I was suddenly lazily floating around in the air. I felt stares and I forced my eyes to open again. 10 people...'s shadows were outlined in the near blackness.

I choked back a fan girl squeal as I neared them to see who they were.

"The Akatsuki!"

There was silence for quite sometime before Hidan got restless.

"Come on! It's just a fucking girl! Can't I just fucking kill her?" He wined.

"You sound like a child, Jashinist Hidan." I pointed out, giggling at his angry face. "So... you going to kill me or not?"

"Or, better question, can you reach me at all?" I jeered at them and Hidan jumped at me. I was suddenly on the other far side of the huge cave. I bumped into a wooden skeleton, and saw that there was only two eyes.

"Wow, this early? Only two beasts collected?" I noted softly. It would not be a good thing if they found out I knew the future. Scratch that, they would torture me till they got every drop out of me and then kill me.

"How the fuck can you fly?" Hidan demanded.

"Say that before the Juubi's body was made the moon, some of it's power latched onto the closest person... the Path's daughter, you."Shinigami whispered in my mind. I relayed the information in Hidan's ear, as I leaned on him like we were buddy-buddy.

"So, I have some of the Juubi's power. Whoop de do!" I cheered, as I flew fast away to avoid Hidan's scythe. It's a good thing that super speed and flying is perfect for each other... speed/flying! I'm a master at match making!

"Actually, Speed and Flying are going out. That's why your so fast even when your flying." Shinigami explained to me and I had a "..." expression on. Creepy.

"My thoughts exactly."

"Shizen?" Pein asked puzzled. My eyes grew round with fake shock.

"How do you know my name? Woe sue me, now I shall die..." I acted, before giggling "Death note!"

"Tobi knows who Shizen is!" Tobi/Madara jumped up and down excitedly. I appeared next to him the same fashion, putting one hand up.

"Shizen knows who Tobi really is!" I cheered.

"What?" Deidara asked shocked. I put a smiley face on.

"It's the purple dinosaur! RAWWWW!" I yelled loudly at Tobi, my hands like claws.

"RAWWWWWW! Tobi has found a true friend at last!" he jumped up and down, doing the same, then hugging me with a bone crushing hug. I blacked out.

Remember, my bones were all nearly crushed from falling from the crystal?

"So this is the famous Uzimaki Shizen, the only daughter of Rikudō Sennin?"

"Yep, even got the crystal in her hand."

"She can fly pretty fast."

"What about speed? We haven't seen that yet."

"We can just test that out."


I groaned, siting up. Not so surprising, all my bones were healed completely, without the caster you would have back on Earth.

"I'm pretty sure that I am quite fast," I said, appearing next to Konan and Pein. "Don't you agree?" Pein acted imminently, swinging a hand to me with speed and strength. I disappeared to the other side of the small room.

"That's not very nice! As God, you must be kind to your followers or non-follows so they keep following you!" I pointed out.

"He is NOT God! He is NOT God! Got that?" Shinigami shouted in my ear. Yeah yeah I got that. I mentally huffed.

"Anyway, so, what do I do now?" I asked, my face shining brightly. Pein growled and Konan glared.

"Can I become a part of your evil organisation? Can I? Can I?" I bounced up and down, accationly appearing in random spots.

"Why should I?" Pein demanded.

"Well, since I am faster then anyone in the world and I can fly, I think I would be unkillable. Did I just make that word up?" I asked Konan. She didn't answer.

"Yes, but an you kill your enemies?" Pein shot back. I gulped, I really didn't want to have to kill a person...

"Don't worry, if you kill someone, they will get reborn, like all souls."Shinigami reassured me. I smiled to Pein.

"Yep, I killed nearly everyday before I was seal into the crystal." I reassured him. He narrowed his eyes.

"We'll see." then he disappeared in a puff of smoke, Konan followed with paper.

"Now what do I do?" I huffed and walked out the only door. Surprisingly, it was unlocked, and I found myself in the lounge room.

"Hey, its the fucking crystal bitch." Hidan pointed out and two other people turned to me as I stood there with my cloak. I ignored them and went searching for the kitchen.

"Fooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood." my tummy growled out, and it did actually sound like it was saying food. I stumbled across the kitchen and sweat dropped at the state it was in. The sink was full of dirty dishes and the surface was disgusting. Even the floor (It kinda looked like doom lines were hanging over it). I opened one cupboard and saw cleaning things... that had cobwebs everywhere on it. I sighed, cleaned the cobwebs off and began the dirty work.

"Did we come into the right place, un?" a voice called from the door.

"I donno, looks like some bitch fucking cleaned it." Hidan answered, and I popped my head around a corner to see their shocked faces. I giggled and went back to making cookies. There was only enough to make two batches but I cooked two batches anyway.

"So, cookies anyone?" I asked the two shocked people at the door way. "You can only have one." I warned them and they took one. I made my way back to the lounge room and offered the cookies to who ever was there. I asked Sasori anyway, just in case he could eat, but sadly he couldn't. Once I finished, I sweat dropped at the pleading Deidara and Hidan.

"Can we please have more, yeah?" Deidara pleaded, his eyes huge as possible. I melted and gave him two more cookies.

"Gimme some more, bitch." Hidan ordered. It was so like Hidan that I nearly fan girl squealed and I gave him one cookie. "But he got one fucking more!"

"You sound like a child Hidan." I pointed out again.

"Who fucking cares?" Hidan shrugged, the cookie in his mouth.


"Wow, these do taste good." Kakazu noted and bit into it with a sicking crunch.

"Duh I learnt my cooking skills from the best." I gave him a 'duh' look.

"Can I have another one please?" Itachi asked, next to me.

Complete silence.

"This one's a keeper." Kisame said and tasted his cookie. He sprang up in surpise, then was begging for more cookies.

"With these cookies, I could bring down the whole world!" I cackled evilly, before giving away the rest of the cookies.

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