A is for Alphabet:

AN: This is set when Percy is a young boy learning his alphabet. Enjoy!

"Mum!" Percy whined. "I don't want to do my alphabet anymore! I wanna play sea captain with my first mate Teddy! We are about to set sail to Australia!"

Sally knew that Percy's dad was Poseidon, so he naturally was attracted to water and could swim quite well for how young he was.

"Percy, I will let you go if you can say the alphabet for me perfectly," Sally replied.

"Okay!" Percy said.

He was quite nervous, because he really liked playing with Teddy, and he wanted to make his mum proud.


Finally, Percy had learnt the alphabet. Because of his ADHD, it took Percy a bit longer to learn things like the alphabet and his numbers. Sally was so proud, and relieved when he finally was able to say the alphabet. All they had left know was numbers.

Meanwhile, Percy had been waiting to see if he was allowed to play, 'Captain Percy and First Mate Teddy set sail to Australia'.

"Mum, did I say it right? Am I allowed to go and play?" Percy asked impatiently, "Please Mummy!"

Sally was very proud of Percy so she said yes and Percy raced off to go order his first mate Teddy around.

"Make sure you put your life jacket on!"


The End

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Oh and here is the story idea:

Alphabet One Shots:

Alphabet one shots for the main characters