"Were going to get him. Then we are going to go home."

Auggie took Annie's hand and they sat for a moment.

"Is that what I want?" Annie asked, quietly.

Auggie's eyes widened in shock and he pulled his hand away from hers. "I hope so." He replied, somewhat insecure.

Annie reached for his hand and pulled it back toward her. She gave him a reassuring squeeze while she tried to find the right words. "I don't expect people to be as sympathetic when I return as they were when you came home from the war."

Auggie wrapped his other hand around hers, still waiting for her permission to be closer. "You've never shied away from things because they seemed difficult before."

Annie swallowed. "I just don't know what to expect. I thought I knew, but after my trip to DC last week..."

Auggie sighed. "After finding out I was with Helen, you have doubts."

"It made it obvious how much everyone has moved on without me."

Auggie shifted uncomfortably on his stool but never let go of her hand. "Annie, I didn't want that."

"You said that." Annie said softly.

"I meant it."

Annie was silent a moment. Auggie silently wished for her to say something.

"I saw you that night." She stared at him as she spoke.

Auggie's confusion was evident. "What do you mean?"

"I was on the bus. I started to follow you, but then I saw Helen. I saw you light up when she called for you."

"Annie-" Auggie pleaded.

"It's okay, really. You had every right to find happiness."

"Annie, what happened between Helen and I didn't bring me happiness."

"I know that, it just had me thinking about all the other ways life moved on without me. You compared it to war, but the people in your life expected you would come back from the war. At least, they hoped that you would."

"People will be excited for you to be back."

The awkward silence lingered for a moment.

"Even Danielle," Auggie added softly.

"I doubt that." Annie said with conviction.

Auggie squeezed her hand and moved slightly closer. "I'm probably the only person you know that has experience with a loved one coming back from the dead. It messed with my mind like nothing I've ever experienced. But I have faith that you and Danielle can get through it."

"Helen encouraged me to not stay away too long. Do you think that would have made a difference between you two?"

Auggie shifted back and bit his lip. "I don't like to think about changing the past. But I know you, and I know you can't stay dark forever. We are going to catch Henry, and you and I are going home. Together."

"I wish I was as sure of that as you are." Annie replied.

"I have faith in you."

"Thanks," Annie replied. "I'm sorry I dragged you into this with me."

"Are you kidding me? I always wanted to smell Hong Kong. Sitting on a metal stool slurping noodles is like a piece of heaven."

Annie laughed and pulled her hands away. "I should let you get back to that." She said, reaching for her own noodles.