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To clear things up, Heller's "Unit" isn't a regular Unit. Normal Units go out on missions and stuff (I think, all I have to go on is The A-Team), Heller basically breaks recruits and gives 'em to a real Unit.. I had no idea what to otherwise call his little group of broken individuals.

Ok, enough of me blabbing. Here's the story!

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Colonel Blake Heller was a name that most people would cringe at. He was the CO who could, who would, break anybody who had an attitude. Some of his methods were questionable, and half the time they didn't know what he was doing. But every time, he would do the job. Any cocky, annoying recruit whom no one else could handle would be completely submissive in a matter of weeks. And he loved seeing them break, he loved every moment of it.

Heller sat at his desk, reviewing files of the new recruits that were going to be sent to him today. There were two of them, and from the looks of things, he was going to have a lot of fun.

Private Templeton Peck, age twenty, was a sullen, completely annoying kid. He was an orphan, going through three foster homes. Apparently, crooks would use him for scams, then send him back to the orphanage, saying that he wasn't well behaved. He had gone through two CO's already, both saying that they couldn't handle his reckless behavior and disrespect to higher officers. He had an abandoned dog attitude, growling at anyone who dared to look his way and nearly killing anyone who laid his hands on him. The only reason the Army kept him was because, no matter what his faults, he did his job well. He was one of the best snipers and could handle himself in any fight.

Private Danielle Hawthorne, age twenty-one, was a girl with an attitude. She had no family and was raised by drug runners on the streets. A sarcastic rebel, she was only in the Army because it was either that or prison. She had gone through three CO's and had a record of being locked in the brig for assault. Fighting was something that came naturally to her and she easily could take down someone twice her size, plus she could shoot a target the size of a pine cone from half a mile away. She was only kept in the Army because of her reliability and aggression in the field.

Heller looked up as the chopper landed outside his tent. So, here were the recruits.

He got up and stepped outside, watching as the rotors died down and the two Privates stepped out.

Neither of them looked a day older than eighteen, let alone twenty and twenty-one. But, nevertheless, they were his recruits, and he was their new CO.

"Hawthorne. Peck. Come with me," he commanded as he headed towards his tent.

Both followed, and Heller sat in his desk chair, watching as both saluted.

"At ease," he said, his face blank as he mentally analyzed Hawthorne and Peck.

Hawthorne's chocolate brown hair was tied back into a bun, her face contorted into an amused smirk. Although she looked strictly military, the rebel in her steel blue eyes told otherwise. He eyes also told that she was excited about this new challenge.

Peck looked slightly annoyed, but otherwise his face was blank. A military crew cut made him look almost professional, and the relaxed posture of his body told he wasn't worried, that he thought he'd been through worse. Steel blue eyes were masked into nothing.

It was funny how they looked so alike, but weren't related.

"My rules are simple: if you don't address me as 'sir,' I will force you to do strenuous exercises until you do. If you try to fight me at all, you will be forced to run an obstical course. If you don't submit to my rules, you will be punished." Heller smiled in glee at the new victims of his Unit. "Privates Hawthorne and Peck, prepare for the worst time of your entire lives."