Summary: Time has passed, and Eclipse still is not used to the almighty demon lord the once- not so long ago- adorable teen has become. (Edited and re-posted after posting recently with a similar title).

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"Lighten darkness"



Eclipse again looked at his young demon lord in surprise. It would take some time for him to become accustomed to this new Raenef.

"Eclipse why are you watching me so curiously?" the younger inquired, tone surely different from his once bubbly self. His back was straight, and none of his notes or texts where out of place, none unaligned. There was not a drop of ink on the wooden table either.

Eclipse blinked then adjusted himself, respectfully standing a bit further away from his lord. "I apologize sire, I was lost in thought". He'd prefer to admit to that than what he was truthfully thinking about. He hoped his liege would not read his mind.

Adjusting thick pitch black robes Raenef V spoke, "Eclipse I know how I used to operate before melding both sides of my self may have rubbed off on you, but I do hope you behave appropriately when we are in the company of any other demon lords" he chastised with a glare.

"I will my lord" he stepped backward once more, never rudely unlocking his gaze with the younger demon who ruled this land. He missed what he now wished was everlasting- childish brightness in those blue eyes.

It had now been nearly one year since that momentous day.

Blue eyes softened a measure. "Simply put, I do wish to apologize for my sudden change in demeanor. Mind you, my high ranking pride restrains me from doing so though... ahem" he turned to fully face the demon who helped groom him into a true demon lord.

"I still prefer not to view you as a servant, I will only treat you as one when other demons are present" he said, now with a brightening of his gaze which contained more of a likeness to his old self. Noting this, Eclipse's eyebrows raised slightly.

This was akin to normal human and partly demonic maturation he realized. His dear young Raenef was still in there- with the shine and wonder in his eyes- it was just packed away underneath all the knowledge of the years of his predecessor Raenef IV.

Drawing several long black locks behind his ear Eclipse mused that perhaps if he visited his old town- oh but that would not help at all, he recalled, because he was now a true demon lord and may slay any human whose comments were misinterpreted.

Leeche had gone back on her word to marry Raenef V after hearing he became such a ruthless demon, and without his lord's knowledge Eclipse had executed her for such insolence.

The elder demon did everything in his power for his young lord, and what was not in his power he requested or took from those beings that were capable.

His lord decided he would never take a mate, but Meruhesae foretold that his heir would be great, continuing his legacy. Though a truly terrifying demon lord, Eclipse did not believe this Raenef would find and kill his successor when the time came for him to take the title, he still had a bit of a humanity within, though the dark haired demon would never admit such to his lord.

Raenef frowned a moment, neatly stacking his notes and closing all the thick history books. "Perhaps some milk and cookies are in order, do you agree Eclipse?"

Violet eyes brightened, "If you like my lord". His ruler stood and lead the way to the kitchen.

Reading Eclipse's mind had become a mode of enjoyment for Raenef when he first became capable of the spell. He still did so on occasion. This occasion, he was glad he had, as it was due time for relaxing and getting back in touch with his carefree self.

The life of a powerful and revered demon lord was tiring.



The end



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