RWBY: Red Trailer.

Figured I'd novelise these, maybe entice some people to watch the show. I have a bad habit of novelising.

Note that I'm not affiliated in any way with Monty Oum, or Roosterteeth, I simply think that both they and this show is absolutely amazing, and if you've never heard of it, then go and give the trailers a look!

Red Like Roses.

The slim figure in a hooded, flowing red cape stood on a snowy cliff-side, wilted rose petals floating past her, seeming to almost flow from the material itself, as she stood under the white light of the moon, whole and unblemished.

Red like roses fills my dreams and brings me to the place you rest...

After staring at the gravestone on the hill, emblazoned with the words "Summer rose/thus I kindly scatter", and the carving of a rose above it, the girl turned away, head bowed as she trudged through the snow, into a black forest of dead trees.

White is cold and always yearning, burdened by a royal test.

She kept walking in straight line, watching herself place one foot in front of the other, and eventually the sparingly-growing trees gave way to a snow-covered prairie. The figure looked up, and glanced from side to side, realizing that she wasn't alone anymore.

Black the beast descends from shadows…

Large, wolf-like beasts filled the meadow in front of her, almost entirely black save for their crimson fangs and eyes, walking on their knuckles, ape-like. They snarled as they fanned out and surrounded the girl, and then three of them charged forwards, swinging their long arms to deal powerful blows.

The attacks never reached her, she disappeared in a flurry of snow, and the beasts hit the ground, and then the trio looked up in confusion.

Yellow beauty burns…gold.

The girl was in the sky above them, having flung herself into the air faster that the beast's eyes could track her. Her hood was thrown back, revealing black clothing trimmed with red beneath her cloak, and a pale face with silver eyes framed by dark red-tinged hair.

Ruby reached for the maroon ovular device that was slung behind her, and at her touch it expanded into a weapon, a rectangular firearm that spat out a high-calibre sniper round, piercing one of the beasts' heads and blowing off most of the right side of its face.

The beast's body hit the ground limply, and Ruby landed neatly, already reloading the bolt-action mechanism as another of the Beowolves charged towards her; she leapt into the air again, somersaulting over the beast's head and triggering her weapon's firing mechanism again, the recoil throwing her even higher into the air and into another somersault. She reloaded again and fired, ripping through the left side of another Beowolf, landing in a crouch and reloading and firing in one swift motion, blowing a bloody hole through a Beowolf.

Ruby let the recoil fling her backwards, and she came up ready in a backward roll, the weapon expanding into a giant red scythe, with the main body of the bolt-action sniper rifle as the shaft.

The Beowolves snarled, and one of them lunged towards Ruby, and she brought the scythe up and slammed it down on the beast's shoulder where the blade met the handle.

The Beowolf had ducked its head to avoid being decapitated, but now it looked up at Ruby and snarled, opening its blood-red jaws.

Ruby looked to the side, smiled, and then put on a serious look and triggered the weapon, the sheer power of the recoil slicing the beast in two from shoulder to hip.

The other Beowolves took one look at the dissolving corpse and charged.

Ruby spun the scythe around, reloading as she did so, and embedded the tip of the blade into the ground as the Beowolves kept on coming. She fired and reloaded five times, each shot fatally wounding a Beowolf, before one of them got close enough to swipe at her. The girl leapt into the air, fired, and was blasted backwards by the recoil, digging the blade of her weapon into the ground, and landing standing on the handle.

She looked up and gasped in surprise as more Beowolves flooded out of the forest.

Ruby ducked a swipe from one and triggered the mechanism to shoot another and throw herself backwards, knocking over the Beowolf that had missed her. The beast leapt up again, as did another, only for Ruby to slice through their limbs and bodies with a whirlwind of slashes and a few kicks, another Beowolf closed in, only for Ruby to catch it around the neck with the scythe blade and fire, cutting the beast's head clean off. Two more closed in, and Ruby brought the blade around between them, and fired again, shooting one in the gut and bisecting the other.

Without missing a beat, she leapt over two of the Beowolves, one after the other, and swung the blade in a horizontal arc, slicing off the Beowolf's hand and then dealing the fatal blow, and she spun and dodged another, hooking the blade around its neck and backflipping onto its back, before firing and decapitating the beast, throwing her into the air.

Ruby reached the peak of her flight, before gravity took hold and she plummeted towards the ground, and a pair of Beowolves leapt into the air after her.

Ruby fired and reloaded to align herself so that the barrel pointed at one of the beasts, fired again and let the blade slice through the Beowolf while her momentum carried her into the air, and brought the blade down to cut into another Beowolf – and then she gasped as one of them finally landed a blow, throwing her backwards. She planted the blade of Crescent Rose into the ground, dragging her to a stop, and then looked up sadly at the horde of Beowolves that had emerged from the trees.

Her dark red hair blew in the wind as she ejected the magazine from Crescent Rose, withdrew another marked with a cross from a pouch on her belt and slammed it in, and pointed the barrel behind her, reloading and firing.

The power of the shot blasted her forward at blinding speed, and she cut down four Beowolves, landed running, and fired again, throwing herself towards more of the beasts and the blade angled parallel to the handle, held back behind her head.

Every fired shot brought her closer to her foes, every slice putting a piece of Beowolf flesh on the ground, and limbs and bullets alike flew through the air.

She reloaded and fired a final time, putting down the last Beowolf, and landed in a crouch before standing up. Ruby aligned the blade of the scythe so that it lay mostly parallel to the ground, the end of the handle pointing into the air behind her right shoulder, and waited for the spent ammunition to finish falling from the sky.

I'll just write all of these quickly, and then I'll post them. They'll almost count as songfics, but definitely not for Yellow/I Burn, except for the final segment. It'll depend on how Black/From Shadows turns out. I probably WON'T novelise the actual show though, that'd be too hard. Probably not as hard as it would be to do the animation, but if you've seen it, you'll get the idea.