Chapter 1: How you met

:.How you met.:


You were in the store, you had been told to picked up multiple things that your mother had requested. You grabbed the last item and were heading to the counter to pay.

That's when you met him...

His amber eyes met your (Eye color) ones and hypnotized you, his spiky brown hair looked perfect as a smirk came to his lips. Your heart started to race.

"Is this all, Miss?" He asked you. You shook yourself out of your trance and stared at him.

"Excuse me?" You asked politely as he laughed.

"Is that all?" You blushed and looked at the ground.

"Y-yes" He printed your receipt as you focused on the floor.

"Thanks for shopping here," You lifted your head up as he handed you your bags and receipt. You smiled shyly and walked away. You took a glance at your paper and found some writing.

I'd like to see you again, Beautiful.


You smiled and bit your lip, you glanced into the store, he turned to you through the window and winked. You stared at the ground again and started walking.


You groaned as you slammed your head onto the controller, you had lost at your favorite game in the arcade. You sighed and dug into your pockets for a quarter. You groaned again when you realized you had none.

"Hey, need some help?" A light voice asked behind you. You turned in annoyance to meet captivating brown eyes. You started to stutter.

"Uhhh...n-no...Um, I just l-lost and I'm out of c-change." You mentally face-palmed as you blushed madly.

"Want some money to retry? I can show you how." He smiled at you. You blushed again and nodded. He pushed a quarter into the slot and pressed the start button. You watched carefully as he skillfully won the game. You gaped in astonishment.

"Now you try," He laughed. You got ready as he pushed the money in, you pressed start and did all of the movements he did previously.

You won.

You cheered and hugged him out of joy. You carefully pulled away and blushed.

"I-I'm sorry..." You stuttered. He laughed and blushed as well, you just didn't see it.

"I'm Jay, Jay Walker." He introduced himself. You lifted your head and smiled.

"I'm (Y/N)," He grinned.

"I have to get going...when can I see you again?" He asked.

"Soon, meet me here tomorrow." You smiled, but he was already gone. A small note was at your feet when you looked down in sadness. You raised an eye brow in confusion and picked it up.

I'm here everyday (Y/N), stop by and we'll have loads of fun together ;)


You giggled and left the arcade...thinking about him...


You were at the bakery picking up a cake for your friends little brothers birthday party as she set up the decorations. You made your way to the counter and read the snack list she had also given to you. You weren't paying attention and walked into a strong body, you fell back and hit your head on a shelf in surprise.

"I am so sorry!" You opened your eyes to meet dark green irises, you blinked a couple of times and saw a boy with black hair and a handsome face.

"Uh, don't worry about it..." You smiled. He bit his lip.

"Are you okay?" He asked, helping you up.

"Yeah, are you?" You blushed slightly. He nodded.

"I'm sorry, let me help you with something." He smiled. You shook your head.

"I've got it, thank you though," You brushed a piece of your (Hair color) hair out of your eyes. He took the bags of chips from your arms.

"I owe you something...?" He pointed at you.


"Cole" He smiled as you shook his hand.

"Thanks by the way." You whispered.

"No problem. Do you have anything else you need to pick up?" He asked. You nodded.

"A cake for my friends brothers party." He smiled.

"I can carry that,"


The lake had frozen over the night before. You smiled as you took off your boots and grabbed your skates. You finished lacing up the first one and put it on the ice.

You slammed it down by accident and fell into the icy water. You felt something grab your leg that was just about to go under, you were pulled up to saftey, before you blacked out you swore saw ice blue eyes.


Your (e/c) color eyes fluttered from book to book in the comic store. Your hand ran across the shelf, as a sigh escaped your lips. They didn't have your favorite comic book.

"Darn!" You snapped, you went to turn but walked into a blonde boy in green. You immediately fell on top of him. Both your eyes and his green widened and you both blushed. You jumped up and brushed a loose strand of hair from your face. He coughed awkwardly. And you turned your head so he couldn't see the red across your face.

He was kinda cute...

You snapped from your thoughts and stuttered on your words.

"I-I...look I'm really sorry!" You groaned and put your head in your hands.

"D-don't worry about it! Um...have you seen the latest edition of (Your favorite comic book)?" He quickly changed the subject. You glanced up in surprise.

"That's my favorite! I was just looking for it!" You blurted out. You covered your mouth and giggled, on the inside you mentally slapped yourself.

"Really? Same here!" You smiled in embarrassment.

"I don't think they have it, I couldn't find it or issue #6." You replied.

"You haven't got #6?" You shook your head at his question. He gaped at you. He walked past you to the counter and said something to the man. The man nodded as you turned your head in confusion. The boy in green was handed something, you didn't see...but he took a sticky note and wrote something down and stuck it inside the bag, then he came towards you.

"Here...I bought it for you...?" He blushed, pointing at you.

"Oh! My name's (Y/N)!" Your face turned red again. He handed you the package.

"I'm Lloyd, nice to meet you beautiful." He lifted your hand up and to your surprise kissed it. You giggled.

"I have to go, but I'll see you again." He winked at you and headed towards the door. You felt yourself go all wobbly in your knees. You held the book shelf and tipped the bag slightly. You saw the note pop out.

Hey I just met you

And this is crazy

My name's Lloyd and here's my number...

Will you call me maybe?

(insert Lloyd's number lol)

-Lloyd :3

You giggled as you held the note to your heart, wait what? Were you falling for him that easily? You laughed at your antics and proceeded to leave the store. As you fangirled over the letter, you didn't see Lloyd peeking through the window to see if you got his little 'love note'