You took a breath before walking toward his counter, he smiled as he saw you in line. You were staring at the ground blushing and thinking of ways to introduce yourself.

Hey! I'm (Y/N)! No... You frowned as you went through different introductions in your mind.

(Y/N)'s the name! No!

Hi, my names (Y/N)... You tried not to face-palm as the multiple greetings went through your brain.

"(Y/N)!" Kai's voice broke your concentration. You saw him in a red t-shirt and blue jeans that were slightly ripped at the knees, your face were the same color as his shirt..bright red.

"H-how did you know my name?" You stuttered. He smiled and stared into your (e/c) eyes. You looked away.

"The manager told me, now that we have that all cleared up..." You gazed back at him.


"Do you wanna...hang out maybe beautiful?" You blushed and slowly nodded, still in processing mode, you began twirling a piece of your hair around your finger before you nodded with more courage.


You waited near the entrance to the arcade. Where was he? You tapped your foot impatiently on the malls floor. Sighing, you checked your watch.

He was 30 minutes late.

You groaned in annoyance and looked down the aisles with hundreds of people walking to different shops. You watched as kids were being dragged into multiple stores, you saw teenagers squeal and run toward a cute item of clothing. You rolled your eyes and crossed your arms and waited.

I'm going to give him 5 more minutes...if he doesn't show up-

You couldn't finish your thought. You were interrupted by arms wrapping themselves around your waist. Your (e/c) irises widened and you started to freak out. You decided to turn your face slightly and saw his.

"Hey Beautiful," You felt the lips against your cheek.


You had gotten the boy in blacks number and were slowly hesitating to call him. Your whole weekend was wasted wondering if you should phone him, every time the thought crept into your mind you blushed and bit your lip.

What if he doesn't like me back...?

You didn't like worrying over this...why were you? Are you in love with him? As you went to reach for the phone,

It rang...

You jumped about 20 ft up in the air with a loud shriek, it was either because of the scare you had just received or the fact that it was him phoning.


You hesitantly picked up your (f/c) phone and answered.

"Is this (Y/N)?" The voice asked before you had a chance to say 'hello'. You gulped and answered.

"Y-yes...Cole, is that you?" You asked. You face-palmed and scolded yourself. Of course it was him!

"Yeah, hey listen...I was wondering..." You bit your lip and waited.


"Would you like to...hang out?" You almost squealed in delight at the boy's response.

"Cole..I-" You were cut off.

"I understand if your busy (Y/N)!" He hurriedly said. You smiled.

"I would love to...meet me at the park around noon," You hung up and giggled.

You couldn't wait...


You decided to hang around that rink and look for your blue eyed rescuer, your ankle killed you with every step you took toward the boardwalk. You smiled and laughed as you saw the hole you had made still hadn't frozen over yet. You sat down and looked at the families skating, you sighed and started to quietly sing.

"You have a most extraordinary voice," The light but deep voice startled you and you almost fell in again. You turned and met with his eyes. You scanned his features as your heart fluttered and butterflies flew around in your stomach. His blonde hair slightly fell into his face a bit, his blue eyes matching the look and a small smile placed along his pale lips captivated you.

"Are you the one who saved me?" You asked, for some reason...you didn't stutter. He slowly nodded.

"I am Zane, and yes...I did save you." You smiled and bowed your head, hiding the blush lying across your cheeks.

"I'm (Y/N)" You whispered. You saw a hand come underneath your face. You looked up, he was trying to shake your hand. You grabbed it and shook it. Then, he helped you up.

"I have to depart quite soon...When can I see you again?" You thought about that.

"Tomorrow...I'll be here at dawn." You said. He nodded with another mysterious smile. You blushed and looked away, closing your eyes slightly. You felt something cold on your lips as you met his face and opened your eyes. He wasn't there...but he had kissed you...

You walked out of your house, holding your phone in your hand and listening to (your fav band). You started to sing softly as you walked the streets. Your music suddenly stopped and your phone alerted you of a text. You looked down and saw his name.


You squealed (for some reason?) and opened it up.

"Hiya (Y/N)! Wanna maybe meet me at the park and we can hang out? I'll be sitting on the swings ;)"

You giggled and typed back.

"Sure! I'm on my way!"

shoving your phone in your pocket, you smiled and started to run. Your music blasted in your ears, your heart beat matched the beat of the drums as you avoided people, cars and poles.

I don't live too far from the park so it should only take me about three more minutes. The thought popped in your head as you ran faster. You saw the park up ahead and smiled. You started to go faster, you didn't care how much your legs hurt at the moment..You just want to see him. His blond hair and piercing green eyes...his smile...you loved that smile as soon as you saw it that day.


You fell backwards in surprise and pain. Your head had collided with the swing set post.

"(Y/N)!" You heard his voice and saw a blur of color around your face. "Are you okay!? Aw man! It starting to swell up!"

"Lloyd?" You blinked a couple of times and your vision soon came back. He held his water bottle up to your face.

"You okay?" He asked, the tone in his voice was worry. Was he worrying about you? You nodded while raising an eyebrow. He sighed in relief. He sat down next to you and you two talked until he actually let you stand up, which took 3 hours... Just as you were ready to leave..

He kissed your cheek...