Hey there everyone! Long time no see eh? I am so sorry for disappearing like this with the promises to update my stuff but never did. So! I bring good news! I am continuing these little scenarios with the ninjago baes starting this week! I might not get around to it fast, but I will try and update as soon as I find the time! Now, shall we begin ladies?

~When he dies~

The whole world seemed to come to a standstill right in front of you as you ran. As your drew a breath it became dark and everyone seemed to stop. But of course, before you knew it, it came crashing down on top of you.

You squeezed your eyes shut, pushing your head down as you felt the hot tears pouring down your cheeks. You drew another ragged breath out, your fists clenched tighter and tighter until they turned white as you picked up more speed, pushing through the battlefield, your head spinning rapidly, pain from your injuries spreading throughout your body. But you didn't care. You didn't care as weapons clashed loudly around you. With clenched teeth, you began to ignore your injuries and new cuts from running in and continued to pursue your goal.

All that matters is him, you had to know if he survived.

The man had come out of nowhere, in mid-run he had grabbed you from behind and pulled you back, shouting that it was too dangerous to go out there at the moment. But again, you didn't care, there was something more important then your pitiful life. You struggled against his grip, screaming and pleading for what seemed like hours but still the man had refused to let you go...

~short timeskip~

-"PLEASE NO!" With the hard grip still on your tiny waist still keeping you back from him you began to think it was hopeless. Coughing with large hot tears streaming as fast as possible down your now red and puffy cheeks as you screamed and begged for this person to leave you be. Your flailing fists weakly began bashing the body restraining yours, the death grip seeming to tighten each time you moved.

"(Y/N), please." He mutters, "this is for your own good." Your vision became more and more blurry as you screamed again, profanities and such spilling from your lips. With each word you began wriggling and kicking, that you ended up squirming out of the persons grasp, falling forward to the ground, he lunged forward to you but you rolled yourself out of the way of his reach. People began crowding around shouting your name as you stood up, as soon as you got to your feet and regained your composure, you burst forward as fast as you could before anyone got in your way.

It had first began as a sense of dread that had already been growing within you. You knew you shouldn't have come here, all of you, the entire team, because now, right before your pretty little (eye color) eyes...

Everyone was dying.

And now, so was he.

You were sure of it.

~To be continued~