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Rating: K+

Characters: Kid, Black Star, Soul, Patti, Liz, Maka, Tsubaki.

Word: Testosterone: A very powerful drug- transforms men into idiots!

"Yeah right, you couldn't get directions from that chick!"

"Excuse me? I could totally get her digits! Twice!"

"Why would you need her number twice?"


Kid rubbed his brow and leaned back in his chair, too frustrated to focus on his posture. Tsubaki touched his shoulder gently and he looked up at her with his lids half-closed. She smiled sympathetically. "We appreciate your maturity, Kid."

Kid shrugged and sat up straight again, turning his head towards Tsubaki and Patti. "I suppose it's only natural for them to be arguing like this. They feel like they've been challenged and so their testosterone is making them more aggressive to protect their pride."

"Testosterone?" Patti asked.

Kid opened his mouth to reply, but a feminine voice behind him interrupted him. "Yes. It's a hormone. Kind of like a drug, and sometimes used as one. It turns men into idiots."

Soul turned from Black Star and glared at Maka who'd just arrived to their lunch meeting. "What are you talking about? I'm not an idiot, this fool here's the idiot!"

Liz walked up next to Maka and snorted. "Please, you're getting worked up over a girl that left fifteen minutes ago. Who's the idiot here?"

Maka chuckled. "I say both of them."

"HA HA HA! See Soul? Even your own meister thinks you're an idiot!" Black Star guffawed.

Liz snorted again. "Yeah, Black Star? Everyone here thinks you're an idiot, too."

Black Star's laughs ceased and the two blondes now had both boys glaring at them silently. Maka cheered with a small giggle. "Guess that shut them up."

Liz rose her hand for a fist-bump and Maka complied before turning to the rest of the group. "So what are we having?"

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