Rating: T

Characters: Patti, Liz, the OC Jun, Kid.

Word: broken heart: Is when a guy/girl takes your heart. Slams it on the ground and smashes it into pieces. Whether he/she knows it or not. After you can't help but feel empty and depressed and you'll probably end up crying alone in some room while the guy/girl, knowing you're hurt or not, lives his life perfectly normal once again.

Patti frowned, her eyes glued to her sister as she skipped around the room.

Liz picked up two pairs of heels and turned to Patti inquiringly. "Hey Patti, do you think I should wear my first-date heels or my relationship-step heels?"

Patti huffed and laid back into her bed.

Liz dropped her arms and fixed her little sister with a stern look. "Patti, don't be like this."

Patti sat up again. "Don't go with him!"

Liz placed the heels on the dresser beside the closet and made her way to the bed she shared with her twin pistol of a sibling. She smiled and brushed Patti's bangs back. "I wouldn't expect you to understand."

Patti rolled her eyes and groaned, pulling back and laying down again. "Sis, I understand! I understand that he makes you cry and makes you mad!"

Liz shrugged. "Well, every relationship has its flaws."

The younger blonde rolled back and forth in frustration. "But Liiiiiiiz!"

"Look, if you're not up for seeing me to the door, you can stay here and hang out with Moose," Liz tossed the stuffed giraffe at her sister, "but I'm going on this date, whether you approve or not."

Eight quick knocks sounded at their door. Liz pulled on her strappy, red stilettos for first dates, because this was a do-over. "Comin'!"

She pulled the door open and smiled at her stoic partner. Kid looked down at her feet and sighed. "He's downstairs for you."

She grinned. "Thanks, Kid!"

She pushed past him and he shared a look with Patti. She looked furious, in her own way, and he responded to her anger with a tired sigh. "She's old enough to make her own decisions."

"She's making the wrong ones!" Patti argued.

Kid shook his head silently, wishing he had a response, but Patricia was right. Liz was blinded by Jun's appearances. "Well, the definition of insanity is trying the same thing over and over expecting different results. Either we hope she'll become sane or receive different results."

Liz, meanwhile, ran down the steps, her recently manicured nails running through her curled hair. She giggled excitedly. She loved this, this pre-date excitment that was unique to Jun. Only he got her pulse up like this, her heart pounding like it was going to come out of her chest. It was almost painful.

It hurt so good.

She laughed at her thoughts and adjusted her skirt before opening the door to the foyer where she knew Kid had Jun waiting.

Her heart stopped.

He looked fantastic. His shocking red hair was gelled up into a spiked hairdo, his dark violet eyes lined with liner and his outfit giving off a badboy vibe.

He knew she like the badboy vibe.

"Jun!" He glanced at her and grinned, dimple in his right cheek. She walked forward, putting some extra 'sway' in her hips as she gave him a sultry smile. "You dressed up for the occasion, huh?"

He chuckled, adjusting his collar self-consciously. "Well, I know you love when I wear this stuff, so why not? Anything to make you happy, Beth."

She blushed at the nickname and fiddled with her skirt. It made her sound like the good girl she wasn't. "Are you sure you aren't just playing me? With all this get up, I can't tell you apart from the real badboys."

He brushed a hand against her cheek. "Never."

She bit her lip and placed her hand over his. "Let's go!"

And maybe this time she wouldn't end up with a broken heart.