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"I can't wait to go home!" Charlie Swan said to the other. "Renee and Bella must be missing me!"

"Bella?" Edward Masen Sr. raised a brow at Charlie.

"Yes, Isabella." Charlie said, nodding. "She's my daughter, but we call her Bella."

"Ah…" Edward Sr. nodded, "I have a son and a wife waiting for me back home too."

"What's his name, your boy?" Charlie asked,

"Edward. Edward Anthony Masen Jr." Edward Sr. replied before turning to Carlisle. "What about you, Carlisle?"

The blonde haired doctor looked up when someone called for his name. "Me? Oh I have a wife waiting for me at home too…" he said, smiling at the thought of meeting Esme again.

"You don't have any children?" Charlie asked,

"Oh, I will." Carlisle replied, smiling. "Esme is one month pregnant when I left."

"Oh my…" Edward said, "You must be missing them terribly."

Carlisle nodded, "More than anything…"

Carlisle walked passed everyone in a hurry, he didn't care about anything but meeting his wife again. He was half running through the crowded airport, searching for the caramel locks of his wife desperately. The blonde doctor bumped into people a few times, but he just mumbled his sorry and kept going. Where was she?

And then, at last, his search for his angelic wife was succeeded. There she was; standing with her back turned to him, looking up at the monitor that showed the flight schedule. She was wearing a purple cardigan over her white knee length dress with black flats, holding her purple handbag with both hands.

"Esme…" Carlisle said in awe, his tone was soft that even people near him couldn't hear him.

But Esme could. She turned her head around to the source of the voice that called for her name the voice she knew well and missed terribly. "Carlisle…" she gasped softly, her brilliant chocolate eyes glassy with tears as she looked at her beloved husband.

Carlisle smiled at his wife as he walked toward her, eyes locking with hers. As he walked Esme turned completely toward him, getting her round belly into his view. It had been six months… six months that he missed her pregnancy for the expedition.

Carlisle pulled his wife into his embrace and let her buried her face on his shoulder. He moved a hand to her expanding belly and stroked it gently. When he left she was merely one month pregnant, but now when he returned… she was already seven months pregnant.

"I missed you…" Esme murmured; wrapping her arms around his neck as silent tears streamed down through her cheeks. "Both of us…"

"I missed you too, Essie…" Carlisle whispered against her caramel locks, inhaling the sweet scent of her shampoo. "You and our baby…"

Esme sobbed softly, "I thought I'll never see you again…" she cried, clutching the collar of Carlisle's shirt.

"I've told you I'll come back…" he whispered, kissing her forehead before moving to her ripe lips, kissing her softly.

Esme smiled at her husband, placing a hand on her round belly. "Say hello to your daughter too, Carlisle… she missed you."

Carlisle was beaming with pride. He will have a daughter soon. A little girl that looks both likes him and Esme. He bent down and planted soft kisses on his wife's belly, caressing it with his hand gently. "Hello sweet baby…" he said, smiling. "I missed you too, sweetheart…"

Esme smiled as she watched her husband talked with the unborn baby in her womb. It was a very beautiful view.

"Let's go home, Es…" Carlisle said, standing back up and took Esme's hand in his.

Esme nodded and together, they walked toward the airport's exit. She couldn't wait to tell Carlisle everything he missed with their unborn child… and this time, she would make sure they won't be apart anymore.

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