In the town of Angel Grove, California, The city was not normal by any means. Six multicolored heroes known as the Power Rangers protected this city.

Normally there was seven rangers, but the Green Ranger, who was a female by the look of the costume with a skirt attach would show up during the late summer and early fall months, no one knew where this Ranger went but most had rumors that the Green Ranger was on solo missions in other parts of the world.

Lizzie Myers was your normal everyday teenager girl, only that she had two secrets. One she was born with, she was a witch and the other she was a Power Ranger, the seventh ranger, the Green Ranger.

She spent half her year in her birth land of England at a boarding school known as Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. She wore non-magical clothing, hip hugger jeans and a green t-shirt, green Chuck Taylor's tennis shoes.

She was back for her summer vacation before she had to return for her fifth year of Hogwarts, she remember the day that the witch came to explain that she was a British born witch. Her first four years at school were normal, she wished for a battle.

She checked her watch, and smiled it was time for her friends to get out of school and head over to the Juice bar. She had been sitting at their normal table for at least an hour enjoying one of Ernie's smoothies.

She kept her eyes clued to the doorway waiting for her friends to come in; she finally saw them entered. However, they have not noticed her yet. Where were Jason, Trini, and Zack?

She thought about to when she first became a Power Ranger, she had always had the dragon coin, for as long as she remembered. Supposedly, the coin was stolen after the first owner died and came in contact with her family, passed down through the generations, but here is the real kicker, she wasn't a Myers by birth, she had a cousin named Eric. For some odd reason, she had inherited the coin from her adoptive parents when they were murdered in a robbery gone awry. A warm smile graced her lips, as she remembered the feeling of belonging that came when the coin was placed in her hand, and the strange flash of green that went with the coin.

"Lizzie?" asks a voice that sounded like Kimberly Hart

Lizzie blinked and smiled. "Do you know anyone else, who adores the color green?"

"I did, but I like white now." Tommy answers, "When did you get in?"

"Last night, I'm still on the time change." Lizzie answers, as she stood up to hug her best friends. Billy, Tommy, and Kim, Jason, Trini, and Zack had shown her what it meant to protect the world from the forces of evil.

"Where are Jase, Zack, and Trini?" Lizzie asks, confused as to why these three new people where with her other friends.

"So did anything happen at school this year?" Billy asked after he hugged Lizzie,

"Nope," Lizzie answers, "Vastly boring, but my chem professor, I think he is related to that creep-show Rita."

"Now that is a nightmare but you say that about him every year." Tommy replies, "And we have a few months to catch up on like the fact that, Jase, Trini and Zack aren't here anymore."

"Yes, what happen to them? Did they move and not tell me?" Lizzie questions looking at her friends.

"They were chosen for the Teen Peace Conference in Switzerland." Kim informs as she worried that her friend would pass out.

The blood drained from Lizzie's face, "Switzer…." She fell back into her chair. "…land." Her eyes went to the wrists of the three new faces, she had yet to get their names, and they had communicators.

"So who is she?" asked the person in red.

Lizzie raised her own wrist to show them her green toned communicator. "So I take you three are in on the secret now as well?"

"Rocky, Adam, Aisha, this is Lizzie Myers." Tommy introduced. "She goes to a private boarding school in England."

"And I spend my summer holiday here," Lizzie adds, she then lean in as the others sat down at the table, "and I'm dying for a fight or even a sparring match."

Adam looked at the slim female; she didn't look like she could take on anyone. He walked up to the girl. "I'll take you on, let's see how good you are?"

Billy, Kim, and Tommy looked at each other as if saying that Adam did not know what he was getting himself into because Lizzie was stronger then she appears to be.

Tommy looked at Adam. "I'll warn you now, man, she's tougher than she looks."

Lizzie gave the impression of an innocent angel. "I am a little rusty, but I have been practicing." She stood up and picked up her gym bag, "Let me change into more appropriate attire."

"That's fine; I'll wait for you on the practice mat." Adam replied with a smirk

Adam spent the next few minutes stretching and getting ready for his fast spar.

Lizzie came back out from the girls' locker room, wearing training pants and a tank top. She jump down from the steps, went onto the practice mat, and began her own warm up.

Tommy, Billy, and Kim just shook their heads at the whooping Adam about to get.

Adam watched Lizzie warm up and he felt a blush creep up on his face.

Lizzie finished her warm up, and walked up toward Adam. "Ready?"

Adam shook his head. "Yeah, let's go first to three wins?"

Lizzie nods in agreement, then turned to look at Tommy, "Mind refereeing?"

As the two rangers got in to their first stance Tommy counted them off Adam made the first move with a double roundhouse kick. Trying to end it quick.

Lizzie jumped to avoid the kick, and cartwheeled out of the way.

Adam continued to push her back trying to land one punch or kick on her but Lizzie was too quick for him.

Lizzie delivered a tornado kick toward Adam.

"Point to Lizzie" Tommy called out by this time a small crowd gathered about the ring,

Most of the crowd were cheering for Lizzie and pitying her opponent.

Lizzie followed up her attack with an open palm strike that threw Adam back a few feet only for him to wind up with a foot to his face and him on the floor.

She held out her hand to Adam, "Thanks for the match."

"Uhh, did someone get the number the truck that hit me?" Adam asks, as he was helped to his feet.

"Uh…I didn't know I was a truck" Lizzie responds.

Tommy shook his head "i warned you man she's meaner than any of us."

"Aren't you glad, I'm on your side?" Lizzie asked as she gave a wink to Tommy.

Adam just stared at her as Ernie gave a smoothie to Lizzie and a towel to Adam.

Ernie smiled at Adam "I guess nobody told you, she's the local champ her, huh?"

"Even Bulk and Skull don't mess with her." Kim commented

"Now you both tell me, why the heck, did i agree to this?" Adam asked, as he did the walk of shame back to the mens' locker room.

Lizzie looked at the others, "Was it something, I said?"

"Nah," Rocky answered with a smile "Adam, just still has a hard time losing a spar just give a minute and his favorite shake and he will be fine."

Lizzie nods, as she took a sip of her drink. "Well short story on me, I learned to fight from my dad, he was a martial arts instructor, so I was able to fight since I was knee high."

Adam walked back to them changed out his clothes "Well that explains that but wow that kick really threw me for a loop think, you could show me how to do it some time?"

"Sure, I have till September to be here." Lizzie agreed.

Aisha finally spoke she asked, "Lizzie, why do you go to school in England and not a local school?"

"I was originally from England; I was given up for adoption. So I guess it's a family thing." Lizzie answers, "I like the school, the professors are awesome, except for my Chem class, and he seems to have a grudge against my dorm."

"Well we all have had teachers the seemed to hate us but still that a long way to go for school." Aisha agreed

"Can't help it, but at least I don't speak with an accent." Lizzie laughed.

"Yeah," they all agreed it hard enough understanding Billy when he is on a techno rant.

Lizzie sighed. "Well I'm happy; I still have a house to live in."

DarkPriestess66: This takes in the second season, after Jason, Trini, and Zack leave. Lizzie is the true barer of the Green Ranger powers