Once Lizzie returned from her mission, she debated on whether to ask Zordon's permission to include Dudley on the secret. However, luck wasn't on her side. She was still morphed as she dragged her battered body up the stairs, she passed out demorphing just as Dudley opened the front door.

"Harry, get down here. Lizzie needs help." Dudley shouted, unable to believe that Lizzie was a Power Ranger.

Harry came downstairs and saw Lizzie, together him and Dudley managed to get Lizzie inside. Harry shut the door and locked it.

Lizzie barely was able to stay awake. She blinked as she looked up at the ceiling. Harry was worried, so he called the only people, he knew to help.

Tommy, Adam, and Kimberly came over and saw the wreck that Lizzie was in, Kimberly took charge and got Lizzie cleaned up and dressed in shorts and a sleeping tank top.

Kim came into the living room to see everyone's concerned faces. "She's sleeping, give her a day or two to recover. But she's totally out of it. She managed to tell me before the pain relief and dreamless potion took effect that she was ambushed."

Tommy's hand clenched into a fist, he was angry. "Did she say who?"

Kimberly looked at Tommy. "Rito and the tengas" she sat down beside her boyfriend.

Harry looked at the other two. "You have another problem, she demorphed here, I think Dudley witnessed it."

Tommy didn't know what to do, however, the group minus Lizzie were teleported to the command center.

Dudley looked around and backed away as he saw a giant floating head.

Zordon was beginning to wonder how Lizzie managed to get herself into these situations. He had been watching the scene, there wasn't enough time for reinforcements to come and save Lizzie from Rito. "Greetings, I am Zordon. I have summoned you here for the reason, you have learned your sister's other secret by accident.

Dudley didn't know what to say. He was starting to actually like having an older sister. Now he knew her secret. "I won't tell anyone, I promise."

Zordon stared down at the human child. He should not even allow Lizzie to let so many people learn of her secret. But Dudley Dursley already knew about the wizards, so he extracted the same promise as the others.

Back at Lizzie's house, the group teleported back. Dudley went up to his room to absorb everything, he had learned. He knew Lizzie would be in a great deal of trouble, if anyone else knew what she actually was a witch and a Power Ranger. This was a great opportunity for him to prove he could turn his life around and be a better person.

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