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It was a primary colour.

Used to signify all kinds of things.

Danger. Anger. Blood. Lust. Envy. Love.


It could mean anything to him, but right now it meant hate. Powerful hate, searing rage...

Jason remembered back to that night. The night he died-

No. No, he was killed. murdered by that fucking clown. The joker, had taunted him, beat him with a crowbar. He remembered how much it hurt...everytime the cold metal was felt against his skin, leaving cuts and bruises wherever it landed. one of his eyes was swollen shut, his lip busted and possible broken ribs making every breath he took agonising.

The joker smiled down at him, the red lips pulling up and wide to reveal horrible yellow teeth. Then the laughter. It ricocheted off the walls, bouncing back to him.

The Joker spoke. He felt he crow bar again.





Jason closed his eyes, waiting for it to all end. Waiting for Batman, to save him.

But he never did.

Jason could see his blood on the floor, his head hurt, his chest, his back, his feet were cold and numb. Standing up and falling flat, dragging himself across the floor. He reached the door and tugged at the lock; which was chained shut. Jason used last ounces of his strength to sit up, back against the door breathing hard. Then he heard it. The beeping. He turned and seen the numbers- Red numbers counting down.




this was it.





Batman wasn't coming for him.





Red fire, pain...death.

Then, everything was green. He couldn't breath, he couldn't see, he couldn't move.

Jason fought. He struggled and finally broke the surface of the Lazarus pit; screaming.

His lungs burned, he ran knocking down anyone that got in his way. He kept running.

That's what he did. Eventually he returned to Gotham, under the ailis of the Red Hood.


The shade of his robin tunic.

the colour of his blood.

the colour of the numbers.

the flames.

his helmet,

and his rage.

Red was the colour of revenge.

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