Yugi and Atem fused Challenge


What if the souls of Yugi and Atem fuse together as one? How will everyone deal with the changes that will come about? Also they will still have memory loss from Atem's side.

I thought about this as to me Yugi was more of a secondary character in the real fights


No Yaoi! Yuri is ok with me but no Joey X Kiba or Yugi X Kiba please unless it is friendship.

Spirit X Spirit or Spirit X Human? Go for it

Harem allowed is allowed or single parings, and I don't mean for just Yugi either for the Harem bit but your choice.

Grey or Dark Yugi as he is no longer going to be fully light like how Yami was more Dark and/or Grey in the original Anime season Zero (after all he used his magic to make people pay a lot, hell the first guy a bully cheated in a game and thought leafs were cash or something like that.) But he is not evil as Yagi had been a heart of light.

Just to let you know I define evil as mindless killing (if I said all killing was bad than no one would eat meat because you have to kill to get it also some people have to die for the greater good), rape, mind control (not Mind Crush as the victim can get there mind and sanity back with time but controlling others like puppets is wrong), and pointless theft ( I may not like it but sometimes stealing is necessary but stealing for the sack of greed or want instead of need or must is pointless.)

Sanity? Optional he can be insane like Deadpool or sane but with identity issues for a while.

Gender changing characters? If you got a reason for it or it's for fun go for it.

OCs hell yah! Go for it.

Syncro or Xyz monsters? Maybe if you can justify putting it there than yeah but you could always make a normal or fusion or ritual monster version of the card you want like example

Name: Stardust Dragon

Stars: 7

Attribute: LIGHT

Type: Dragon/ Ritual

Effect: You can special summon this card using "Stardust Awakening" and discarding monster(s) with 7 or more stars in total. You can remove this card from play once per turn to negate the effect of a spell or trap card. If you use this effect you can return this monster to the field in ATK mode.

ATK/ DEF (not sure look at the Stardust Dragon card or make them up if you want remember fanfiction!)

Point you fuse the souls together?

When the Puzzle is complete

Yugi vs. Kiba

Yugi loses to Pegasus

Duelist Kingdom

Kiba Corps Virtual World

Battle City

New Virtual World

Or Made up event like Yugi being sent to the shadow realm with Yami and fusing their souls to return to the body.

Shadow or Dark Magic Yugi (hey if he is going to have Atem's soul fused to his own than he is going to get the magic that comes with)

They can see card spirits after fusion (you can go with certain spirits or all the spirits of the cards he has/gains with time.)

Request- PM me if you are thinking of accepting or if you do accept an make a story than send me a link please I want to see how this idea turns out but I already have too many stories in the work to do more.