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Chapter 1

Albus Dumbledore walked the empty halls, wondering what was so important that Armando Dippet had to ask that it couldn't wait until the staff meeting tomorrow morning. He whispered the password to the stone gargoyle and watched as it hopped to the side to allow him passage. His mind began to wonder as the spiral staircase smoothly rotated up until he reached the oak doors. Before he could even lift his hand to knock, he heard a faint voice say, "Come in."

Albus opened the door and expected to see the room full of portraits, trinkets, and books that Armando had accumulated over the years as Headmaster, but instead was faced with a nearly empty room. His curiosity got the better of him as he started walking around the room, passing the empty bookshelves, the blank walls, the cleared desk, and most of all, the awake portraits. He knew his movements were being watched by the previous Headmasters and Headmistresses, but he felt another gaze.

"What happened? What's wrong, Armando?" As the auburn haired man swept around, facing the aging wizard, his bright blue eyes filled with concern.

"Albus, relax. Nothing is wrong." Armando gestured for Albus to take a seat.

Feeling like a chastised student, Albus moved towards the seat across the Headmaster's desk, but he felt a gentle touch on his shoulder.

"Not there, old friend." Their eyes met and Albus soon realized the meaning of this meeting. His mouth tried to make sounds of protest, but it seemed his body and mind were no longer communicating.

"Albus, I've realized that my time as Headmaster has come to an end, but that means nothing seeing how it will be the beginning of yours. I know you don't feel ready, truthfully I didn't either many years ago, but you've proven yourself more than capable for the duties. I have no doubt you'll accept, so the questions that remain are who will replace you, and who will you trust as your Deputy." Armando watched as the auburn haired man blindly felt for the chair behind him. Finally, Armando flicked his finger to push the chair into Albus's reach. Armando gave him a minute or so before repeating his question.

"So, my dear friend, who are the lucky new professors?"

"I... I... don't know..." he stammered

"No one comes to mind for either position?" the surprise evident in Armando's voice.

"There's no one that comes to mind for either. While I'm quite acquainted with the staff, there is none that I trust enough to uphold the school in my absence. And I can't remember anyone, friend or student, who had a talent for Transfiguration and the want to teach." explained Albus.

"Don't worry Albus, it'll come to you eventually. Why don't you sleep on the idea?" suggested the former Headmaster.

Albus merely nodded and turned to the door. Halfway there, he turned back to face his mentor.

"Armando, I know you're retiring, but until I find a Deputy, would you be the temporary one?"

"I would be honored. As long as you don't slack off, I'm sure I can fit that in with my relaxing" Armando teased.

With a thankful smile, Albus exited the room and began the journey back to his quarters.

The next morning, Albus still felt as if he were in a daydream. Armando's question still haunted his mind, however, he already decided to ask the staff for their assistance with his decision.

In the staff room, Armando rose as he began his announcement. Once he finished, he gestured for Albus to rise and address the staff himself.

Albus was never one to stumble over his words, but he continued to stammer as he talked to the staff. Most were surprised at how nervous he was, but understood it as he explained his doubts. When he approached the subject of his replacement and deputy, everyone leaned in as he dragged the words out.

"I'm sure most of you are wondering who I've chosen as my Deputy and as my replacement. I've asked Armando to be my temporary Deputy until I find someone who I feel is trustworthy enough. As for my replacement, I honestly have no idea and was hoping you all could help me."

"I'm sure there's many students who've had the knack for transfiguration, Albus. Surely you could in touch with one of them?" inquired Horace.

"Yes, but most of them other occupations or they don't find an interest in teaching." replied Albus.

Everyone began to suggest relatives and friends to help Albus, but he barely knew any of them and felt that he couldn't make a wise decision.

Poppy and Rolanda exchanged looks, the same thought on both of their minds.

"Albus, I think Rolanda and I have a worthy candidate." Poppy quietly stated.

Everyone else's chatter immediately stopped as Poppy's quiet voice spoke and all the heads in the room turned in her direction.

"Who do you have in mind, Poppy?" Albus curiously asked.

"Minerva McGonagall. You remember her, don't you? You were our Transfiguration teacher while the three of us were here. You also helped her become an Animagus."

"Ah. Young Miss McGonagall, I do remember her love for Transfiguration, but if I recall correctly, she's been working for the Ministry."

"She is, but recently confided in me that she doesn't feel satisfied with her work. She wants a larger impact on the world."

"Well it seems we may have found our new Professor. I'll send her an owl later requesting her opinion about the job and a date for the interview."