"For it is in passing that we achieve immortality. Through this, we become a paragon of virtue and glory to rise above all, infinite in distance and unbound by death. I release your soul, and by my shoulder protect thee."

-Pyrrah Nikos

Qrow put his hands up defensively, chuckling nervously as he said, "Woah there! Hey, uh, Glynda, right? I don't mean you any trouble, I just, I heard crying and wanted to come see if I could help, but when I saw that bright flash, I thought it would be best to, ya know, look before I leap?"

The blonde with the glasses, Glynda, smirked a bit at his behavior, only for it to vanish when the black-clad figure that was her friend Invidia said, "He's not afraid of you." At the look of reprimand, Invidia looked down, her voice softening as she said, "Sorry, it was a surface thought. You know I have trouble not picking those up… but he isn't afraid of you like you think he is… he doesn't fear death at all… they've already shared a dance."

While Glynda's look became full of curiosity, Qrow's became one of shock… and more than a little fear as he softly asked, "What… how do you…"

Before he could finish the sentence, her golden eye, looking like a candle in the darkness under the hood of her dress, seemed to pierce his very soul as she finished it, "Know that? I can see it, Qrow Rose Never-Slayer… I can see how she came to your broken body, and how the two of you did dance…" She started closer to him, and it seemed like all the world was fading to darkness as he stared wide-eyed into her own. "You danced so gracefully, Qrow… but it was not the last dance that the two of you shall share, unlike so many others who become lost to the darkness of her dance… I see that you still see her from time to time as well." As he opened his mouth to say something, a pale hand left the sleeve of her black dress, going to her hidden lips as she gently shushed him, saying, "No… no, you're not mad… I can see that your mind is not broken… and trust me, I know a broken mind when I see one."

The 'spell' seemed to shatter at the sound of Glynda's voice, calling out, "INVIDIA!" Both Qrow and Invidia looked to her before looking back at each other, finding that during her… 'episode', she had approached him to the point of nearly touching him.

Letting out a noise of surprise, she moved quickly behind Glynda, her voice, seconds ago soft, but with a terrible strength to it, was suddenly soft and frightened as she asked, "W-what happened? Why did you let him get that close to me!?"

Glynda turned, hugging her and making soothing noises, whispering, "Vid, it wasn't him, it was you. You went to him, talking about… well, Death, as in the specter of Death as if it were a woman."

A small sob escaped the girl as she buried her face in Glynda's shoulder, her voice muffled as she said, "I don't remember doing any of that!"

Qrow slowly got to his feet, obviously shaken, confused, even a little scared. Though he was by no means stupid, he didn't claim to be the brightest tool in the shed either, but he knew two things at this point. He knew that this girl was far from normal, and may be physically weak, but possessed a strange and great power… and he knew she was crying. He closed his eyes for a moment before reaching into his pocket for something he hoped would be best for the situation. Glynda and Invidia turned to him at the sound of crinkling plastic, Invidia at first fearful while Glynda looked ready to toss him off of the airship, only for both to be slightly confused as he held out a little sphere wrapped in brightly lit plastic as he asked, "Do you… do you like candy?"

The two simply stared at him before Invidia quietly asked, "What flavor is it?"

While Winter looked in confusion as Cinder's name drop, Ozpin raised a brow in shock, asking, "Lady La Fey? As in, the Lady La Fey?" At Cinder and Molly's nod of affirmation, Ozpin grinned running a hand through his hair as he said, "Wow… I can't believe it… two students, sorry, four students of Lady La Fey are going to Beacon with us!"

Winter frowned, tapping his temple as he thought before asking, "Isn't she the one who lives in the haunted castle in the deepest, darkest part of Forever Fall?"

Molly smiled, saying, "It isn't haunted, but yes, that's where we all lived and learned from her. It made for an… interesting childhood. I'll certainly miss Briar Keep."

Ozpin turned to Winter, saying, "She doesn't just live there though. She's actually a noble Lady with a title an everything that comes with it. Also, she used to be married to our soon-to-be headmaster, Professor Ambrosius."

Cinder grinned, moving to stand a bit closer to Ozpin, saying, "Well, well, well Mr. Ozpin, you continue to impress. Manners and what seems to be a thoroughly educated mind? Tell me, is there anything you can't do?"

Ozpin smiled as she slid closer, opening his mouth to say something before Winter threw an arm over his shoulder again, pulling him close, saying, "Yeah, good 'ol Ozzy here is definitely the brains of the operation!"

While Ozpin practically threw him off, much to Winter's amusement, Cinder frowned, raising a brow at his behavior, slowly saying, "Right… anyway, have either of you heard about the initiation process? I heard that it's a rather dangerous test into Forever Fall."

Winter shrugged, saying, "So what if it is? You guys grew up there, right?"

Molly frowned, a dark fingernail gliding over her crystal as she said, "Yes, but the castle was protected, and the region, while dark and 'spooky' isn't that heavily populated by the creatures of Grimm."

Cinder shrugged, smiling as she said, "I'm still not too worried. I doubt we'll run into anything too strong. I mean, if it were too challenging, they wouldn't have enough students survive to actually attend class, right?"

The other three nodded in agreement, though Ozpin seemed a bit uneasy as he said, "Deaths during initiation isn't unheard of though. They can't baby us, otherwise we wouldn't be Huntsmen and Huntresses of any worth, would we? We need to be challenged… 'Great men are forged in fire,' as they say."

Winter's question of, "Who's 'they'?" was answered by a flick to the ear, an act of aggression that went unanswered as they heard the other students on the starboard side begin to excitedly point and shout. The four of them ran over to watch as the airship began its descent towards the castle-like Beacon Academy. Winter grinned excitedly, pressing his face against the glass while Ozpin, though obviously glad to be here wasn't so childish about it. Glancing around to examine the variety of expressions ranging from joy, like Winter's, to nauseous looking students stepping away or even going for the bathroom or trash can. He also spotted Roman who, in turn, spotted him, nodding politely whilst tipping his hat. Though he didn't exactly agree with his views on Faunus, he gave a polite nod in return before returning his gaze to the view. They had finally made it to Beacon Academy, the place that would change the lives of everyone on the ship for better… or for worse.

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