"Well, remember, Ruby, you're not the only one going through initiation. If you wanna grow up, you're gonna have to meet new people and learn to work together."

-Yang Xiao Long to her sister, Ruby Rose

As the airship began its descent, Qrow looked in curiosity and caution at the odd pair he had found towards the back of the ship. A serious looking blonde by the name of Glynda who, for some reason, carried a riding crop of all things, and her friend, Invidia. She was what drew most of his attention simply because she had somehow known things about him he hadn't even told his own brother. So, he studied her for a moment as she happily sucked on the strawberry candy in her mouth before Glynda drew his attention with the question of, "So, do you usually give candy to crying girls who are all alone?"

Qrow blushed at the implications she was making, holding up his hands defensively, saying, "What? No, I just… I hate seeing people upset is all… and the world we live in, seeing upset people can be common at times, especially when visiting cities and the like. So, I carry stuff to at least try and cheer people up."

Glynda raised a brow, saying, "That's… oddly optimistic, given your appearance."

Qrow simply blinked in confusion, asking, "What do you mean?"

She gestured at his black ensemble, saying, "Well, usually people who dress in dark colors tend to be of a darker mindset than others. That's been my experience anyway, limited as it is."

Invidia frowned hugging herself in her black, hooded dress, softly saying, "I'm not dark… I don't mean to be anyway."

Glynda turned, a smile breaking through her cold exterior as she pulled Invidia into a one handed hug, saying, "You're the exception that proves the rule, Vid." Turning to Qrow, her expression hardened again, though not as much as before as she said, "Well, Qrow, thank you for your concern, but we're both fine now." As she spoke, the ship shuddered, finally settling down onto proper, solid ground. Pulling Invidia with her gently, she said, "I hope you have a good day sir."

As they walked off, Invidia looked back over her shoulder at Qrow, giving a little wave, a small smile just visible beneath the shadows of her hood. Qrow returned her little wave with one of his own, thoroughly confused by what just happened. He was determined to get to the bottom of it, but not now. She was just crying her eyes out; he wasn't going to go harass her about it. So, he headed off to go find his friends.

After wandering around the emptying ship, he realized that they'd disembarked without him. He didn't mind, but he would've appreciated at least a text on his scroll if nothing else. With a sigh, he made his way off and started trying to spot them through the crowd of students; both prospective like him and those who were clearly beyond their first year in attendance. He eventually heard Winter shouting, spotting him standing on a railing waving energetically with Ozpin nearby, waiting patiently. Smiling, he made his way over, Winter hopping onto the ground, saying, "There ya are bro! Heh, here I thought you'd fallen off the dock or something. I'd hate to have to collect what's left of you with a dustpan, man."

Chuckling, Qrow shrugged, saying, "Sorry, ran into some… interesting characters. So, what'd I miss? Where'd Molly and that little red number run off to, or did they get sick of you guys."

Ozpin smiled, starting towards the school, the other two falling in step on either side of him as he said, "They went on ahead while we waited, had to go find their friend and Cinder, that 'red number', had to find her sister. So, I believe we head to the auditorium for a speech by Professor Ambrosius."

"Professor Who?" The sudden voice behind them caused the three of them to spin around, Winter backing up taking a ridiculous 'kung-fu' pose, Ozpin taking a single step back, a long, thin blade halfway drawn from his cane as he turned, while Qrow moved the faster. Taking a step forward, his black scythe was unsheathed, half-way formed as a single, massive shotgun. Roman Torchwick blinked as he held his hands up defensively, chuckling nervously as he said, "Woah there, guys!"

The Rose brothers and Ozpin all blinked in surprise before relaxing, Qrow collapsing his weapon again before slipping it into the holster on his back, Winter saying, "Jeez Roman, what the heck? Do you make a habit of sneaking up on people or something?"

Ozpin was fairly impressed by the stealth their red-headed acquaintance had shown, Roman just chuckling and lowering his hands, saying, "Sorry guys, didn't think you'd be so jumpy. So, who's this Professor Amber you were talking about?"

The three turned and started walking, Roman falling in step with them, walking next to Winter as Ozpin said, "Professor Ambrosius is our new headmaster, and a powerful Dust channeler."

Roman nodded, twirling his cane in one hand in slow circles, saying, "Sounds like an interesting guy."

Ozpin nodded in agreement; glad he didn't have to explain again what a Dust channeler was. It seemed pretty clear that Roman, though racist, was at least well learned. The four of them made their way into the atrium, asking a passing upper classmen for directions. As they stood, waiting for it to start, Ozpin spotted Cinder standing with Molly and two other girls that he hadn't met, though Qrow had. The dark-haired beauty smiled at him, giving a little wave that he returned with a smile of his own.

Both of their gazes were drawn to the stage though when a man stepped up. To say he was old was like saying the school was nice in that the term doesn't do it any justice. He had a beard reaching to his knees that he kept tucked in the belt of his ornate robes, though it looked like it was very well cared for. His hair was quite long as well, put in a ponytail reaching his waist with both hair and beard a silvery white. As he looked around his eyes showed a strength undermining the otherwise old and frail appearance he held. He didn't say anything at first, simply looking at the crowd before a soft smile lit up his face, his arms rising as he spoke into the microphone, "Students… welcome to Beacon. I am your headmaster, Professor Ambrosius, and may I just say that it is an honor to see so many prospective students here seeking to test your mettle. I know that every one of you has come from prestigious Hunting academies seeking to further hone your craft and become true Huntsmen and Huntresses, and I do hope you do not leave here disappointed. I look forward to getting to know everyone one of you over the next four years… well, those of you who pass initiation at any rate. Now, I pass the proverbial torch to the Deputy Headmaster, Professor Táogōng."

A rather stern looking man who by his looks and name either came from an eastern kingdom, or is a descendent of those who came from that region. He looked older, a scar on his forehead obscured by the bangs of his black hair. Looking around, he said, "Students, tonight you shall be sleeping in the ballroom. Tomorrow you will gather at Beacon Cliff where your initiation shall begin. Now, you are dismissed." Turning, he left with the Headmaster while the students began to disperse, heading for the ballroom.

Ozpin, Qrow, and Winter started towards the ballroom with everyone else, winter chuckling as he said, "Heh, guess it's a co-ed sleep over tonight then, eh? Wonder if some of the gals forgot to pack a proper pajamas… they may be forced to sleep in their underwear, heh."

Qrow sighed, giving his younger brother a smack upside the head while Ozpin said, "You are such a pig Winter, the Gods only know why I hang out with you."

Qrow chuckled at that, saying, "Because in the end he's not that bad… besides, if not for us, no one would hang out with you."

Ozpin frowned at that, opening his mouth to dispute that when an arm was suddenly thrown around his and Qrow's necks as Roman came up from behind, chuckling as he said, "Ha ha, hey guys! Looks like it's gonna be a co-ed sleep over, eh?" Ozpin groaned, rubbing the bridge of his nose with one hand while Winter burst out laughing.

A few hours later, the Rose brothers, Ozpin, and even Roman had set up their cots for bed. While they hadn't invited Roman to join them, they hadn't turned him away either. The Roman and the Roses were just wearing T-shirts and shorts while Ozpin was wearing a smoking jacket in emerald green with black sleeping pants and slippers.

Roman and Winter lay on their cots, tossing a ball back and forth between one another while Ozpin drew in a sketch pad of his. After sitting there for a few moments, Qrow stood and started off, saying, "I'll be back in a bit, alright? I need to go talk to someone." The others nodded as their tall, dark-haired friend walked off. Wandering through the ball room he smile and made small talk with those who seemed friendly avoiding the meat-head types. Eventually he found where Glynda and Invidia were, the two set up set up closer to each other than Cinder and Molly, though they weren't too far away from them. Looking up, Molly and Cinder gave a friendly smile to him while Glynda gave one of curiosity. He couldn't tell what was on Invidia's face due to the fact she'd swapped out her hooded black dress for, well, a hooded black robe. They were all garbed in robes actually, Cinder in a red one, Glynda in a white and purple one and Ruby wore a Black and purple one.

Cinder smiled as she asked, "Hey there big guy, what are you up to?"

Qrow grinned, giving a wave as he said, "Hey Cinder, I was just hoping to talk to Invidia actually about something that came up earlier on the airship." Turning to the dark girl, he knelt down, speaking to her as he asked, "So… mind if we talk?"

Glynda held up a hand, saying in a quiet tone, "Stop right there. She's not talking to you Mr. Rose, so you might as well just walk away, right now."

Frowning, Qrow looked to her, his voice raising as he said, "You know, I'm just about sick of the attitude lady, what have I said to make you so-" He froze at the sound of Invidia making a murmuring sound, shifting in her sleep, the hood shifting enough for him to see that she was, in fact, fast asleep.

Qrow blushed slightly while Cinder and Molly fought to resist laughing, Glynda frowning as she kept her low tone as she said, "That's why… jackass."

Roman sighed as he missed catching the ball, watching it roll away with Winter. The two stared at it for a few moments before Roman asked, "You gonna go get it?"

Winter shook his head, saying, "Nope… too much effort… it's, like, five feet away. Waaaaay too far away."

Roman grunted in agreement before asking, "So, what do we do to pass the time now?"

Winter tapped his chin in thought for a few moments before he grinned, saying, "I know! …Let's bug Ozzy!"

Ozpin finally glanced up from his sketch pad, eyes narrowed as he said, "No."

The other two chuckled in amusement at his reaction, Roman saying, "Well, there goes that idea which brings us back to the whole 'boredom' thing."

Ozpin sighed in frustration, setting his sketch pad aside and getting up, saying, "You two are insufferable, you know that?" Going over to the ball, he tossed it to Winter, the younger Rose grabbing it out of the air with deft hands, chuckling.

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