Chapter 1: A Rather Small Surprise.

A/N: This had been floating around in my mind when I had a rather weird thought of "Hey I wonder what it would be like if Gaara had a kid he didn't know about?" Yeah, I know sounds far-fetched right? I've tried to keep this as cannon as possible. Let me know if I spell/use the Japanese words/names wrong. Uh.. I have this at K+ because I don't feel like cuss words are worthy of T. If you find it offensive, well that's just too god damn bad, go take your butt hurt self of the internets then. Anyway, hope you enjoy my little story; it was a bitch to write. XD

P.S. There may be spoilers, because I'm caught up with both the manga and the anime.

Gaara was at home, finishing his lunch, when he heard a soft knock at the door. To him, it was odd. His team mates or Council Elders usually just barged in; everyone else just left him alone.

The knock came again, a little louder this time. Silently Gaara stood and approached his door. It opened with a loud creak; he made a mental note to get that fixed. Seeing no one he turned away with an irritated frown.

"Umm...G-Gaara... s-sir?" came a small timid voice from below.

Silent as a starless night, Gaara turned his not-so-friendly gaze down. His face softened upon seeing a strange child at his doorstep.

He was small, barely reaching Gaara's hip. The boy seemed to be no older than four. Gaara crossed his arms, waiting patiently for him to speak.

"Um... my mom...uh." he sniffled and rummaged through his pockets and brought out a crumpled piece of paper. The boy seemed incredibly distressed, "H-here." he thrust his tiny hand up, while turning his gaze to the fearsome man in front of him for the first time.

Gaara's eyes widened in shock for a moment. The boy looked strikingly like him, with his shaggy red hair and unremarkable pale green eyes. Gaara silently took the paper from the nervous boy. Before he could read the torn paper, the boy seemed to gather his courage.

"My name is Gabriel. M-my mom-" he choked a little. Gaara waited. "She said you're papa." he ended in a whisper, no longer looking Gaara in the eye, but instead staring at his sandaled feet.

Gaara narrowed his eyes. 'Is this some kind of joke?' he thought. He'd never lain with anyone. Except that one drunken miss-hap...oh.

...Well shit.

*Flash Back*

His siblings wanted to go drinking and had dragged him along. Gaara sighed, he really, really didn't want to do this; but they had insisted.

He'd never gone out drinking before, sure he had a shot of sake every once in a while; but never drink till you drop.

"I'm actually excited to see what type of drunk you are Gaara." Temari slurred, throwing her arm around his shoulders, already a little tipsy.

"Really? I'm a bit nervous." Kankuro said off handedly.

"Relax, I won't drink that much." Gaara grumbled. He's deeply dangerous without a drop of alcohol, who knows how deadly he'll be fully drunk?

They entered the bar. Several people left upon seeing the trio. Others, too drunk to notice or care, stayed in their seats or laying on the floor.

Gaara wrinkled his nose at the foul stench of the cheap bar. He sat at the stool while Temari ordered drinks for the three of them.

After some time went by, Gaara found himself drinking more and more. His world suddenly became a happy place full of sunshine and rainbows. He started to laugh and snort for no particular reason.

Kankuro and Temari looked over at Gaara in total surprise. Who would have thought that Gaara - Gaara of the freaking Desert - one of the most dangerous person's on the planet, would be a happy drunk? They shared a tipsy look when a pretty brunette sat next to him and engaged in slurred conversation.

Some more time went by and Gaara and the strange woman stood, wobbling dangerously. Gaara, weighed down by his gourd, fell flat on his ass. There was a short pause before they both busted out laughing. The lady tried helping him up, but she lacked the upper body strength to do so.

After some giggles from both party's Gaara slipped off his gourd and stood, leaning heavily on the lady with a snort and a chuckle. Kankuro heard his brother speak "I'm Gaara by the way. Gaara of the... *laughs* Desert." she laughed tilting sideways with his weight. She clearly lacked muscle.

Kankuro could barely hear her response, "That's awesome! *hiccups*" she slurred, "Gaara I should take you home. You're clearly too..." she wobbled, Gaara caught her before she could fall, "way too drunk to-" she couldn't finish because Gaara interrupted her.

"No, no, no..." Gaara continued to mumble and giggle with her, "I should take you home." he said smiling ear to ear.

Actually smiling!

He bowed to her real low, "Uh-oh." and fell. She laughed at him while he stood.

The drunk duet wobbled out of the cheap bar.

"Uh, should we?" Kankuro asked standing to go after them.

"Sit down Kankuro! He'll be fine! He's a big boy!" Temari slurred already well into her own cups.

'Am I the only one who can hold their booze?' Kankuro sighed. The puppeteer then picked up Gaara's gourd of sand and continued his binge drinking.

*End Flash Back*

Due to the massive hangover, Gaara couldn't really remember that night. The morning after he woke up from the best sleep he'd ever had, in a strange bed, with a strange woman, naked.

She had woken up, they exchanged some awkward words. Red faced, they'd gotten dressed and went their separate ways. He never saw her again, (though Gaara wouldn't have minded if he did see her again).

"If-if I have the w-wrong person, I'll juss go." he whispered fidgeting. The boy seemed not to have the intention to leave.

With a sudden exhausted sigh, Gaara spoke, "No. I'm Gaara." Without further a due he opened the note not missing the boy's small smile.

*The Note*

'I am terribly sorry for dumping a strange child at your doorstep unannounced.

He is only there because I am no longer among the living. I've been terribly ill since his birth and I fear that I won't last much longer.

It's not his fault that I am sick; I have always been a sickly child. However, Gabriel will surely blame himself, my sister surely will.

To be honest I doubted he was your son for the longest time. You see, I'm not what you call a 'Saint'. To get to the point, he can will the sand to do anything. In retrospect I should have noticed earlier, as infant dust storms would appear whenever he was upset, and You're the only red head I've ever been 'acquainted' with.

You can imagine my surprise when sand protected my Little Angel from the local bullies. I always asked him about it, but he'd always answer "It does that." with a shrug of his tiny shoulders.

Gaara, dear, I don't remember much of that night save your name and well... actions; so you can understand why I doubted, but look at him. He looks so much like you (at least what I remember). It's only a plus that he's got your ability.

I will not leave my child with my sister. She's crazy and terribly abusive toward him.

Gaara, please, as my last wish, care for him. He's a good boy with a broken heart.


*End Note*

'Shinwa...' The name sounded familiar...

Gaara crouched down. Gabriel was so small that even crouched still didn't bring him eye level with the child. Gently he turned Gabriel's head right and then left, examining his features.

There was no doubt about it. He was his. If he could recall, he was small as a child too. Gabriel's eyes were the same, save for the dark circles from his incurable insomnia. The hair was thicker and a tad darker though.

"How old are you?" Gaara asked releasing the boy's face.


Gaara nodded, that sounded about right. He held up the note, "It said you can control the sand to your will?"

Gabriel nodded enthusiastically, "Hai!" he stopped nodding, "Th-though not much. Juss small things."

His son's (yes he acknowledged it) smile faded as Gaara stood. Stepping aside, he gestured for Gabriel to come inside.

With a happy inhale and a big smile he bounded in.

Gaara caught sight of Temari, mouth wide upon, posture threatening to drop the basket of food she was carrying.

Gaara wasn't sure what to do, so he ignored her and entered their house.


Gaara didn't know what to do with a child. He had no experience in raising a child, other than being a child himself and briefly teaching at Konoha; and it wasn't like his own childhood was a good example to follow.

They stood there for a few minutes, awkwardly.

Gaara inspected hi new 'son'. "Where are your things?"

Gabriel shrugged, stopping his visual snooping. "Auntie wouldn't let me take nothing." Gaara's eyebrows pulled together.

'What kind of aunt would do that?'

Granted his own uncle tried to kill him, but at least he made an effort.

"But that's okay. Auntie is-" he trailed off "Besides I have you teh take care of me know." he hugged himself and gazed up at Gaara with the cutest of smiles.

His smile made Gaara's lips twitch in a good way.

Right then, at that very moment, Gaara vowed on his very existence that his one-night-stand's angel wouldn't ever feel alone.

"Come on." Gaara said turning away and entering an un-lit hallway. Gabriel hesitated briefly before following his mysterious father.

It wasn't long before Gabriel bumped into his father, who only glanced down. His silence was weird, even for him, but it was welcoming. After all this was sooo~ awkward.

"I don't use this room. It's yours. I'll have Temari get some things for it. She'll help you settle in." with that, Gaara turned around to disappear through the dark hallway.

Gabriel, to say, wasn't disappointed. He'd heard rumors of his father being a cold, heartless monster; a ruthless killer who had no capacity for love. Of course the child didn't believe the rumors... well not all of them anyway. Gaara is a Shinobi and the Kazekage; plus Gabriel grew up slightly alone, so he understood that both their social skills could use a little work.

He took a deep breath to calm his shattered nerves. He'd gone through way too many traumatic experiences in the last week for his age. First his mother's sudden death, Auntie's abuse had gotten worse, the empty funeral that only a few showed up for, and literally being kicked out of his own house. He still had the bruises...

At least Gaara had in mind for someone to take care of him. Which had brought back the thought of this 'Temari'?

"Wait!" he called out to Gaara who was still making his way out. He turned slightly at the voice, "W-who's Temari?" Gabriel asked timidly.

"My sister." he answered dryly; then upon seeing Gabe's panicked face he added, "Don't worry, she may seem tough but she loves children and she's really nice." without another word he opened the door to the sandy outdoors and left.

Gabriel stayed in the hallway thinking about Gaara's sister. His mother's sister had ruined the name 'Auntie' for him, so the idea of a new aunt was a little scary.

Pushing his anxiety away, he fumbled around till he found the light switch. The room was a little dusty and empty, not too big and not too small. In one corner sat a squat trunk, the other end having a rolled up mat for sleeping. Of course Gabriel was never one to complain, after all, it wasn't like Gaara was expecting him.

With his inherited sand ability, he pushed all the dust and sand out of the rather large window. He wished he could do more. He'd heard stories of his father turning lush green forests into barren waste land in just one move. Make sand so hard it can stop high velocity attacks. All he could do is move the sand around and maybe if he concentrated Gabriel could turn the sand to rock. It disappointed Gabriel that he couldn't do more than that, and even if he did, it was the sand that did it, not him.

But Gabriel inherited his mother's silent acceptance and optimistic attitude. He was sure that with practice he would get better, maybe even better than Gaara; though he seriously doubted that. Most of Gaara's powers came from his Bijuu, though he'd heard that he's no longer a Jinchuuriki.

With the room cleaned and his things unpacked, well what he was able to sneak with him, (which was only a toy or two) Gabriel didn't know what else to do. So he just did what he did best: stay quiet and out of the way.

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5) Shinwa (Gabriel's mom) had a genetic disease (I don't know if I will be able to fit this in here or not) so that's how she died, her name means 'myth' or 'legend' in Japanese BTW. Oh and the whole 'I'm not a Saint' thing, Gabriel's mom...slept around, (she was by no means a whore, she did it because it helped with her chronic pain she would often feel) but she's not a prostitute.

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