Summary: Crossover. Clint is given a deal to have a person he loved but had never had the chance to confess to back, by going back in time. Clint accepts and in return he adopts a magical child. A Hawkeye adopts Harry fic. Future Clint Barton/Phil Coulson

Spoilers:HP (7 books), Iron Man (movies), Captain America The First Avenger (movie), Thor (movie I), The Avengers (movie). If you don't know the books or movies, go read and watch them!

Beta: MyDearGoddessofthemoonandsun

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Pairings in this chapter: one sided ClintB/PhilC

Warnings in this chapter: AU fanfiction, Crossover, Mention of Character Death

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"Talking in another language than English"




Time change/Date of time


4 May, 2012

Clint Barton looked at the other male he was watching over. Loki, a demi god, had handcuffs on his hands to keep him from doing magic and was sitting on the bed looking at Clint amused. Clint sneered wanting so much to just grab his arrows and shoot the damn guy for killing Phil Coulson. Clint huffed and looked away from the dark haired murderer. It was horrible to think that it was partly his fault that Coulson had died. The man he had allowed himself to have a thing for… dead.

"Agent Barton…" Clint glared at the trickster. "What if I told you that I could give you another chance with Coulson, hmm? Would you take it?"

Clint was sure that if looks could kill Loki would be dead right now. How could the man dare to mention Coulson's name after killing him?

"He's dead." He spat at the smirking, smug looking, demi-god, wanting nothing more but to slowly kill him.

A hint of a genuine smile appeared on Loki's face.

"But if you could have him in your arms this time around, would you chance it?"

"What about it?" Clint hissed, trying to sound uninterested but something inside of him tensed at the prospect of being able to tell Coulson what he really felt. What game could Loki be playing at? Giving him such futile hopes like this?

Loki gave him a Cheshire smile in answer.

"If you ever decide to take up my offer for having a chance to fight for Coulson do warn me… and it might better be before the tin man and the doctor finds a way to help gullible, foolish Thor in sending me back to Asgard. After all… I do know a way to bring you two together… or to be more exact; give you a second chance."

Clint frowned. A second chance? Did that mean return back in time? Would he do it? Have more time with Coulson and…

"What's the catch?"

Loki stood and approached Clint, looked at him straight in the eye and offered his arms, showing the handcuffs.

"A child. You get your lover and take in a child. You win both by accepting… you lose both – and I too, since I'll go to prison – if you refuse."

"Let's say I accept. All I have to do is take a kid in and you'll give me a second chance?"

"I vow on my magic that that is all there is to it… and the fact that the child you will be rearing is magical."

Clint frowned. Magic… he didn't exactly trust magic but if that meant…

"What's the kiddo's name?"

"He goes by the name of Harry Potter and he lives with his non-magic family. They know he's magical and mistreat him horribly for that – so technically you'll be doing the boy a favour. He lives in the land that was once known as Albion, though now you Midgardians call it England."

Clint looked down at the handcuffs, then up at Loki whom raised his wrists as if presenting a gift. Clint reluctantly released him, hoping that he wasn't doing something stupid. Loki smirked evilly, put his hand over Clint's heart and everything went black.



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