Razor Wolfblade: the First Adventure

Come…to a tale of true, blue, supersonic speed. This story's main character is a Mobian Wolf cub who is 10 years of age. He is Razor the Wolf, and in this adventure, he will show you just what a Wolf can do!

Intro song: Sonic Adventure 2 Battle: Live and Learn

Mobius, November 11th, 2009 time: 10:34 P.M.

A peaceful night on Mobius. The wolf clans were enjoying the moonlight, playing, jumping, howling, the usual. At least, usual for Mobius' wolves. But there was one wolf who shunned this beautiful night. That wolf, was Razor the Wolf, from the Wolfblade family of the Tooth-claw clan. You see, there were five nightwolf clans on Mobius. The first was the Fang clan, the most well-known and most powerful wolf clan. The second was the Fur clan, who were also well-known, though not as much as Fang. Then, there was the Tail clan, who were wolves with three-to-five tails each. Next, was the Snout clan, who specialized in finding scents. And finally, the least known wolves were the Tooth-claw clan wolves. They were all the fighters. The "soldiers" as one could put it. but in that clan, was three families, Clawslash, Tailwhip, and Wolfblade, the family of our hero, only, his family wasn't nice. At all. All wolves were dark, that was true, but the Wolfblades were terrifying to the other wolves. They were the closest thing to evil wolves could get…but our little friend was, unlike all others, kind, well-mannered, and didn't like to resort to violence.

Tonight, he was leaving.

"I'm no army dog. I won't spend my life fighting others! I can't deal with all of you putting so much pressure on me. I'm going. I'm no longer a Wolfblade. Just, a random Wolf cub with no family." Razor told his family when he was about to leave. This night, he was only four years old, and he was tired of dealing with constant pressure to learn to use Chaos Blast and Chaos Massacre. He left his family, and after his second year of travelling, he met 11 year-old Sonic the Hedgehog, who offered his friendship, but Razor turned down the idea. His response to Sonic was, "I thank you for the offer, but I don't think you want me as a friend."

"Why do you say that?" Sonic asked.

"Because I'm a lone wolf, with no family…not anymore…" Razor replied, muttering the last part. Sonic shrugged and dashed off, probably doing something important. Although, he came back after a minute eating a Chili Dog. "Let me know if you change your mind pal." He said, before running off again.

That was how our heroes met. And to today, four years later, Sonic's offer still stood. At least, Razor hoped it did. He needed it now.

Two years after their first meeting, Razor learned of Dr. Eggman's schemes, and decided to see if he could help, but when he arrived at the next area that was attacked, he saw Sonic defeat Eggman, and watched as Eggman fled saying, "This is the last time you defeat me Sonic! You'll regret this!" before Sonic dashed off, undoubtedly to his home, or something important. Razor left smiling to himself, as he thought about Sonic defeating Eggman so many times. A year later, Razor again found himself where Eggman and Sonic were in a brawl, but this time, it was an accident, as he was just wondering through Green Hill Zone. This time, a two-tailed fox was with him. Tails.

Razor had heard of the two-tailed fox kid before. Miles Prower, that was the name Razor had heard. It was just 2 years prior. A brown wolf and a grey wolf had been chatting about how they'd smashed up a weird machine he'd made. Razor had politely asked them to describe the Fox they'd been such jerks to. They'd described him perfectly. Razor then left them to keep chatting and found the young fox following Sonic. He followed them, and when he saw Tails fix up Sonic's Biplane, he felt he knew that they'd become friends. Razor waited in a tree. He saw, and, thanks to his ears, heard everything that happened when Sonic returned.

Razor smiled as Sonic and Tails began to fly the Tornado, but his smile turned into an angered frown as he saw the two wolves from before approaching the two new friends. Luckily they had already flown out of earshot before the wolves arrived. "Your too slow…" Razor said so quietly that the other wolves didn't hear him. Unfortunately, the heroes came back down a little too quickly. Razor muttered "Chaos Mind!" but it didn't work. 'Shoot! I forgot, I need to make eye contact for that!' Razor thought to himself, before he quickly jumped over to the tree behind them, and slid down it.

"Hey, spiney! You got a mutant problem! Want us to take care of it? we work for no charge…" but Sonic only replied, "Back off! You're the ones with a problem."

"You spikey little-" the wolf bully didn't get to finish as Razor bashed their heads together, effectively knocking them both out. "Ugh…you guys give us wolves a bad name! sheesh…I should leave them all…" he looked up to see Sonic smirking at him. Before Sonic could say anything, Razor simply stated, "not all of us wolves are bad… just my old clan… the nightwolves…" Razor then left, quickly, leaving a confused Sonic, and a slightly intimdated Tails behind.

Back in two years after that.

Razor smiled fondly at the memories. Sonic and Tails both Spin Dashed Eggman's mech, effectively destroying it. the eight-year old wolf was impressed. Afterwards, as Eggman sent in a weird blue robot that looked like Sonic, the Doctor yelled, "You'll regret this! Metal Sonic, activate!" as he flew away in his Egg Mobile.

"Heh, bring it on, Metal! Tails, try to stay out of our way! This is a battle between Sonics!" Sonic exclaimed.

"Okay Sonic." Tails backed away quickly.

Boss: M.E.T.A.L. S.O.N.I.C.
music: Sonic CD: Sonic Boom

"You won't even get the chance to hit me!" Metal commented.

"Oh really? We'll just see about that, Metal head! There's only one real Sonic!" both Sonics entered battle stances, and Razor couldn't help feeling excited. Metal struck first, knocking Sonic into the air, but Sonic curled into a Spin Dash and shot towards Metal, who jumped away, making Sonic hit the ground. "Heh, not too shabby, Metal! You've been upgraded!"

"Yes. I will destroy you with my new power."

"I'd like to see you try. Bring it on, Metal head!"

"Maximum overdrive activated." Metal flew into the air and launched toward Sonic like a drill, glowing and sparking from the overload of power. Sonic jumped before Metal hit him and bounced off him, causing him to lose control and crash into the ground. Sonic smirked and breakdanced for a moment while saying, "C'mon, step it up!" before jumping over Metal's sudden appearance from beneath him. Sonic was suddenly a good distance from Metal, who was already standing on solid ground. "Well then, now we begin the real fight." Sonic commented, and Metal nodded.

Suddenly, both Sonics zoomed around as blurs, impossible to track, before they suddenly hit each other head-on, literally! "You may know everything I'M going to do, but that won't help you, because I know everything YOU'RE going to do! STRANGE, Isn't it?!" Sonic said, before they jumped apart, and Spin Dashed each other. They bounced back, again and again, before Sonic jumped over Metal, and shot towards his back with what seemed to be a Spin Dash, but as Metal got up and flew out the way, Sonic followed, and Metal eventually resorted to…running like a coward. Eventually, Metal ran out of jet power, and Sonic finally hit him, effectively damaging him. "Oh, I'm sorry, I guess my new Homing Attack is just too accurate for you. I suppose I forgot to mention it!" Metal got back up, more ticked off then anything else. "Analyzing data….. Skill: Homing Attack….downloading…" Metal said, in a monotone voice. Sonic just stood there, tapping his foot impatiently. Apparently, Metal took a while to update his database. Razor was confused. Why wasn't Sonic attacking? He had the opening… unless he wanted Metal to fight him on even terms. "Downloading….. Error! Data download impossible! Analyzing error…problem found: insufficient data to copy skill. Cannot copy until further analysis can be performed. Re-engaging battle mode. I will defeat you another way." Metal finally said after a while. "Heh, figures! Maybe you should have ol' Egghead give you a faster processing unit." Sonic then revved up his Spin Dash, and Metal did the same. They shot into each other at speeds that broke the sound barrier, clashing again and again, until Metal made an analysis error, causing him to use the Maximum Overdrive attack again, but because he couldn't use his jet, it failed, and Sonic unleashed spinning destruction upon him. Sonic circled Metal at high speeds, then jumped on Metal, still spinning, causing Metal's face to crack, before he knocked Metal over by rolling into his legs, knocking them off, before he jumped again, and drilled into Metal's back. Sonic jumped off and landed on his feet, waiting for a second, before Metal made a beeping sound and shut off. "Heh, we should do this again sometime Metal!" Sonic said, giving the now-dead robot a thumbs-up.

Razor was surprised by this, but left it alone anyway. Apparently, Sonic just couldn't lose to himself! "Well, I know who to call if I ever need help now." Razor said to himself. He left Green Hill Zone, but not before saying, "I hope I get to be like that….someday…"

And thus, Razor began his adventure, running through the Zones like Sonic and Tails, training himself on how to Spin Dash, which was easier than expected. The Homing Attack, however, was more difficult. He had to learn how to "track" his opponents. He eventually mastered it though, and after a while, he learned how combine his old moves with his new, and began to follow Sonic. When Sonic and Co. were sent to earth, he managed to avoid Chaos Control, eventually, they all came back, and with a new friend. Razor helped out with the Metarex, though he stayed discreet. Now, their new friend is back on Earth, and Razor will join them!

Mobius, November 11th, 2013 time: 10:08

"I hope I get to join them all soon… ol' Eggman's up to no good again…I can tell…there is a disturbance in the Chaos Energy." Razor quietly said to himself, before looking up at the moon. Tonight it was a full moon. Razor didn't like that. And it was quiet. His clan wasn't howling tonight. They were howling especially loud four years ago, when he left, however. "I feel…like I should go to Eggman's base. I might as well wipe out some robots…" Razor then leapt from his tree perch and landed in the brush. He quickly sprinted to Eggman's base.

When Razor arrived, he didn't quite get the welcome he expected. Eggman's robots were busy for some reason, so they didn't notice him. Razor quickly destroyed the nearby robots and rushed into the base. He hacked, slashed, clawed, and kicked, his way into the deep of the base, until he came upon Eggman in his Combat Walker shooting wildly at Sonic, who was holding the Sapphire Chaos emerald as he zipped around using the Light Speed attack, though somehow he couldn't quite hit the Egg Walker. Razor then noticed a strange glow coming from the other 6 Chaos Emeralds, which were in a capsule behind Eggman. Suddenly Sonic stopped his light-speed assault and landed on the ground before saying, "Uh-oh!" as he looked at his hand to see he'd accidentally let it go, and somehow it flew over to the other Chaos Emeralds, and it was now glowing too. "Oh no! the Chaos Emeralds!...well this feels familiar. SONIC!"

"hey! Don't look at me Egghead! You're the one who put the other Emeralds in the glass container so close by!"

"Somehow…I don't like where this is going…." Razor said to himself, though Sonic and Eggman heard and looked at him. Sonic smiled for a second, and said, "Long time no see pal!" but he looked behind him at the Chaos Emeralds and said, "But maybe now isn't the best time to catch up…" as the Chaos Emeralds unleashed Chaos Control.

"Well, this feels familiar!" Sonic and Eggman exclaimed at the same time as the base was engulfed in white light.

Tails' Workshop, Time: 10:30

Tails, Knuckles, Amy, Cream and Cheese were just at Tails' place, lounging, waiting for Sonic, when they were suddenly engulfed in Chaos Control.

Green Hill Zone, Time: 10:34

Shadow was zooming through Green Hill for no reason as had nothing to do, before he came to a sudden stop when he noticed Chaos Control about to engulf him, and muttered, "That blasted blue hedgehog…" before being consumed by the light.

To Be Continued….

Next Time!
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