"Long time no see bro/sister!"
"Hmph. Show off."
"You're one to talk."
"Ha! Take THAT Rouge!"
"I am Shadow Android, the first born of many."

And now, part 5!

Razor Wolfblade: The First Adventure
Intro Song: Gotta Go Fast!
Notes: sorry for the wait. Sadly, this chapter isn't going to be as long as the other ones, but, however, it will be a decent length. I'm hoping 2,500 words at least. Also, pay close attention to the first section, it's pretty important. For the record, nothing used in this chapter belongs to me. Except my two OC's. All copyrights to the respective musicians. And with that said, enjoy the chapter!

Emerald Plains

A flash, a blue blur, and hardly a few miliseconds later a yellow blur. The blue hedgehog was pacing himself, keeping in mind the younger fox following him. Eventually they reached a large chemical plant. "Sonic! I can't keep up!" the little yellow one complained as he arrived next to the Hedgehog. "…Tails, are you sure you wanna be my fighting buddy? You know as well as I do how evil Eggman can be. He could…." The blue one trailed off. The fox replied quickly. "Sonic, I thought I said this before we left. I'll always stand by you! Even if the Badniks corner me, I'll blast through 'em to help you! And if I can't force my way through, I just cut off the power supply!" the hedgehog smiled, rather than his classic smirk. "Alright. Let's do this!"

A little while later….

"Sonic, Wait up! Agh!" the fox was barely keeping up while dodging the death traps of Chemical Plant Zone. Suddenly, he heard singing.

Verse 1
"I never thought, I'd come back to this place
I'm trapped up in this maze in a place full of chemicals

It's from that past, but how long will it last
as I'm riding through the tunnels of a place full of chemicals

But no matter where I'm sliding
I will never let the Eggman take me down

And no matter where he's hiding
I know I'm gonna find 'em as I'm running around and around in this place

That's full of chemicals!
It's like a race to survive climbing high
In this place full of chemicals
And I will not slow way!

No matter what lies in the maze.

Verse 2
I'm glad to know, I'll never be alone
as I'm moving through the zones in this places full of chemicals!"

Tails stopped. Never be alone? What was he…

"I got my buddy tails, and he'll never let me down
Even though he's getting owned in this place full of chemicals!"

Tails jumped over some badniks trying to chop his tails off, rolling under some spikes, and taking flight to find Sonic.

"But no matter where I'm sliding
I will never let the Eggman take me down

And no matter where he's hiding
I know I'm gonna find 'em as I'm running around and around in this place

That's full of chemicals!"

Tails glided above the ground propelling forward with his tails through a loop. He saw the blue blur jumping quickly up some moving platforms. Tails took flight quickly to catch up.

"It's like a race to survive climbing high
In this place full of chemicals
I know with Tails by my side just don't die
In this place full of chemicals
I'll never stop always moving so I go, go, go
In this place of chemicals
And I will not slow way!"

Tails arrived on-scene just in time to watch Sonic massacre Eggman's robot with multiple Spin Attacks. Eggman's Egg Mobile flew off quickly as the mech exploded. Sonic ran past the goal post with Eggman on it and it spun around, like usual. But wasn't usual was that Sonic had slapped both himself, and Tails on there, hold up two fingers in the peace sign. Tails couldn't help but feel that the sign was more than peace and victory, but he went after Sonic again without much extra thought.

Tails exited the Chemical Plant to witness Sonic barrel through at least ten badniks, each varying in strength. The blue hog stopped short just before the Chaos Emerald in front of him. "Tails…Thanks for being my buddy." He sayed, quietly. "Sonic…" Tails approached, slightly sadly. Sonic turned around slowly, revealing his classic smirk. "Heh. Don't worry. I'll never leave ya, so long as you don't give up on yourself. That's why I gave ya that song. I want you to know that you make me stronger too. Even if I have to worry about you gettin' fried, at least I know you can do your part." He explained. Tails' ears perked up a little. "Really?" he asked. Sonic smirked even more. "Heh, Tails, c'mon, you're a genius, didn't you notice? The Goal Posts, the Capsules, I always waited until you were right there. Even if ya can't keep up with my top speed, you still got the skills you need with those slow movin' platforms. Even if you can't break the sound barrier, you CAN break Eggman's barriers. And mine." He said. "What do you mean by that, Sonic?" Tails asked. If was even possible, Sonic's smirk became bigger than it ever had before. "It means, that without you, I wouldn't be wearing this cocky grin. I wouldn't be known for my arrogant smirk and lively moves. Heck, I wouldn't even be able to do one of my trademark maneuvers without you!"

Tails sub-consciously waved his twin tails up and down simultaneously at Sonic's compliments. Sonic let his grin return to a smaller smirk. "Sonic…" Tails started. "Tails, I'm gonna need you a lot in the next Zone. Casino Night Zone isn't the best place for most kids our ages, but there's no way I can get through Casino Night without an old and close friend helping me fly up past those bumpers and pinball flippers. Think you're up for leading, champ?" Sonic asked. "It'll be up to you when to fly and when to run. You'll also have to control your speed. I'll be mimicking your every movement through there. Are you ready?" he continued. Tails nodded shyly. Sonic let out a "heheh" as he turned around, and jumped up, grabbing the Chaos Emerald above him. "Emerald 2 retrieved! We'll make sure Eggman never completes his Death Egg!" He shouted, posing dramatically. Tails joined him, giving and epic peace sign, adding in a "Yeah!"

Tails' Workshop, 10:00 AM

Tails came to consciousness, slowly opening his eyes, and blink them to clear the image above him. "Hey Tails…" he hear. Sonic. Once he could see properly, looked around the room slowly. A drawer, his workbench, his toolbox, his crafting table, Sonic and his healing mech, the Cyclone surprisingly undamaged- wait, Sonic and his healing mech?! Before he could spring up and fall down again, Sonic was already there holding him down. "Now, now, Tails. Can't have you hurting yourself more." He said. Suddenly, he smirked. "Heh. Took me a good few hours trying to figure out the healing mech. Luckily Emel and Shadow have some freaky knowledge of techno-stuff. With Emel's help, and surprisingly Shadow's as well, I managed to get it to work. It's only been a whole day and you already look in better shape than before. Now I can actually see that white tipped tail of yours." Tails almost jumped at the sound of that. "W-what…about my second tail…agh.." Sonic had to keep himself from laughing. "Don't worry, it's still attached. And I'm pretty sure you can still fly with it. why would you worry about something like that, anyway?" Sonic asked. Tails visibly relaxed. "Just…a dream…that made me happy to be unique." He stated, slowly breathing. He clearly would have panicked if Sonic hadn't replied the way he did.

Tails suddenly became aware of everything around him. His mechs, his tools, his best and closest friend, and most of all, the feeling he had in his heart. And then he felt something restoring him to a painless condition. "Hey Sonic?" "Yes Tails?" "The Next time you try to figure one of my machines, read my manuals on them." Sonic and Tails both chuckled a little at that. "As long as they aren't complicated." Sonic commented. "Hahaha! Nah, I know from experience not to make things to complicated." "Don't remind me Tails…"

Mobius, some years ago

"Sonic, be careful! You have to align the fusion compacitor just right."
"Sonic, everyone knows better than to connect Positive and Negative! The just don't mix!"
"Sonic, not every red wire is the power to a machine! It might overload and explode!"

"How do you know this stuff?!"
"But that's the way it works in movies and shows! Why not real life too..."

Back to today,

Tails was chuckling, while Sonic was nervously laughing. Tails sat slowly, removing the healing mech's chest attachment and letting it retract to the main mech. "Heh. Looks like the prototype works great. Now all I have to do is check the system for bugs." Tails remarked, getting up from the bed renewed.

Above Station Square, 1:30 PM

"Alright Tails, this is the landing zone. Put 'er on Autopilot for home, and let's have some fun!" Sonic exclaimed over the wind looking around the ground below. He and Tails had decided to take the Tornado 3 out for a flight, and Sonic got the idea for a unique form of skateboarding. Except without skateboards. "Alright, Sonic. The Tornado will head right back to the workshop." Tails replied. Somehow Sonic got him to agree. Tails took off his seat belt and grabbed the yellow board next to Sonic, who was holding a blue one. Sonic and Tails attached the boards- Did I mention they were Snow Boards? Yeah, Modern Sonic doesn't know the different between snowy/sandy terrain and concrete roads…. Erm, back to the story, sorry- to their feet, and hopped off the Tornado, upside-down.

"Yeah!" Sonic shouted, spinning like a top, Tails echoing soon after. About twenty feet from the ground, they flipped right-side up, landing perfectly on a down slanted street. "Woo!" Sonic exclaimed before landing on the ground. Sonic and Tails slid down the slope on their boards, gaining speed. "Oh Yeah!" Sonic, with a hint of tone and pitch. As they sped down, turning at an even part the street to another slope. "Rollin' around at the speed of sound, got places to go, gotta follow my rainbow!" Sonic suddenly broke out in song, somehow keeping perfect pitch, and tone, despite the way he was moving. "Can't stick around, have to keep moving on. Guess what lies ahead, only one way to find out!" He continued. Tails was confused at first, but then he remembered his dream, or rather, his flashback. "Must keep on moving ahead, no time for guessing follow my plan instead! Trust-ing in what you can't see, take my lead, I'll set you free!" He remember when Sonic first sung to him during a serious time; Chemical Plant Zone. He then remember what Sonic said before Casino Night Zone; You take the lead.

"Follow me! Set me Free! Trust me and we will Escape from the City! I'll make it through! Follow, Follow me! Set me Free! Trust me and will Escape from the City! I'll make it through, prove it to you! Follow me!" Tails thought to Sky Sanctuary Zone; I'm no genius, but something tells me that knuckleheaded echidna's the victim of one of Egghead's tricks. "Oh Yeah!" more Sky Sanctuary; we'll rescue him and ALL our friends. One more from Sky sanctuary; Yeah, I consider him a friend. It seems like he'sjust doing he thinks is right. We shouldn't blame him. Besides, we've survived worse, right Tails?

"Danger is lurking around every turn, Trust your feelings, got to live and learn! I know with some luck that I'll make it through, got no other options, only one thing to do!" Tails' mind was brought to a more recent adventure; You've turned into a big-time villain, doctor! That one instance when Sonic asked him to do something for him, and when he thought he would die…I'm counting on you Tails! Take care of yourself… "I don't care what lies ahead! No time for guessing follow my plan instead! Find that next stage no matter what that may be, Take my Lead, I'll set you free! Follow Me, set me free! Trust me and we will escape from the city! I'll make it through! Follow, follow me! Set me Free! Trust me and we will escape from the City! I'll make it through, prove it to you, Follow me!" the adventure before that; Tails, take Amy and get out here! I'll find that Eggman and put him outta commission! "Oh Yeah!"

They finally reached the end of the street. Sonic and Tails dismounted their boards, gathering them up, before heading back to the mystic ruins "base".

Somewhere else 3:06 PM

A shadowy figure watching from afar. It detected and watched Sonic and Tails' fun. It clenched its fist. Its purpose was to destroy all enemies. It intended to do so… but it was going for a more strategic approach. It would wait as it planned its movements carefully. This creature would only attack at the right moment.

Mystic Ruins, 3:11 PM

"Sonic…" Tails quietly said. Sonic turned around with a grin. "Somethin' on your mind Tails?" the blue hedgehog asked. Tails quietly asked, "Was…that song…for me?" Sonic respond by walking back to Tails, and putting a hand on his shoulder. "Tails, I've noticed how down you've been lately. Like it or not I know you inside and out. You were haphazardus against Eggman on both times you faced him, and I know you're not being cocky; you're too well-mannered for that. Tails, are you still upset about you-know-what? She's still there Tails, she just not in the same form. Be happy about it. besides…" Sonic suddenly got a mischievous grin "You know a certain other girl you may or may not like." Sonic laughed as Tails blushed. He was just lucky no one else was around. The rest of the was made back with Tails looking like the most embarrassed 8 year old ever, and Sonic having uncontrollable laughing fits.

Just entering an open field on the way to the workshop, Sonic and Tails spotted Razor doing what looked like karate on imaginary enemies. After a few minutes, Razor suddenly drew his Beam Blade, doing sword slashes on the imaginary enemies. That's when Tails noticed something odd: Razor was blindfolded, and at almost every one of his attacks, a green or white trail appeared behind the attack, depending on if he slashed, or punched/kicked respectively. After another while of striking matter itself, Razor put away his Blade and removed the blindfold, revealing another peculiar thing: his eyes were harder than normal, fierce even, and his eyes glowed green slightly, but a few seconds later, his gaze softened considerably, and his eyes stopped glowing, returning to a blue color. "So have long have you two been standing over there watching me train?" Razor asked, turning to look at Sonic and Tails, and suddenly being right in front of them.

"Nevermind. How was your flight?" he changed his inquiry quickly. He basically knew they had seen most of it. Razor allowed them some time before they answered, but they described it to him. Sonic, Tails, and Razor all decided to go ahead and tell the Tournament to continue.

Very, very, very, VERY deep in the woods far from the Mystic Ruin or Station Square 3:47 PM

A Chaos Control rift that resembled a black hole opened suddenly. And the critters in the immediate area halted what they were doing and ran away. From the portal emerged a grey wolf, with muzzle, chest/stomach, and tail tip fur crimson red. He landed on the ground, stood up, and opened his eyes, revealing demonic, red irises, and an eternal glare that could make the Ultimate Life form shatter underneath it. He didn't even chuckle. He was stone cold, the only emotion his eternal glare. "So this is where he ran away to. Welcome to your death, O great obstacle." He said to himself. "You had better enjoy your little vacation. Soon I'll come for you. And end you…."

To Be Continued….
next Time: Tournament finale, Razor's foreboding feelings…
Notes: I'm sorry this took a while to come out, life stuff interfered and winter break was spent with my family. But anyway, all Songs used here are NOT mine, there is no Songfic on me, ok? The lyrics to Chemical Plant zone are copied and pasted directly from the description of the video the song was featured in. and with that out of the way, See You Next Chapter!