Okay guys I'm back to writing! This is just an extremely short fluffy one-shot to keep you going while I write. I'm going to finish my stories before I start posting so I can, for an absolute fact, give you the stories. Thank you all so much to those of you who stayed with me!

"I miss you," I sighed.

"I miss you too," came Derek's deep rumbled through the phone. "This is ridiculous, screw tradition I'm coming over."

"Okay!" I replied excitedly. This has been difficult for the both of us. It was the night of our wedding and trying to keep with 'tradition' I was sleeping at my parents house while Derek was at his dad's house across the street.

Derek's voice brought me back from my inner commentary, "I'll see you in a minute."

I hung the phone up and excitedly ran to my window and threw it open. I saw a shadow run through the trees, Derek came into view a second later. My heart beat faster at seeing him.

"Step back!" he whisper-yelled. I quickly took two big steps back from the window. The next second Derek was standing in front of me, in nothing but sweats, pulling me into a gentle hug.

"There are some amazing advantages to have a werewolf as a fiancée." I mumbled into his chest. His deep chuckle rumbled through his chest and he pulled me tighter to him.

"God I missed you." Derek whispered on my neck, sending shivers through my body. He pulled me over to the bed and laid down with me on top of him. He pulled the covers over us and I drifted of into a peaceful sleep, knowing that when I wake up it would be the first day of our forever.


The next day went by in a blur of motions. People stopped by my dressing room, congratulating me. I'm not sure if I replied at all or not. Finally it was time. I went to the alter with Simon as my best man. It felt like hours before the first bridesmaid started walking, I couldn't even remember her name. Then I saw her.

I swear time stood still there was no one else but her. I didn't notice her dad, or anybody in the audience, all I saw was her. I wish she would walk faster, I didn't want anything more than to pick her up and take her upstairs and worship her for the rest of our lives.

The rest was in fast forward, the vows and the I do's. I didn't notice anything but her face. The rest of the world didn't exist. Only her and I. Do the rest of our lives.