AN: It is a sad fact of life that my story- previously places as this chapter but now its own story- about killing off all the flamers of the world has been the recent target of flamers.

It is too laugh, right? I mean, how idiotic must one be to prove their stupidity in such a way?

Anyway, I gained Nny's help in writing up some Haiku to replace the chapter the yapping little dogs were insisting that I take down because "you're not supposed to double up on chapters" or however their annoying little voices put it.

So here all you wonderful non-flamers go, please enjoy.

And as for you flamers sitting there and getting all offended, just go suck an egg. Flaming a story about yourselves just proves you don't have a real life, you know. Oh! And go check out my new story 'Die Flamer Die', I've written it with only you asshats in mind.

Disclaimer: I've said it before and I'll say it again: I don't own anything related to JTHM. But if you listen to the flamers during their little babble sessions it sounds as if they believe that they own everything in the free world and can therefore dictate everyone else's actions.

Johnny the Homicidal Maniac presents:

Haiku for Flamers

Flamers are shit filled

They should all die horribly

Stab them with my knife


Kill all the Flammers

They do not deserve to live

No-one will mourn them


Flamers worst thing ever

Even worse than cheerleaders

Tase them all, bury alive


To write is to love

Flamers ruin everyone's love

Love to kill flamers