Who's the real monster?

Summary - Harry is captured by Voldemort, and after months of being under his tender love and care, Harry is placed under a ritual. All because Harry wouldn't give Voldemort what he wanted from. It was a ritual which turns him into the dark creature known to the wizarding world; only as the dragon demon. What happens when those Harry refused to betray turn the back on him? What happens when the demonic powers he doesn't know about activate and warp him to a whole new world? Will the now betrayed, near broken, Harry, with powers he has no idea about let alone know how to control, find a place for himself? Or has his last straw finally broken? Harry potter crossover with Inuyasha

Disclaimer- I do not own Harry Potter or Inuyasha nor do I make any profit off of either one of them.

A.N- I have changed this from a One Piece to an Inuyasha crossover as I haven't seen One Piece in a long time and think that I can make this a better crossover with Inuyasha. I may add another story altogether with it being a one Piece crossover later on in the future, using the same first three chapters of this story if you do want a one piece crossover.

Chapter one

Harry breathed through his broken nose; easily ignoring the small amount of pain said action had caused him as he did this. After all, Harry was long since gotten used to minor pain like that. Hell, he had gotten used to minor pain like that since he was a small child living in the so called loving caring hands of his dear 'family.'

However, even as he ignored this pain he should be feeling, Harry found it much harder, if not all but impossible. To not pay attention to the smell that said previous action had caused him to breathe in. Or rather really nearly choke over to be truthful.

Then again, most people found it hard to ignore the very strong smell of blood, both fresh and old. Along with the added odors of stale sweet and other bodily fluids, twisted in some sick mixture with the unforgettable smell of rotting flesh.

Harry knew without a doubt in his mind that if pain or misery ever had a smell it would smell very similar to what he had just gotten a good whiff of; Harry would bet his life savings on that. As that was just the very feel the smell in question echoed every time Harry dared breath it in.

Harry trying to get his mind off the air around him, as well as just what had happened to make it to smell like that in the first place, shifted slightly. Only to immediately wince and begin to desperately wish that he hadn't moved in the first place; despite the fact it did distract him from his previous thoughts.

Harry regretted his actions, not only because said action caused the chains he was in to tighten in an even more uncomfortable hold then they already were, which Harry hadn't honestly thought was even possible.

But also, because said movement, no matter how small it was, jarred many of the numerous injuries he had; reopening the majority of them as it did so. Something Harry seriously wasn't happy about; then again who would be happy about that?

Gritting his teeth Harry tried to calm down his now extremely tense body, tried to get his body to ease up even the smallest amount. So, the pain he was currently feeling wouldn't be so bad or at least could make it so he could trick his body into believing that at the least. Which again was something he had learned from previous experiences.

Sadly, this didn't quite work out as Harry wished. As he found himself unable to get his body to calm down and untense in the slightest. No matter how hard he tried to make it otherwise.

If anything, his body tensed up even more than it already was, and continued to get even tense with each second that passed. Especially after Harry began to hear soft, yet echoingly loud, footsteps coming in his directions; achingly familiar footsteps at that.

Hearing these footsteps, despite how hard he fought against it and tried to deny it, Harry found himself become more edgy then he had ever been before. However, at the same time, Harry attempted to pretend that he wasn't affected in the least bit. He did his best to pretend that at the moment his body wasn't as tight as a rubber band that was going to snap at any second; despite the fact that it was.

Doing his best to act as if he really didn't care about the fact he knew just who was coming towards him, and what was waiting for him when he got there, Harry watched to iron door in front of him began to open. An Iron door that, along with the chains he was in, blocked the way toward his freedom.

As he did this, and in an attempt to stop himself from anticipating what was about to come, Harry withdrew into his mind and began to think of how he had gotten into this hellish situation to begin with. It really wasn't a much more pleasant memory.


Harry was completely and utterly miserable. His fifth year had ended only a little over a month ago and with it came the death of his Godfather. One of the very few people Harry had been willing to call family and had been called family by him in return.

Currently it was only a day before his sixteenth birthday and Harry could honestly say that, at the moment, he never felt more alone then he currently did. Not even the long seemingly endless nights he had spent in his cupboard, when he was younger, came close to what he was currently feeling right then and there.

Perhaps that was because, unlike younger Harry, Harry knew what companionship felt like. That unlike when he had been as a child, without anyone he let he cold relay on, Harry knew now what he was missing out on.

Because that was just how Harry was feeling as he was completely cut off from said companionship on top of the loss of his Godfather. In all honesty it burned and cut Harry more deeply than he had thought it ever would have. It left him feeling as if there was a gaping hole right in the middle of his chest and Harry truly hated that feeling.

Harry knew that continuing to think about the empty feeling, no matter how numb he was starting to be come to the world around him because of it, wouldn't do him any good. But at the same time, he had no idea as to what to actual do to keep his mind off said emotions in the first place. As everything seemed to circle back to it no matter how much he tried otherwise.

So instead, and in an attempt to ignore everything else, Harry swung his legs around until he was facing his owl Hedwig; who looked to be quite worried about him.

Seeing this Harry had to smile a little bit before deciding to talk to her about everything that was going on, as well as what he was currently feeling. So, he could try and get it off his chest. Besides talking to Hedwig, for some reason, had always made Harry feel better before; perhaps that could be true in this case as well.

"Hey girl, do you feel like you're going through some form of hell right now too?" This earned Harry an almost sympathetic sounding hoot from his owl. Who was, and had been since the beginning of the summer, firmly caged in the slightly cramped cage he had first gotten her in. Something that she had long since outgrown.

Hearing this hoot and remembering just how long Hedwig had been in that cage, as well as seeing how thin his owl had gotten during that time frame. Harry couldn't hold back his wince, before he started speaking to his familiar once more; this time as he gently reached through the cage to stroke her feathers.

"Sorry girl, I shouldn't have asked that, you're suffering more than I am at the moment, aren't you? I mean, at least I get to move around and stretch my legs a bit; even if doing that does tend to seriously piss of my uncle. It's just that…"

Here Harry trailed off as the tears he had been fighting against for the longest time began to fall from his eyes. Only to continue what he was going to say when Hedwig lightly nipped at his fingers; as if urging him on.

"It's just that with S-Si-Sirius d-dead and-and how everyone else seeming to be doing everything in their power to avoid me; even Ron and Hermione…and this was before the summer vacation even started….it's just, it just really hurts and makes me feel that, that I don't even matter to them. That I never really did. That maybe they blame me for his death, and maybe they should…I mean it was my fa-OWW! What was that for Hedwig!?"

Harry was interrupted from what he was saying as Hedwig, not liking what he was saying. bit down hard on his finger; before giving him a reproaching hoot.

Harry getting what Hedwig was getting at and blushing slightly as he avoided her glaring golden eyes. Started petting her again before correcting what he was saying; even if he couldn't quite bring himself to believe what he was currently saying.

"Okay maybe it wasn't completely my fault. But still I should have though a bit more ahead then I did. I could have tried harder to get in contact with someone…but at the same time, that doesn't give my friends the right to ignore me the way they have been! They could at least give me a reason why their doing so…. right, girl?"

Here Harry looked beseechingly at his owl and got a soothing head-butt to the fingers in her cage. Feeling this, Harry gave Hedwig a gentle smile. One that got a great deal bitterer as he started talking again. This time on a completely different subject then what he had been previously talking about.

"You know Hedwig, if I had any way of getting you out of that cage I would have you out in a heartbeat; even if I had to use my wand to do so. You deserve to be free…But I can't, my uncle took that from me, as well as everything but you, the very second, I walked through that door. I guess we're both trapped here in this hellhole the headmaster dares call's my home. Ha, as if this place would ever be a home to me. It more like a prison cell than anything else, complete with my own sadistic guards; always has been."

Harry paused in what he was saying and took a sad look at Hedwig, taking in everything about her, before starting again; sounding almost lost and broken as he did so.

"Hedwig, why do I get the feeling something horrible is going to happen soon? That this will be one of, if not the last times I will be able to see you? Why do I get the feeling that my world is about to be completely pulled from underneath my feet and there nothing I can do about it?"

However, Hedwig was going to react, to Harry's statement, would never be known as Harry's door was suddenly roughly, and loudly, thrown open. Before Harry's uncle came storming in an ugly, and to Harry absolutely bone chilling, smile clear on his face as he did so.

Harry seeing this smile felt a shudder work its way down his spine and began to wonder just what the hell his uncle had in store for him to put him in such a good mood; absolutely nothing good that is for sure.

As if knowing what Harry was thinking Vernon sauntered, making it look more like a waddle than anything else, towards the steadily paling Harry; all the while telling the frightened teen what he had in plan for him.

"Well Boy, I have told you multiple times that I never wanted you in my house; no doubt about that. So, I have found someone who could take care of my problem for me…and by problem, I mean you freak. Speaking of which, the person helping be get rid of you is a freak just like you. But at the moment he at least is being a useful freak; so I can ignore that… for now. Some guy name Lucius or something freaky like that. Even offered me a good deal of money for compensation for ever having to deal with a freak like you in the first place. So, I could I refuse that?"

Here Vernon took in Harry's even paler face and wide eyes before giving the boy in front of him an even bigger smile before lunging at Hedwig's cage; managing to grab in before Harry because of Harry's shocked state.

"Now freak just to make sure that you can't ruin this deal for me…"

Here Vernon, after harshly punching a despite Harry, who was trying to save his beloved owl, across the head, pulled out a gun. Before pointing it at a wildly hooting, and trying to escape, Hedwig. Then after looking into Harry's desperately pleading green eyes gleefully opened fire at her. Shooting her at least five times and then threw he bleed, destroy, body at an openly sobbing Harry.

"Now the freak will be here to pick you up in a half an hour is ready to leave then…. Oh, and Happy birthday freak."


Harry shook his head and grimaced, remembering being sold off by his uncle wasn't the best idea to calm himself down. Nor did it seem to really help him any in pretending that he didn't care.

As now Harry could feel a single teardrop going slowly down his face in memory of the death of his beloved owl. No doubt that would really amuse his abductors; even if they didn't know the reason why he was crying in the first place.

Speaking of abductors Harry could hear the footsteps he had been hearing earlier stop right in front of his door. It seemed his tormenter had at long last arrived. After making the most of his approach knowing that Harry could hear him coming and wanting to torment him a bit with the that knowledge.

Hearing this, as well as knowing the last bit of information, caused Harry to inwardly curse, as he did his best to keep a completely neutral look on his face. Actually, managing to do a decent job of it as the thick concrete dungeon door opened. Letting in one of the last men, if you could call actually call him a man, Harry wanted to ever see, and one of Harry's main tormenters; Voldemort.

Seeing his snake like face Harry nearly lost the unexpressive look he had been trying so hard to keep. As he tried his best not to snarl murderously at the murder in front of him. As he tried to keep the bloodlust and sheer murderous intent, he had for the so-called lord in question show.

Sadly, much to Harry disgruntlement, some of the rage he had been feeling had managed to slip through his mask and worst, yet it seemed to seriously amuse Voldemort to see it more than anything else. That is, if what the snake like bastard said next, and the tone he said it in, meant anything.

"Ahh Potter, I see you still have some fight left it you. That's good. Broken people are nowhere near as fun to play with, then people who still have that spark and foolishly believe they still have a chance. Is that what you believe Potter? That you still have a chance? That your…. friends will come and somehow rescue you from the big bad dark lord?"

As he spoke, all most spitting out the word friends and clearly mocking Harry at the end, Voldemort calmly strolled over to where Harry was tightly chained up and brought his hand up to cup the now wildly struggling teen's face.

Looking at the face in his hold and smiling at both the pure rage and never-ending fight in his nemesis eyes. As he took all of this in, Voldemort continued talking; looking straight into Harry's eyes as he did so.

"Yes, it's good you still have that fight in you Harry. It's good that after everything you have been put through for the last six months." Here Voldemort paused and gave a smirk at Harry, seeing clearly the confusion in the teen's eyes; as Harry despite how hard he had tried had lost he had been there. Something the Dark lord in question took a good deal of joy in as he all but purred out.

"Yes Potter, six months. That's how long you have been here and still not even a hint of a rescue has been seen. Some caring 'friends' you have there, Harry; I am complexly jealous of you on that account…. Really I am. "

Here Voldemort gave Harry an absolutely infuriating smirk and even patted Harry on the cheek in a patronizing fashion as he carried on with what he was saying. Continuously rubbing in everything he could in Harry's face as he did so. Knowing by now that emotional wounds, or mental ones, always got a worse reaction from Harry then the Physical ones he usually dealt out did.

"Now where was I. Ah Yes, it's 'good' that despite the hell that you have been put through by me and my men, you still haven't broken; you refuse to break. It gives me so many new chances…." Here Voldemort gave Harry another bone chilling smile and paused letting dread fill those oh so green eyes of Potter's before continuing.

"I'm sure you're wondering just what type of chances I am talking about. Right Potter?" Again, Voldemort proved that he should never be allowed to smile, gaining a small shutter from Harry as he did so.

"It's simple Potter. Your stubbornness and refusal to give in, no matter what I do to you, is giving me a chance to learn new magics. Magics I never dared test before; at least not till now. Newer, and even more painful, forms of torture, and because of you I get to seeing the cause and effects of certain rituals."

Here Voldemort almost looked ready to start clapping his hands as he finished what he was saying he a sickling delighted tone. One that left Harry both utterly horrified and feeling an even stronger sense of needed to take bath.

"What a wonderful volunteer you are, and I so thank you for it. Because now I can use you for even more research regarding a ritual I want done. Best of all, it has been shown that rituals, like the ones I am planning, always work better when they are done close to, but before, a magical being's inheritance. Which happens to be their seventeenth birthday, luckily your sixteen and we have another six months till that happens…isn't that fortunate, think of all the fun we can have before then."

This said Voldemort dropped Harry's face and pointed his wand at the now pale and wide-eyed Harry. Who had temporarily stopped fighting; to stunned to do anything for second or two.

This didn't last long as Harry began jerking and fighting against the chains he was in harder than ever; adrenaline pumping through him high enough that he didn't even feel both the chains continuing tightening or the pain that had been bothering him earlier.

Sadly, this reaction seemed to be just what Voldemort wanted because he laughed at Harry's futile struggles before sending out a high powered, dark, knock out curse at the teen. Hitting him square in the chest with the spell in question as Harry wasn't able to doge it.

Causing said teen, and his already emaciated and seriously injured body, to go limp in the chains that were holding him. Not to mention literally bounce of the wall that was holding him several times. Again, this reaction caused the dark lord to give an amused, yet sinister, sounding chuckle before levitating the limp body, chains and all, to where he wanted to place him.

Groaning Harry slowing began to wake up from the curse he had been hit with, inwardly cursing the fact he had reacted the way he had to Voldemort's taunts to begin with. Then after cursing himself out for his reaction Harry began to curse himself for also succumb to the effects of said curse. Even if he knew that he honestly didn't have chose in the matter considering how drained and injured he currently was; making it all but impossible to fight said curse in the first place.

That's when he recalled exactly why he had reacted to Voldemort's taunts, or more like promises, and the fact that the dark lord seemed so keen on knocking him out. Harry remembering this and having a good guess why the snake lord wanted him knocked out, shot up from his fallen position.

Or at least he attempted to because Harry quickly found out he couldn't rise much higher than he had been when he had woken up. That is to say Harry could barely even lift his head up off the ground he was forced to lay on, seeing as he was now currently chained down in a kneeling fashion. With his head actually chained to the ground with only an inch at max with of give between Harry's head and the ground.

Feeling more than seeing this, Harry once again tried to pull himself in a as high as possible position. Attempting to see try as see just how much he could see around him even with the limited amount of movement he was able to get.

When Harry did this, he found himself going paler than he ever had been before, if that was actual possible. Mainly because of what Harry was able to see once he did this; even if it did take craning his neck to the most extreme to be able to do this.

What little he managed to see was the fact that instead of chained up in the dungeons like he had been Harry was now chained down in the middle of a large rune circle. Out in the middle of a large cleared out part of what Harry could only guess was a forest of some sort.

A very large rune circle made off what looked to be thousands upon thousands of repeating runes. Runes that Harry had never seen before in his life. And this was despite the fact that Harry had starting learning runes in his fourth year and was currently considered to be beyond Hogwarts's level in runes. Well on to what was considered a rune master at that.

Seeing all the unknown runes, Harry swallowed and to keep his mind off of them. More so then ever when Harry noticed that he actually did recognize a few of the Runes that were being used to tie the unknown runes together. Something he didn't consider al that good because the ones he did notice, and at least partly recognized, didn't look all that friendly.

So instead of looking at them, knowing that if he continued to stare at them he would most likely drive himself into a panic trying to figure out just what they meant, Harry instead looked beyond the large rune circle; doing his best to look outside of it. Even if he could only see perhaps inches past the circle in question and that was only when he pushed his neck to the utmost limit it could be pushed.

Only to go a sickly shade of green, on top of his already way too pale skin, and wish he really had done so, after he saw just what else there was. Because there, just outside the rune circle was six dead, obviously tortured bodies, all of which had been completely drained of their blood; in several rather creative, cruel, ways.

To make it worse each of the bodies where people Harry had known and got along with pretty well; even if he couldn't honestly call the friends. Shaken by this sight Harry turned his head in the opposite direction of it all, now looking straight in front of him instead of at his sides.

Again, Harry found himself regretting this action when he saw what he was now looking at now. It was Voldemort, who had obviously waiting for Harry to turn to face him. Because the second Harry was facing him, and Voldemort knew he had Harry's attention, he drew the dagger through the seventh, and final, sacrifice, for what Harry know knew was going to be an extremely dark ritual, throat. Before beginning to chant, almost sounding like he was speaking in twisted darker version Parsltounge as he did so.

"Verto is ones vultus in ut of alius. Take suus bones quod effrego lemma Take suus viscus quod tear is ex him pro restituo is per alius. Warp suus cruor , vomica is ex per in quod planto is a novus. Verto is unus in quispiam futurus vereor. verto him in altissimus of vereor. Take quod planto suus vultus ut of a everto. Beatus nox noctis , beatus veneficus operor meus bidding quod verto is unus intus orbis in quispiam is nunquam vota futurus. Tutela non pro suus volo quod take cruor vitualamen ut facio unus in orbis a everto , Nullus everto tamen unus futurus vereor A extraho inter snakes. Verto unus in orbis quod planto is ut dolens ut possible. Is EGO mos vos. Is EGO to order vos. Sic mos sic vadum is exsisto. Verto is ones vultus in ut of alius. Take suus bones quod effrego lemma Take suus viscus quod tear is ex him pro restituo is per alius. Warp suus cruor , vomica is ex per in quod planto is a novus. Verto is unus in quispiam futurus vereor. verto him in altissimus of vereor. Take quod planto suus vultus ut of a everto. Beatus nox noctis , beatus veneficus operor meus bidding quod verto is unus intus orbis in quispiam is nunquam vota futurus. Tutela non pro suus volo quod take cruor vitualamen ut facio unus in orbis a everto , Nullus everto tamen unus futurus vereor A extraho inter snakes. Verto unus in orbis quod planto is ut dolens ut possible. Is EGO mos vos. Is EGO to order vos. Sic mos sic vadum is exsisto. Verto is ones vultus in ut of alius. Take suus bones quod effrego lemma Take suus viscus quod tear is ex him pro restituo is per alius. Warp suus cruor , vomica is ex per in quod planto is a novus. Verto is unus in quispiam futurus vereor. verto him in altissimus of vereor. Take quod planto suus vultus ut of a everto. Beatus nox noctis , beatus veneficus operor meus bidding quod verto is unus intus orbis in quispiam is nunquam vota futurus. Tutela non pro suus volo quod take cruor vitualamen ut facio unus in orbis a everto , Nullus everto tamen unus futurus vereor A extraho inter snakes. Verto unus in orbis quod planto is ut dolens ut possible. Is EGO mos vos. Is EGO to order vos. Sic mos sic vadum is exsisto."1

Harry, panic raising and desperately trying to escape, listened as Voldemort said this chant and repeated it three times. Then as the last syllable left Voldemort's snake like lips Harry felt pain unlike anything he had ever felt before.

It was as if someone had torn out his magic turned it into molten lava before they forced it back into him. Leaving only the feeling of said molten lava melting him from the inside out.

And this was on top of the fact that Harry swore he could feel his entire body feel as if it was under a huge amount of pressure as if all the gravity around him and multiplied by hundreds leaving him being utterly crushed under the weight of it all.

Just as the pain he was feeling got too much for his weakened body to stand and he was passing out Harry felt another shiver go down his spine as he heard Voldemort's last words to him as darkness claimed him.

"Now Potter, let's see if those so-called friends of yours are a true as you continue to believe."

1: Transform this one's form into that of another. Take his bones and break them, Take his flesh and tear it from him before replacing it with another. Warp his blood, boil it from within and make it a new. Turn this one into something to be feared. Transform him into the highest of fears. Take and make his form that of a demon. Blessed nigh, blessed magic do my bidding and transform this one within the circle into something he never wished to be. Care not for his wants and take the blood sacrificed to the to make the one in the circle a demon, Not any demon but one to be feared, A dragon among snakes. Transform the one in the circle and make it as painful as possible. This I will you. This I command you. So will so shall it be. (Repeated three times.)