Whose the real monster?

Summary - Harry is captured by Voldemort, and after months of being under his tender love and care, Harry is placed under a ritual. All because Harry wouldn't give Voldemort what he wanted from. It was a ritual which turns him into the dark creature known to the wizarding world; only as the dragon demon. What happens when those Harry refused to betray turn the back on him? What happens when the demonic powers he doesn't know about activate and warp him to a whole new world? Will the now betrayed, near broken, Harry, with powers he has no idea about let alone know how to control, find a place for himself? Or has his last straw finally broken? Harry potter crossover with Inuyasha

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Chapter three

Harry after coming to the realization that he was not only a demon but a dragon demon of some sort, and after pulling himself away from the mirror he found that led him to said discover in the first place. Quickly decided that it would be best if he got out of where ever he was as fast as possible and get to a location he would be safe at; or at the very least he felt he would be safe out. If only to help calm the all new raging instincts he could feel in the back of his head screaming at him to do something. Anything at that.

After all it, really there wasn't a reason for him to be there anymore was there? The Dark Lord was dead, so were the majority of his deatheaters for that matter, and it wasn't like he was currently chained up or a prisoner of said Dark Lord any longer, now was he?

And in all honesty Harry was a hundred percent positive that he really didn't want to be found here if anyone decided to search why there had been so much screaming in one area as he knew without a doubt that it wouldn't end well for him it he was.

That in mind Harry tore out of the building he was in. Really turning more into denial and running on the instinct than anything else; trying not to abandon all his logic while he did so. Not to mention, and more importantly in Harry's mind, knowing that now that he was finally free that he needed to get back to those he called family.

Knowing this and trying not to think about everything that had happened since he had last seen them Harry took off at a blurring run. Noting almost absent mindedly that the building that he had just escaped from, and where he had apparently been held prisoner of so long, really wasn't that far from Hogwarts. Really just a couple of miles outside it in fact.

Something that had a chill of dread start to form in his gut, a feeling that Harry tried his best to ignore as he made his way towards the school. As he didn't want to start to go down that path of thoughts as it would only lead to more torn emotions and have him question things that would make is already chaotic emotions all the worst.

Something that Harry felt he really couldn't afford to do at the time. Not if he wanted to get to the school with the least amount of time or attention brought to him. Luckily as he was doing this Harry did having enough of a state of mind to dive into a nearby lake to was off the blood, grim and other such fluids off of himself.

So, at the very least he did he looked a bit more presentable then he would otherwise; even if the ripped-up clothing he was forced to keep wearing wasn't the best thing to help with that image. Still it was better then what it had been before.

After all, he really didn't want to give the others too much of a fright. As he knew changes he had been forced to undergo would be bad enough to explain, without having so much blood covering him on top of that.

Or at least that is how Harry felt as he began to slow down as he saw the gate of Hogwarts coming into view. Seeing this, Harry suddenly nearly took a step back as a sense of dread hit him like a wave. As if something was warning him that something horrible waited for him beyond the gate in question.

This thought made Harry shake his head in rebellion and continue walking towards the gate. He had no reason to be so afraid. This was his home, this was were all his friends and family were, why should he feel such dread coming back to it if that was the case. He never felt anything like that before, why should he feel it now?

Doing his best to keep that thought in mind, Harry slowly reached over to open the gate in question. Knowing that he had been keyed into the gate in question a while ago and that said ward would alert the others that it was him that was opening said gate.

Which would hopefully get them all to come out an greet him. As well as hopeful get him to the hospital wing as Harry wasn't sure if he was still injured or not. Or for that matter just what all the ritual had done to him besides the more obvious. Which considering the fact that Voldemort had state, quite plainly at that, that he had made changes to the original ritual means there had to be some changes he wasn't aware of quite yet.

At least this is what Harry thought was going to happen, only for an overwhelming powerful jolt to tear its way thought his body as soon as he touched the gate he had been reaching for and Harry found himself flying through the air. Before everything that had happened, the ritual, the fighting, the injured state he had been before, as well as attack from the ward on the gate all overwhelmed him and left Harry passing out once more; all the while wondering just why the gate had attacked him when it should have welcomed him. It was his home, right?

Harry found himself jerking awake and nearly being blinded by the light that was shining in his face the next time he did wake up. A light that seemed to be hanging from the ceiling and placed in such a way that it was obviously meant to blind Harry the second he woke up. Causing Harry to blink rapidly for a bit before he could see just where he was.

And to his horror he found himself once more chained up in a dungeon like room. Only this time there wasn't blood, and other dead bodies decorating this dungeon. Not that, that brought Harry much relief consider what he had just escaped from in the first place.

Though he did notice, as a familiar icy calm took over his mind, that this dungeon didn't look nearly as fortified as the one he escaped from. In fact, the chains he was in didn't look all that strong nor could he feel any magic on them like the ones the Dark lord had used. Seeing this Harry immediately pulled on the chains he was in and to his surprise he found them easily breaking under his strength.

Reminding Harry once more about the ritual he had undergone and the fact he was a Dragon demon now. Though seeing it was because of that fact he had managed to break the chains he had just been in, and the fact it was because he was a demon now that he was actually free from the Dark Lord's hold, Harry felt slightly grateful for said ritual.

Even if he knew that feeling wouldn't last long considering the consequences of being turned into a dragon demon would hit him sooner or later; rather he liked it or not. As Harry knew a lot of the wizarding world was prejudice, and like with Werewolves, Demon or their kin really weren't all that accepted. But for now, Harry did find himself a bit thankful for at least the strength his form offered him.

Or at least that is what Harry was feeling, until after he had managed to make his way out of where he had just woken up and found out where he was. Or for that matter just who was now currently waiting for him. As Harry found out very quickly, as he attempted to make his way out of wherever he had woken up that the place in question was familiar to him.

Remarkably familiar, considering the fact Harry was able to quickly tell that he had just woken up in Hogwarts. Meaning the dungeon, he had just gotten out of must have been one of the abandoned ones around the Slytherin house.

Still knowing this, and confused as to why he had been chained up in the first place, Harry very carefully made his way towards the Great Hall using all the secret passages he knew to make this trip. On the chance the school in question had been taken over by Death Eaters; which would explain to Harry why he had woken up in the dungeons to begin with.

Or at least that is what Harry found himself almost hoping had happened, as he couldn't think of another reason why he had woken up where he was. In fact, he mentally refused to think of something else was going on, and he ended up where he had been for another reason than that.

Unless the Headmaster thought he was an imposter, or even perhaps because of the changes he had undergone feared he was a under Voldemort's control. After all he had been under the Dark Lord's 'care' for a little over half a year, so the Headmaster did have a reason to be a little more paranoid about Harry suddenly appearing.

If that was the case, if the Headmaster wanted to be safe rather the sorry, Harry knew he had to find the Headmaster and let him know the truth. That Harry was under his own control and that the Dark Lord was finally dead, meaning the war was over.

And with that the fear of everything Voldemort had helped over all of them gone, meaning that at long last Harry's friends and those he called family were finally safe. That they were all finally free of Voldemort's oppressive hold over the majority of the wizarding world.

He just had to let them all know that, and surely they would accept him. After all they had accepted Remus, and Harry could see them doing the same for him as well…right. Seeing as he had never hurt any of them, and only wanted to protect them. So, it wasn't too far of a stretch to think they would accept him after he had been forced to become a demon from a ritual, he never wanted to be part of in the first place…correct?

Hell, if they had been in his shoes, and they had been transformed into what most considered a dark Creature against their will, or even to save their own life for that matter, Harry knew that he would have accepted them.

So, they would do the same for him right? Especially after he had held out for several months under Voldemort's tender care in refusal to had them over, and had even killed said Dark Lord for them. So, they had to accept him, right?

These were the thoughts and worries that were occupying Harry's mind as he made his way carefully to the Great Hall. Making plans on what to do if it had been taken over, and what to do if it hadn't. Like if he had been just chained down and put in a dungeon by those he had spent so long protecting because they were being cautious, and Harry needed to prove that he was under his own control.

As he was doing this, and as Harry finally made his way in the hall he had been heading to this whole time, he couldn't help but be thankful that, from what he could tell from the wards around him, all of this was happening during a time where all the student's weren't in the school.

So, he didn't have much fear of running into another student, or such thing like that. Seeing as right now the only ones that should be in the school should be the Headmaster, and perhaps a few of the Professors doing some last-minute work. Like it usually was in the summers, as Harry had learned before he had been shipped off to his so-called family's house before.

Or at least that is what Harry thought, and something he found himself quickly being proven wrong about, as he opened the carefully opened the Great Hall doors. Because as soon as those doors were open, Harry found himself quickly dodging to the side to avoid several spells almost hitting him.

Causing Harry to feel rather stupid that he didn't take in account the fact that everyone in the room were in a war, or still believed they were in a war. Which would mean that any of them in there would most certainly attack first, question later, if someone just walked into the Great hall and they weren't expecting it.

Still after the spells had been fired and Harry dodged them he keep moving, just in case there were going to be more spells, and as he did this he used the skills that had keep him alive as long as he had to see just who was all in the Great Hall.

As well as see how they were reacting to him being out of the dungeons at the same time. After all most people reactions where the most truthful when they had no idea you were observing them for said reaction in the first place.

It was by doing this that Harry saw the fact yes, the group inside the Great Hall was indeed still firing spells. And this group consisted of the Headmaster, like he had thought was going to be there. Along with Severus Snape, whom Harry was also expected to be there ad he never really left Hogwarts's anymore after he had been discovered as a Spy and nearly killed for.

Something that Harry knew Snape blamed Harry for, despite the fact it was a certain rat that had let that information out. Then again it was because of Harry the rat in question had still been alive when he had done so, so in the loosest term it could be blamed on Harry in way. Fortunately, Harry was happy to say that the rat in question wasn't going to be a problem for anyone anymore as Harry had really enjoyed gutting said rat when he had finally escaped.

Mostly because said rat had liked to come and taunt Harry about the death of his parents, and Sirius whenever he got the chance to do so. Even if the rat never really did participate in the torture the others did as he couldn't actually stomach it.

Needless to be said, Snape was one of the members in the group who was still firing spells. Rapidly at that. All with curse Harry noted would cause anyone who was hit by them some serious damage; letting Harry knew the potion professor still held a grudge of some sort against him. And that it would be best if Harry didn't hope on him for any help as he wasn't going to get it.

Beside Snape there was Remus Lupin, who looked as if he was every instinct was screaming at him to either run as fast as he could away from Harry or defend himself until he could. Something that showed in the fact that while he was steady sending out curse he was also backing away from Harry. As if trying to put as much distance between the two as he could as fast as he could.

Something that had Harry feeling rather hurt about and wondering if it was something to do with the fact that Remus was a werewolf while Harry was now a newly turned Dragon demon of some sort. Maybe Remus instincts were working against him as a Wolf would never willingly face a Dragon of any sort, let alone a demonic one.

The next person Harry spotter was Pomona Sprout, and that was only because she was one of the few that wasn't throwing spells at him but building up the defenses around their group.

As she summoned the nearby tables to actually act as physically shields to whatever may happen. Though Harry did notice she seemed to be slowly become aware of the fact that Harry himself wasn't actually attacking but only dodging their spells. So, she was more watching him to see what was going on than anything else. Something Harry was grateful for.

Another Person that wasn't fully attacking Harry and watching what he was doing more than anything else was another Teacher that Harry had expect to be in the school, and that was Fillus Flitwick.

Who was the one Harry knew would be the one to most likely be able to hit him with his spell work, as while Dumbledore may be more powerful, Flitwick was a dueling champion and had much more speed on his side.

But the Charms master in question seemed to notice the same thing that Sprout had and was now watching Harry and keep track of his movements with his eyes. Wand at ready just in case something did happen or if Harry did start going on the offense instead of on the defense that he currently was.

Sadly, those two were the only one of the groups who weren't currently attacking him. As Harry noticed all the others in the room were still throwing spells at him. All of which included, Mad-eye Moody, Minerva McGonagall, Molly Weasley, Ron Weasley, Ginny Weasley, and lastly Hermione Granger.

Seeing this, seeing all those he had given his all to protect, made something in Harry crack and because of this Harry spun around to face those fire at him. While at the same time, making sure he was covered from all the spells being thrown his way by using one of the stone beams nearby him, as he called out.

"Enough! It's me Harry, I swear to you, on my magic if I have to, that I'm not under Voldemort's control! How can I be, he's dead now!"

However, this didn't get the reaction he was hoping for. Like for example the curse stop being through at him, and every celebrating the fact the looming shadow over them was finally gone. Or rather it did, in a way, but the consequences of it wasn't what Harry had been hoping for.

As while they all did stop firing spells at him, after he said this, what they did next certainly wasn't what Harry had been expecting. As before the majority of the others could react to what was being said, Hermione, Ron, Ginny, Molly and the Headmaster all turned and quickly knocked out the others that had been in the room, and who were all focusing on what Harry had just said, out before turning their attention back to Harry.

Making every instinct Harry had, both the ones he had before and the ones he had gained from the ritual, stand up on end; warning him of the danger that was now in the air. A feeling that only got stronger as Harry noticed all the attention was clearly on him and not a single wand had been placed up. Letting Harry know something big was about to happen.

Something that was proven to be true, and something that finished breaking was left of what had been inside him when the group had first started attacking him with no warning, when the Headmaster started to speak to him. While the others had their wand directly aimed at him several different spells lighting the tip of said spell just waiting to be sent off at a moment's notice.

"We know who you are, and Harry my boy you have to understand for the greater good we can not let a beast like you out. Not with all the innocent people out there. Look you've even admitted that you've already killed someone. That you gave into the bloodlust of the Monster you've become. I'm terribly sorry it has come to this, if only you had gone along with my plans it would have been a lot smoother for you."

Harry hearing this, and the almost mocking cold tone it was said in could only muster enough through his disbelieve to utter a rather harsh sounding.


With it coming out in an almost growl like fashion through his clenched teeth. This however didn't have effect on any of the group that was in front of him. Besides the tightening the grip on their wands that is.

In fact Dumbledore looked ready to start speaking again, but was interrupted before he could as Ron, in his usually hot headedness spat out; obviously tired of having to be quite or perhaps no longer caring to bite his tongue any longer.

"What the Headmaster means you beast, is that if you had gone with the plan, we had made then none of this would have happened in the first place. If you hadn't gotten you stupid self captured and turned in to the monster you are because of said stupid, then thing would have been so much better. The Dark Lord would have been dead before now, and so would have you. Giving us everything that we deserved while doing so!"

This last bit was shouted out by a red-faced Ron, whose wand was sparking as he all but spat in Harry's direction. Who was giving Ron a wide-eyed look as everything he said began to sink in, and Harry began to make the connections he really didn't want to make.

Connections that as he made them, he felt he should have realized all of this long before now, and connections that began to make even more sense as Hermione decided to add her own two cents. Ignoring the looks they were getting from the headmaster as they did so.

"Honestly, Potter, how slow can you be? Do I have to spell it out to you or spoon it to you like I had to do everything else? We had a plan that made it so you would face You-know-who and defeat him. Making it so you would be the only one who did die in the war, and in doing so leaving us everything that you own. And if you did somehow live, we had it arranged that you would Marry Ginny before tragically dying in revenge attack from some deatheaters after you got Ginny Pregnant. Tying it all up as neatly as you please."

Here Hermione paused and took a deep breath before continuing her rant, something that Harry noticed Dumbledore looked even unhappier about. Perhaps he didn't want Harry to know all of this? Even if for all purpose he had sounded like he was prepared to kill Harry just moments ago.

"But Nooo, you had to go against those plans, and causes all sorts of unneeded deaths while you were at it. All because you had to go get yourself captured by You-know-who and not have the common courtesy to get out of there by yourself. Worst yet, you had to undergo some ritual that from what the headmaster has told us that turned you into a DEMON of all things." Here Hermione all but spat out the word demon as she snarled at Harry the rest of what she was say; shaking in fury as she did so.

"How could you ever think that anyone would accept you, as the beast you are? It's bad enough that Lupin is such a dark creature, but you went and got yourself turned into something even worse. And ruined everything that we had planned, what do you have to say for yourself!?"

Harry hearing all of this rant and feeling the numbness and sadness from the betrayal of those he had thought was his family leave him before being replaced by a burning rage that seemed to consume everything.

With Harry barely holding it back with a single string of the control he could manage as he began to think of what he was going to do next. Or at least plan what he wanted to next that didn't involve impelling the traitors on his claws; like what he was starting to think of as his inner dragon was screaming at him to do.

Only for that thin little tread to snap when Ron, tired of all the talking that was going on, decided to put what he was sure was the next plan of action. By firing a cutting curse right at where Harry's neck was.

However, as Ron had never been the best wizard, or particularly skilled in curses for that matter, which made it so that even with all the rage and power he put behind said cutting curse it looked slow to Harry's eyes. And perhaps part of that was due to the fact that he was now a demon, but Harry wasn't completely sure about that.

In fact the only thing that Harry was sure of was that now that his so-called friends and headmaster had showed their true colors he wanted them to pay for it; forget holding back his temper that wasn't helping him any anyway.

But at the same time Harry also wanted to get away, as he knew that killing those three would have ramifications he didn't want to think of. Especially if they had managed to get out just what he was turned into out to someone Harry didn't exactly know about.

It was because of these mixed feeling of wanting them to pay, as well as wanted to get away so he could fully plan on how to really make them pay without any negative ramifications for himself that caused what happened next to actually happen. Along with a little help from the school they were in and the wild magic that was part of the forbidden forest behind them that was reacting to Harry now wilder demonic magic.

As Harry found himself being lifted in the air as two different things happened at once. Both happening so fast that no one could react to it; or stop it from happening either. With the first thing being a large dark green magic left Harry and hit those that had willingly betrayed them giving off a feeling that Harry could only relate to the feeling of Karmatic justice of some sort.

While the second thing that happened, as the traitors went flying, being the fact that Harry found himself being pulled into a portal of some sorts that seemed to have originated from what felt like to Harry the very center of his body. Causing him to twist and warp in away Harry thought should be utter agony but left him only feeling dizzy and more exhausted then he had been for.

At least that is what Harry had felt like until he was fully part of the portal, and felt even more of his magic being drained out of him as the portal began to do something else to him. Something that Harry began to panic about until a sort of knowing entered him, as if the portal magic itself was telling Harry what was happening.

As the portal itself 'told' Harry he was being transported somewhere safe like he wanted while at the same time his unspoken yearning of having a childhood with a family was being answered as well. Which meant that while he was being transported, he was also being deaged into a child of some sort to give him said childhood.

However instead of calming Harry with this fact, Harry began to panic even more then he had been before. Yes, he did want a chance of the childhood that had been torn from him, but at the same time he wasn't so sure he wanted to actual be a young child. Certainly not as young as he felt the Portal was going to make him.

As Harry knew just how vulnerable small children were, and with the draconic features he had Harry wasn't sure he would be killed by whoever found him as Demons really weren't such a welcomed thing to most people. But even as he thought this Harry felt the very odd feeling of all the more inhuman features sink into him.

Not disappear altogether but hiding is such a way that he looked human; or as close to human as Harry could look at the moment. As something told Harry not everything about his dragon demon heritage was completely hiding.

But seeing as the portal seemed to be done with him, and considering his magic, both his demon as well as wizarding magic, seemed to be completely drained from him Harry knew that he really couldn't do anything about that either.

More so then ever as once Harry landed from wherever his magic and the portal it made had felt safe for him, he felt a sense of utter exhaustion take hold. Causing him to slowly black out.

And as he did this Harry noticed a couple of things one he was still in the bloody torn clothes he had been wearing for what seemed like forever, and lastly the fact that as he finally passed out he managed to hear the gasp of what sounded like a young woman of some sort before the sound of rapid footsteps reached his ears as he finally gave in to the sweet blissful darkness that had been calling him for so long now.

A.N-Okay I want your opinion in this for the next chapter. Should the woman who found Harry be someone from the future or the past? Like should it be Kagome's mother? Or should be someone like Inuyasha's mother, Sango's mother or even Mirkou's mother? Basically, should Harry live in the future or the past? And depending on this should Harry's magic have been able to fully hide the face that he was human, or should it have failed partially, and he looks like a Hanyou of sort?