Disclaimer: All rights reserved to J.K. Rowling, author of the Harry Potter series, and S.E. Hinton, author of The Outsiders.

Warnings: Possibly future slash, characters might be OOC, timeline in the Harry Potter series is shifted

One of the Gang

A young Harry Potter shifted nervously as he stood in front of several children. His teacher placed her hand on Dudley, completely ignoring Harry. Uncle Vernon and Aunt Petunia no doubt spun a tale about how he was a juvenile delinquent. "Class, be sure to make Dudley feel welcome."

One look around the room and Harry could tell the room was divided into three groups: the rich, the middle-class, and the poor. Dudley would instantly fit in with the wealthier side. Unlike his classily dressed cousin in his khaki slacks and madras shirt, Harry wore Dudley's black t-shirt that had faded to an old grey and over washed, ripped jeans. The two were completely different right down to their shoes despite being related.

After being dismissed by his teacher, Harry headed to the seat next to the middle class students only to be beaten by his cousin. Sending him a smug look, Dudley proceeded to converse loudly with others around him. Harry glanced quickly around the room, finding only one desk left in the middle of the more poor, delinquent like children. They looked scary with their greasy hair and stony faces. Not wanting to get in trouble, Harry walked skittishly to his seat. Feeling like a deer in a den of lions, he hunched in on himself.

Ponyboy followed his dad into the house, quietly musing about his day. Walking into the kitchen he was greeted by the sight of his mother making a chocolate cake. "Hello, darling!" She immediately came over after setting down her whisk and kissed him on the cheek. She came up and kissed her husband as well. "How was your day?" She directed the question to both of them. "Great. What 'bout you sport?" Darrel ruffled his son's hair. Ponyboy climbed into a chair. "There were new students in our class today," he paused. "It's weird because one of them dresses like a Soc while the other dresses like a greaser even though they live together."

"Huh. That is strange." Darrel scratched his head. "Maybe they're having financial issues?" He turned towards his wife with a question in his eyes. "But why does one of them get new clothes while the other gets stuck with old ones?" Joce pointed out. A contemplative silence settled over the three before the sound of the door opening broke it. "Soda! Darry!" Ponyboy bolted out of his seat. "Pony!" An excited voice was heard along with the door slamming shut. Any thought about the new family was pushed away as the house was filled with the chaos of its own family.

Harry stood embarrassed as the teacher went on about how greasers don't care about school and how he should not show up at all if he comes late. When she started ranting about how he didn't deserve to go to school, Harry felt his anger rise. It wasn't his fault Dudley hid Harry's homework. It was Dudley who didn't care about school! Dudley should be the one who was getting yelled at, not Harry. When he couldn't take the accusations anymore, he lifted his gaze and stared defiantly back at his teacher. His demeanor dropped, however, as his wide eyes took in the state of her hair. Ms. Haynes once neatly trimmed, blonde, normal, hair was now a bright teal. His classmates stared and gaped at the sudden, unnatural change in hair color.

"What?" Ms. Haynes turned around, looking at the class when all the background snickering ceased. She looked behind her when she saw the children continue to stare above her head. Scanning her students' faces once more, she froze when she caught a glimpse of blue on her hair. She leaned in until her nose was inches away from Harry's face and stared right into his glasses. Letting out a heartbroken sound, Ms. Haynes wrenched at her hair violently.

"My hair!" she whimpered, still staring half-crazed at her reflection. Suddenly focusing on Harry's eyes, she glared stonily at him.

"You!" she hissed out. Snarling at Harry, her hands shot out and gripped his shoulders painfully.

"Get out!" Ms. Haynes shoved him in the direction of the door. "Leave and never come back!"

Harry stumbled before turning around and running out of the room.