Disclaimer: All rights belong to J.K. Rowling, author of the Harry Potter series, and S.E. Hinton, author of The Outsiders.

Warnings: future slash, meaning boyxboy, characters might be OOC, Harry Potter timeline is shifted

One of the Gang

Everyone had taken to lounging on or against the couch, watching Mickey Mouse on the television screen, with an exception for Sodapop who draped his body over the armchair, watching the show upside-down. The coffee table was littered with plates and utensils thrown a strewn haphazardly as they were too lazy and content to make the trip to the kitchen. The two adults were resting comfortably on the couch, Joce's head on her husband's shoulder. Darry also claimed a seat on the piece of furniture, his legs spread open, creating enough space for Harry to snugly fit in between. Back against the firm solidness of the couch, arms around his legs, head tilted slightly to the left, he stared, enraptured, wide eyes glued to the screen. He was never allowed to watch TV at the Dursley household, so Harry tried to make the most of it, lips forming a small smile that stayed on his face as if it was painted on there.

"Is it about time we got you home?"

Harry froze at Darrell's words as if a bucket of ice cold water was dumped over him, remembering that this was all but a fantasy, that these people weren't really his family no matter how much he desired it to be so.

"We can walk him home, right?"

He blinked in shock when he heard Ponyboy's words.

"Good idea, Pony!" Soda exclaimed. He turned to his parents, practically begging. "Please, please, please."

Darrell rubbed his neck uncertainly but eventually gave a slight smile when Soda dragged out his plea until he turned red from lack of oxygen. Joce released a reluctant sigh before giving her consent.

"But hurry back."

"Got it," said Darry, closing the door after his brothers and Harry.

"You can come over any time," Soda threw an arm over the brunet's shoulders, unknowingly alleviating Harry's worries that this was only a one time thing. Smiling softly, he really didn't want this day to end. The sun had just finished its descent, the sky a rapidly darkening blue.

"Here we are," Harry startled when Darry lifted him up and gently carried him to the fence of the Dursley house.

"See you soon?"

Harry grinned, incapable of expressing all the happiness he felt inside. "I would like that."

His smile was quickly wiped off when he noticed a car entering the driveway. A very familiar car. He heard Vernon's yell before he could see him.

"Shit," cursed Darry. He dropped Harry carefully and ran off with his brothers followed by angry shouts. Harry rushed into the house as silently as he could, heart thudding in a panic when he crawled back into the closet, closing the door with a soft creak, praying that his uncle had not seen him.

Please. Please.

Harry closed his eyes in fear when he heard the front door slam open. Vernon's voice thundering as he stomped around the house, yells perfectly audible even through the wooden door.