AN: This story takes place during season three of "Homeland," following the episode "Game On." As for "Archer," this pretty much takes place whenever. I might eventually add to this story, but for now it is just going to stay a one-shot.

Bringing in the Big Guns

"Who are these people?" whispered Fara Sherazi to her superior, Saul Berenson.

"Dar Adal brought them in," answered Saul softly. "With Lockhart set to come in anytime, Dar wants certain things squared away first."

"Like what?" asked Fara, self-consciously tugging her hijab down when the stranger in the black sweater winked at her.

"He brought them in to find Brody," said Saul, rocking back on his heels, as if appraising the outside agents currently sitting in a CIA conference room.

"I can't believe he brought in ISIS," said Peter Quinn, causing Fara to jump slightly at his sudden appearance.

"They get the job done," answered Saul politically.

"Do they, though?" asked Quinn. "I guess Lana's all right, but the others …"

The three CIA agents peered through the glass, watching the outside agents goof off.

"Archer, I swear, if you make one more lame joke, I will stab you in the face, blinding you."

"Lame, Lana? Lame? These jokes aren't lame; they're gold," said Archer. "But, what you're saying is, you want to stab out my eye, making me see eye, eh?" Lana gritted her teeth, using every ounce of reserve she had to keep herself from killing her fellow agent. After waiting a moment and receiving no response, Archer smugly said, "I knew you were all talk."

Before he knew what had happened, Archer let off a short, very manly scream as one of Lana's knives was buried in his leg.

Turning to the only other person in the room, Archer whined, "Mother, did you see that? Mother! She stabbed me! Lana just stabbed me! Mother! Mother, did you see? Did you see what Lana did? Mother!"

"She's ignoring you, Archer," said Lana, rolling her eyes.

"Sorry to keep you waiting," said Dar Adal, entering the room and closing the door behind him. He didn't even flinch when Lana reached forward and pulled the knife out of Archer's leg, eliciting another small scream. "If you're ready to discuss business …"

"Oh, we are," said Malory. "I understand you want us to track down a fugitive."

"You've heard of Nicholas Brody?" asked Dar Adal.

"Heard of him?" responded Lana. "You mean the guy who blew up the CIA, the building we are sitting in right now? Uh, yup."

"The CIA would like to hire ISIS to track down Brody and bring him back here, alive or dead," said Dar Adal.

"Alive or dead?" questioned Archer. "Well, I guess his whole terrorist plan really … blew up in his face."

Without even looking, Lana reached out and buried her knife back in Archer's leg, in the exact spot in which she had done so before. Archer gave out a strangled scream again.

"We'll take the job, assuming the price is right," said Malory, ignoring her son.

"I assure you the CIA will make this worth ISIS' while," Dar Adal said.

"Then perhaps you and I can go get lunch and discuss the details of the job a bit further, see where the afternoon takes us," Malory continued.


"I know a charming restaurant nearby; I believe it is in a hotel," stated Malory.


"In fact, perhaps we can just skip lunch."


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