"Shit", the alarm didn't go off, and if Spencer didn't hurry he would be late to work, and almost certainly get chewed out by Hotch. He quickly dresses in black slacks with a beige dress shirt and brown cardigan, brushes his teeth, grabs his bag and runs out the door of his tiny apartment, taking the stairs two at a time to get down to the parking lot, of course his car takes 5 minutes to start and then he gets caught in traffic, but he does make it in time if only by the skin of his teeth, he hasn't even got I've to think about the headache and chills plaguing him.

Reid rushes through the office and dumps his messenger bag at his desk, "Hey Pretty Boy", Morgan's greeting was met with a grunt of "need coffee" as Reid made his way to the break room to procure said glorious liquid. "Well good morning to you too" said a bemused Derek Morgan, it's not like his Pretty Boy to be so grumpy, "he mustn't have had time for coffee before work" he thought.

Reid's stomach howls at him for sustenance, but as usual he ignores it and simply makes his sugar loaded coffee, hoping this headache goes away soon and that if they get a case he might be able to sleep on the plane, he's so tired, even after 15 hours of sleep last night. He feels dizzy making his way to his desk, but just pushes through it and nearly collapses at his desk, starting on his paperwork.

"Reid, Reid, REID!" ... He jerks awake to find Morgan, Emily and Garcia standing over him, looking concerned, "Are you okay my junior G-man, you scared me, passing out at your desk there, is something wrong?" asks Garcia. "No I'm fine I just didn't get much sleep last night"Reid lies ", do we have a case?", "indeed we do pretty boy, wheels up in 10 briefing on the plane"

Reid collects his go-bag and makes his way to the jet, wishing he'd called in sick because he couldn't think of anything worse than a case right now, "I think I might be coming down with something on top of how bad I already feel" he thinks, flopping onto the couch and promptly falling into a restless sleep.

Hotch turns to Morgan "do you know what's up with Reid, he looks pale and unwell, and he never sleeps on the way to a case, I need him awake for the briefing but I can't find it in my heart to wake him, he looks as if he hasn't slept in days" Morgan sighs looking in Reid's direction "he said he didn't get enough sleep last night, who knows, maybe he used the vacation time to get him a lady friend and that's why he's tired", "I highly doubt that Morgan" says Emily "more likely he read all the books known to man and has a literary hangover". Hotch looks over to Reid on the couch, he's sweating profusely and whimpering, he rushes over to Reid and puts a hand on his forehead "guys he's got a fever, he should see a doctor when we get to Atlanta, Morgan can you take him?" "Sure can Hotch" taking his cell phone out he calls Garcia, "speak and be heard mere mortal", "baby girl can you tell me the nearest walking clinic to the airport in Atlanta" "why, what's wrong, is one of my babies hurt?" Garcia screams, "no ones hurt baby girl, but Reid is spiking a fever and knowing him he'd ignore it and get pneumonia or something" "sending the address to your cell as I speak, make sure my 187 is ok, Garcia out".

The case itself is typical for the BAU, the unsub is taking pretty, popular and blonde 16 year old girls on their way home from school, he keeps them for 3 days, during which he mutilates and tortures them, he stabs them to death and dumps them in backstreets like trash, Hotch is sure this will be a simple case, it's likely the stressor was the loss of the unsubs high school sweetheart, probably a divorce because of the anger, and he is also sure that the unsub is working up to killing the object of his passionate hate, he took the latest girl a day ago, giving them 48 hours to find him and save the girl. "I hope Reid is back on his game soon, I'm sure we'll need his geographic profiling skills ASAP" Hotch thinks, looking at Reid "maybe he needs an extra week vacation".

When the jet lands Morgan doesn't bother waking Reid to take him to the doctors, instead he picks him up bridal style and carries him to the car, much to the amusement of the team, JJ snaps a photo on her phone "Garcia is going to love this, it's better than photoshop!". Morgan carries Reid off in a huff.