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Chapter 3

"Rolanda, please forgive me. I shouldn't have done that and I'm already invading your privacy. I'll just let myself out and hopefully, we can go back to our friendship as if this hadn't happened." he whispered as he moved to stand from the bed.

With her quick reflexes, Rolanda was able to grab his forearm and pull him back a bit, but she was too forceful and he was spun back onto the bed. Thankfully, he reacted quickly enough to catch himself with his arms on both sides of her waist. Unfortunately, as he was pulled back, his momentum carried him over to Rolanda's side of the bed. To avoid colliding with Severus, Rolanda was forced to flatten her body against the bed and braced herself for impact. This left the two of them nearly lying on each other, a hair's breadth between the lengths of lower body.

Caught of guard, Rolanda's chest heaved with adrenaline from nearly being smashed and her current position with the Potions Master.

Neither her excited state of breathing nor her exposed cleavage was lost on Severus as he felt the blood in his veins pulse through to his lower body. In an effort to divert anymore possible embarrassment, he began to shift his lower abdomen up, however, a gentle touch on his forearm paused his actions.

Blushing, Rolanda slowly removed her hand from his arm and spoke in her quietest voice. "You don't have to go. You could stay here."

Slowly, he brought his gaze up to meet hers before moving once more, however, this time, she pleaded, "Please, Severus. Stay. Don't leave me."

"I was only moving to get off you. Unless you like me on top of you," he questioned as his eyebrows neared his hairline.

"Oh-er, it's not all that unpleasant. I actually kind of like this."

"Really? Then would you permit me to kiss you again?"

Swiftly, she pushed herself upwards and into his lips, savoring the feel of his against hers. But all too soon he began to move, causing her to pull away once more, as worry lined her face.

"I'm not regretting anything, Rolanda. I'm merely moving into a more comfortable position," he explained as he moved straddle her hips. He leaned forward and brought his lips close to her ear as he whispered in a huskier voice, "Except our clothes."

As she felt his length pressing into her legs, she blushed and answered, "They're only a minor setback. One that can be easily remedied later, Sev."

Not waiting for any more encouragement, he pressed his lips to her, but this time a primal urgency of desire present. He nibbled on her lip as his tongued begged for entrance. Relishing the feel, Rolanda wrapped her arms around his back before opening her mouth to him. Their tongues met and clashed, causing a new sensation of pleasure to wash over her, but it soon merged with the next as he began lightly tracing her slim figure through her navy blue material with his fingertips. Shivers of delight traveled throughout her body, leaving a tingling sensation that needed to be satisfied all throughout her body.

The kiss deepened more as their moans pushed each other closer to the edge. But before it could continue, Severus pulled his lips back and licked his swollen lips nervously.

"Rolanda.. I love you" he whispered mere inches away from her ear.

In response, she tilted her head to whisper in his ear, "I love you too" before pulling him back down for a searing kiss. All throughout her body, her senses felt heightened, but she barely registered the fact that Severus's lips moved from hers down to her neck where he began nipping and teasing her. He began making his way down to her collarbone when she felt his lips reluctantly leave her skin.

Breathily, he whispered, "May I?" as he fingered the thin straps holding the gown to her body.

All she could manage was a brief nod before his fingers began peeling the material away from her skin, causing her body to reverberate with pleasure as he touched the newly exposed skin.

Within seconds, the straps and top of her gown lay forgotten by her hips as Severus refocused his attention to her milky white skin and breasts, her nipples already hard from his touches and cool air, but not for long as his warm hands cover them. As he begins to massage them, shivers of pleasure begin to run down her spine, causing her to moan in delight. A smile flashes across his face at her moans, but it's quickly covered by her own lips in attempt to alleviate the burning feeling near her center. Sensing her need, he took her gown in his hands and began to pull it lower over her body before tossing it to the side. As Severus freed Rolanda of her gown, she began to caress his muscular back, sending shivers down his spine. Severus's tongue fought for dominance as he explored her mouth, taking away her attention from the fact that he already removed her panties and began to feel her moist center. Slowly, he entered a finger in her and began to explore, looking for the point he knows will drive her wild.

As he went deeper into her, Rolanda moaned into his mouth, only motivating Severus to find the spot sooner. She broke this kiss to catch her breath as his fingers found her clitoris. Taking advantage of the absence of her lips, he trailed kisses over her chest. His lips graced each hardening nipple once before moving down towards her flat stomach until he reached between her legs. Spreading them farther apart, he tenderly kissed the inside of each thigh before starting to pleasure her once more.

He licks over her opening before plunging his tongue inside and searching for the sensitive spot again. Determined to make Rolanda climax before entering her, he snuck in his fingers and began to massage her clitoris. All the while, his free hand began tracing invisible figures over her goose bump-covered skin. And within seconds, her walls contract around his fingers and the sheets become balled up in her hands as she struggled to stifle her moans of pleasure and delight.

Feeling her body relax below him, he whispers in her ear, "Don't think you're getting off the hook that easily, I'm not done with you yet!" Slowly he pulled her head back up for another heated kiss.

Pulling away to catch their breaths, Severus and Rolanda's eyes meet for a brief second, but for them it felt as if time had stopped. They could see the raw love, lust, and passion in each other's eyes.

Suddenly, the two tumbled and Severus did the only thing he could imagine: pull his true love closer to him as he grasped her slender waist. But soon, her voice whispered into his ear.

"Uh-uh, my turn portions boy." she teased.

Gently, she pried her body from his grip and lifted herself until he was positioned right beneath her. Slowly lowering herself, she could feel his body tremble from the intimate touching of their sexes. Soon, his length began to enter her but stopped halfway. Her body began to rock back and forth, causing a new type of friction between them. The pace stayed slow and sensual until Severus lost his patience and used his hands to grab her hips and pull her down until he was completely in her. From there, her hips began to rock faster and harder against his pelvis as her hands began to caress his chest and biceps. Her touches ran shivers up and down his spine as small jolts of electricity passed between them. His deep moans pushed her to go faster until she felt him release inside of her.

Determined for another round, she slowed her pace only to press her body against his. He could feel her hard nipples against his chest as her breasts heaved from her breathing. Slowly, their lips met in a passionate kiss, tongues exploring each other's mouth and battling for dominance.

It seemed that Rolanda would get her way with the Potions Master once more this night, until he flipped her over and pinned her wrists down to the side of her body. No matter what she tried, she couldn't overpower him. He was more muscular and had her senses ensnared,leaving her at his will. Whimpers of desire escaped her mouth as he began plunging slow but deep into her. With each thrust of his pelvis, he rubbed over her clitoris, bringing sensual moans to arise from both. With each other's moans and the sound of the bodies meeting, the two reached a climax simultaneously.

Exhausted from the effort, Severus collapsed to the side of Rolanda, both of their chests heaving from exertion. Soon enough, Rolanda moved to cuddle into his chest, leaving his arms to curl around her waist.

Tilting her face up to meet his, she gasps in shock.

"What? Have I done something wrong?" his voice was laced with worry.

"Yo-Your.. Your hair?" she stammered.

"Has your love been blinded you from seeing my atrocious pink hair?" he chuckled.

"No, it's black again!"

"What?! How can that.. So that was her plan.."

"Uuh.. Severus?"


"What are you talking about?"

"Minerva. As you know, she was the one to dye my hair. I thought it was just revenge for changing her robes, but now I see her plan"

"I'm still in the dark here.."

"Like usual, she doesn't like people meddling with your life, so once she found out we were helping her mom, she played matchmaker for us. She saw our feelings for each other and pushed us together by leaving us in an awkward and somewhat intimate setting. She could only infer our activities after she left, but she modified the hair spell to confirm her suspicions."

"You may not agree, but I really must thank her. She indirectly gave me the best night of my life."


"Yes, because she only pushed you and I together, while you did the real pleasing

"Is that so? I guess I'll just have to top tonight but not now. I just want to fall asleep with you in my arms." he whispered.

"That sounds delightful. And I know I said this earlier, but I truly do love you, no matter how much you get under my skin."

"Huh, I really thought that you liked it when I was, as you said, 'under your skin'" he teased.

"Severus Snape! You know what I meant!" she blushed as she lightly smacked his chest.

"Yes, but no matter how much I love you Rolanda, I'll never stop my teasing" he teased before kissing her temple as she closed her eyes.

All Rolanda could do before she fell asleep was snuggle closer to his warm body as he pulled the blanket around them tighter.


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