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Timeframe: The Harry Potter part of the storyline in the prologue takes place the summer before the start of Harry's second year at Hogwarts; while the One Piece part of the prologue takes place twenty-four years before the series starts, making Harry to be in his early thirties when he returns, while only two years have gone by back home in the Harry Potter universe. I'm also making it so that Harry and everyone he would have known in Hogwarts in his first year are all born in the 1990's instead of the 1980's.

Author's Notes: Okay, so to clarify things, thanks to Dobby, Harry gets sent to the One Piece world during the summer before Harry's second year at Hogwarts, with amnesia and has been deaged a few years. He gets found by Whitebeard and joins his crew, and thanks to his amnesia is renamed Marco, and later gets the Mythical Phoenix Zoan Devil Fruit just like canon Marco did.

As of December 31, 2013, I updated the prologue chapter with nearly very minimal changes to the chapter other than a change in the title. The title of this story used to be Here and Now, but after a while I decided to change it to The Phoenix Requiem, which I thought sounded cooler and fit the story better. lol I also updated the scene between Marco and Whitebeard at the bottom of the chapter along with some other stuff.

TheBlackSeaReaper's & Guest's Harry Potter-One Piece crossover Challenge #102 idea - Little is known about Marco's past, before he was Marco he was Harry Potter but because of an accident in the summer after the first year of school, and before the beginning of the chamber of secrets, he was teleported by his magic to the one piece world. Losing his memory Harry becomes Marco.

-sent before the chamber of secrets and returns to the goblet of fire
-returns to the one piece world before Ace's execution
-after returning to the wizarding world he retains his powers
-Dumbledore bashing and Molly Ron and Ginny bashing

Word Count: 9,321

Summary: (OP!HP crossover) What if, Harry Potter disappeared the night Dobby came to warn Harry from returning for his second year at Hogwarts? After witnessing how the Dursley's treated Harry, Dobby used his magic to send Harry far away from everything to keep him safe from both the Dursley's and Voldemort and gives him a chance to start over elsewhere. (Time Travel!Harry IS Marco)

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The Phoenix Requiem
Chapter 1: A New Life and Adventure
By: Sakura Lisel

~-May 15, 1503~-

"Come back here you little brats!" a merchant was yelling as he and a bunch of other merchants chased after a group of kids that raced through the streets with their stolen goods, "Somebody call the police or the marines! We've been robbed!"

"You little hooligans bring back my stuff!" another merchant shouted as he chased after the group of children that were now running through the streets of town, as the angry mob tried to keep up with them.

Nine year old Anders D. Marco laughed happily as he and his friends raced through the streets as fast as their legs could carry them using their years of training with the Whitebeard pirates to easily evade capture from passersby's who tried to stop them, as he easily ducked under one such passerby's reaching arm while maintaining a tight hold on his goods.

A few nights ago the Whitebeard pirates had arrived on the island under the cover of darkness, and had docked in a nearby cove out of the sight of islands inhabitants and any marines that might be on the island, so that they could work on some repairs on the Moby Dick after a recent battle, with only a few crew members heading into town for supplies and other necessaries that they would need before they set sail again.

Today Marco and about seven of the other children who resided on the Moby Dick had decided to leave the ship, with Whitebeards permission, to go explore the island and cause some mischief while they were at it, and they had a field day causing mayhem in the local town as they pilfered food and other items from market stalls before the vendors caught on and started chasing the children while shouting obscenities at the kids.

What had finally alerted the merchants to who was responsible for the thefts, was when Marco in particular had lucked out that day while in the market, as he had discovered a booth that sold rare items from around the world, and on display at the back of the stall, and for sale for 250,000 beli's, was what looked like some kind of pear shaped fruit except it was blue with golden designs on it, and had recognized instantly one of the fabled devil fruits he had always heard about.

Ever since seeing firsthand what people with devil fruit powers could do, Marco had always wanted a fruit power of his own, He had spent the last three of years studying Whitebeards copy of the world government's worldwide published Encyclopedia Book of Devil fruits books, so he could know everything about devil fruits and what kinds of powers each one possessed. Since he didn't have the required money to purchase the fruit, he had some of his friends cause a distraction in front of the booth, while he snuck around the back of the booth and stole the devil fruit, but in his excitement he knocked over one of the other items in the booth, alerting the owner of what was happening, but the owner was too slow in stopping him as Marco was already off running through the streets while yelling out to his friends that it was time to go.

As the gang of kids spread out and went their separate ways with their already made plans to meet back at an old abandoned barn they had discovered while scouting out the island town, Marco kept running for what seemed like hours to him, as he ducked into alleys, and other places, until the sounds of his pursuers finally faded away as a slow smirk appeared on his lips as he realized that he had finally lost them, as he ducked one last time into an alley after making sure no one was looking, and hid inside of a large human sized ceramic pot that was inside of the alley as he looked over his stolen goods for a moment longer to make sure he hadn't lost anything in his rush to get away, and let out a sigh of relief as he saw that everything was still there, including his devil fruit.

'I can't believe my luck, that I would find one of these things here of all places, and I'm lucky enough to manage to snatch it and get away. Though it could just as well be a fake that vendor was selling just to get beli,' Marco thought happily to himself as he glanced down at the fruit in his hands for a few seconds, as he sat in the quiet dark confines of the pot for a few minutes as he listened for any sign that his pursuers were nearby, but all he could hear was the sound of the bustling streets outside the alley, as he forced himself to relax some more, 'But still if it is real, I can get a devil fruit power. If I can just avoid getting caught and make it back to the Moby Dick, I'll be home free with it. I just have to meet up with the rest of the gang first to see if they got away okay.'

Waiting for a while longer, Marco cautiously climbed out of the ceramic pot, and peered around the corner of the alley and looked both ways to see if he could spot any of his pursuers anywhere, but didn't see anyone familiar around, before a slight smirk appeared on his nine year old face as he sprints out of the alley and starts making his way out of town, while keeping an eye out for anyone who might recognize him and give chase.

It wasn't long before the group finally lost their pursuers for the moment as they holed up inside of an old abandoned farmhouse to check out what they had managed to steal that day, and a few of the kids were in awe when Marco showed them his real prize.

"No way! Is that a devil fruit? I want one." One of the boys who looked to be in late teens exclaimed in disappointment as he eyed the devil fruit for a few moments, as he reached up lazily to brush back his long brown hair from his face as he glanced back at Marco for a moment, "Of all the luck that you had to spot it first."

"Yep, I don't care what kind of fruit this is, Thatch. I'm keeping it for myself. It's all mine." Marco said excitedly as he hugged the devil fruit to himself for a moment as he smiled a bit happily as he started examining the fruit with a critical look in his eyes, before turning his gaze on Thatch for a moment, "If I remember what the encyclopedia says, and from the design on it, I think it might be some kind of Zoan type devil fruit, but I'm not sure what kind of animal it is."

"Well if you're really going to keep the devil fruit and eat it yourself, you'll be lucky that you don't get something lame," Thatch said good naturedly as a slight smile crept to his lips as he saw the look Marco was giving him now, as he continued speaking, "to transform into, that is if it really is a Zoan type fruit. Remember once you eat it, there's no going back and you can't eat another one or else..."

"Yeah, I know, Thatch! But I'll take my chances. I'm not picky at all about what kind of devil fruit it is," Marco exclaimed determent as he stared down at his devil fruit, "What are they chances that I'd find another fruit later in life?"

A few of the kids all groaned a bit as they remember one of the rules of the Whitebeard pirates was that if you found a devil fruit, then it was yours to do with as you pleased, and nobody in the crew was allowed to try and take it from the finder unless they gave it up willingly.

"So that's why, Anders, you caused a ruckus for in the town square over." Another older boy who looked to be around eighteen years old, glared for a moment jealously before shooting Marco an accusing look that caused the younger boy to squirm a bit under his angered gaze, as he reached out and easily plucked the fruit out of Marco's hands and starts examining it up close, "is that why you nearly got us all captured because you stole that devil fruit from a vendor? Maybe I should keep it for myself."

"Hey! Give that back to me Teach! You know pops rules! I found it so it's mine!" Marco exclaimed angrily as he quickly jumped to his feet and tried to grab the fruit back from the taller boy who only cackled a bit as he held the fruit out of reach from the shorter boy, as Teach used one hand to hold Marco back at arm's length, "Give it back damn it!"

"Teach! Stop picking on Marco already and give him back his devil fruit!" Thatch demanded as he also stood up and started to advance on the other two boys, as he glared angrily at Teach for a moment who was good foot shorter than Thatch, "don't make me force you to give it back."

"Don't get your panties in a twist, Thatch, you can have the blasted thing back. It's not even the devil fruit I really want anyways," Teach said dismissively as he gave the fruit in his hands one last look of disdain before tossing it back into Marco's grasping hands, as he glared at Thatch angrily for a moment for ruining his fun, "so I'm not going to bother giving up my one chance to get it by eating this one like you are. The one you found is probably a fake anyways."

"Whatever, Teach. I don't care. Now that I got a devil fruit I don't care what it is. I'm not going to waste my time holding out for a fruit someone else might already have anyways," Marco said as he clutched his reclaimed devil fruit to his chest as he eyed Teach suspiciously for a moment, as he childishly stuck his tongue out at the older boy and leaped back when Teach was about to hit him as he glanced down at his fruit for a moment, "Your right if I eat this fruit now, I won't be able to eat another one later, but I have a feeling about this one and I want the power it can give me, no matter what it might be..."

"Why you little brat!" Teach exclaimed angrily for a moment.

"So when are you going to eat it, Marco?" another of the kids asked eagerly, wanting to know what kind of devil fruit power Marco was going.

"Not now. I'm going to wait until we get back home to the ship before I eat it." Marco said, as he ignored the disappointed groans and glares he was now receiving everyone there because of is announcement as he quickly continued speaking of his plans, "I want Pops to see it first before I eat it all."

"Look everyone, we have to come up with a plan to get back home to the Moby Dick." Thatch announce, as he glanced around at the six other kids, as they all turned their gazes on him, though Teach was still grumbling a bit in anger, "We'll have to split up and go our separate ways if we're going to make it back before the sun goes down, so here's the plan I have..."

Awhile later, Marco was running through the streets again, this time alone and keeping out of sight of anybody who might recognize him from earlier, as he started making his way out of town as he decided it was time to make his way back home before he got into trouble for being late.

'Why does all this running seem familiar to me? Though I can't remember any of my past,' Marco thought silently to himself as he made his way through the streets of the town once again, as a slight smirk appeared on his lips as he saw that the coast seemed to be clear so far of any of the people who had been chasing him earlier, as he started casually walking again, trying to not draw any attention to himself, 'it just seems natural to be dodging people who are trying to catch and hurt me. Whatever it is, at least its keeping me on my toes and...'

Though just as he was turning a corner, when...


"OWWWW..." Marco's voice cried out in pain, as he slammed hard into somebody and was knocked off his feet from the force of the hit, as he heard someone else crying out in pain as he started to see stars before his eyes, "What the hell?! What hit me?"

"Why don't you watch where you're going? That really hurt?!" a young girls voice exclaimed angrily, "I'm in a hurry, and now you've slowed me down!"

Still feeling disoriented from the collision, Marco blinks his green eyes in the direction of the voice, to see that the person he had slammed into was a young girl with long black hair and pale blue eyes who looked to be about his own age wearing raggedy looking clothes and a brown hooded cape. She had also been knocked off her feet by the collision and was now trying to gather up the things that she had been carrying that had been scattered when they had collided.

"Excuse me?! I'll have you know that you slammed into me! I was just going around the corner and you barreled into me out of nowhere," Marco exclaimed angrily as he got back to his feet, while checking his backpack to see if his devil fruit and other items were still okay, before letting out a sigh of relief when he saw everything was still fine, before turning back to the girl once more and his eyes widen a bit in shock as he watched extra arms appear everywhere and gather up the things that had landed further away, "Wait, you have a devil fruit power?!"

"What if I do? What's it to you? Are you going to call me a freak." the girl demanded defensively as she scowled at Marco for a moment, as her extra arms pile up her belongings into her regular arms, "If you do I'll..."

"Nope I have a lot of good friends who have devil fruit powers," Marco said, looking a bit smug as he saw the surprised look on the girls face at his words as he quickly continues speaking as he pushed himself to his feet, "and I even got myself a devil fruit just today, which I plan on eating as soon as I get home with it."

Before the girl could react to what he had just said, a loud commotion coming from the direction the girl had come from caught both their attention and they both cautiously peered around the corner to see large group of people armed with weapons came charging down the street, and Marco recognized a few of members in the crowd from earlier.

"Oh crap! They're after me!" both children cried out at the same time, before they both paused for a second and turned their gazes towards each other once more with incredulous looks on their faces as they pointed accusing fingers at each other as they asked at the same time, "Wait. What do you mean that they are after you?!"

For a few seconds, Marco stared at the girl in surprise after hearing that the people around the corner were after her as well, as he felt like he should recognize her for some reason, but he had no idea where he had seen her before. Shaking his head for a moment as he saw the panicked look on her face as she glanced around in search of a place that she could hide in as the voices of their pursuers got closer, Marco quickly came to a decision as he reached out and grabbed the girls hand and starts tugging her along behind him.

"Look whichever one of us they are after, neither of us can stay here. We got to get out of here before they catch both us." Marco said, as he glanced back around the corner and saw that the mob had stopped to search the area they were for a few seconds, before turning his gaze on the girl just as she was pulling her hood back up to cover her face, and he reached out and grabbed her hand and starts dragging her along behind him despite her protests and attempts of trying to break free of his grip on his hand as he shot her a dark look, "Come on let's stick together and we might lose them! We got to hide!"

Ducking into a nearby alleyway, he spots a bunch of large human sized pots with lids on top that were littering the alleyway, that looked big enough to fit at least two people in them, and smirked a bit as he led the way towards one of the pots and pulled off a lid, and quickly helped the girl into the pot before grabbing the lid and climbing into the pot with the lid closing off the opening. As they waited, they carefully peeked out from underneath the lid to watch and listen as the gang of people they were hiding from soon passed by, and they could hear the groups voices from where they were hiding.

"Great first we lost those gang of kid thieves earlier, now we've lost the gold mine of the century in that Nico Robin girl," another man said angrily as he glanced around once more, and stuck his head into the alley that Robin and Marco were hiding in as they barely ducked back underneath the pot lid in time before he noticed anything out of the ordinary, as the man turned back to his companions with a disgruntled huff, "Seventy-nine million beli just for that kid? My family and I'd be set for life if I can catch her and turn her in for that bounty of hers. Who knew such a little thing could be worth so much?"

"Where is that brat?! I swear I saw her come this way! She couldn't have gotten very far in such a short time!" one of the men in the group exclaimed angrily as he glanced around for any sign of their target but couldn't seem to spot it, "with a bounty like the one she has we'll all be set for life if we can just catch her and hand her over to the marines."

"In your dreams pal. I'm the one who's going to cash in on the brat once I catch her. After what I heard about what the people of Ohara did last year, the brat shouldn't be allowed to roam free," His companion said, earning a glare from the one who had spoken about the bounty along with the rest of their companions as they continued on their way arguing amongst themselves about who was going to cash in on Nico Robin's bounty, until the groups voices faded away from the children's hearing range.

After a few minutes of waiting, the lid on the pot the duo were hiding in, lifted up once more as the pair peered out from under the lid to look for any signs of their pursuers, but didn't see or hear anything, before they ducked back underneath the lid and started talking to each other in low whispers.

"Wait so your from Ohara? Isn't that the island that..." Marco exclaimed as his eyes widened in shock at the girl before him in disbelief for a moment, before scowling a bit when he saw Robin flinch back a bit in fear as she stared wide eyed at him with a apprehensive look on her face, "I thought you looked familiar. I've seen your wanted posters around. You're Nico Robin. I saw your wanted poster recently and..."

"Yes it's that Ohara, that the marines destroyed and massacred the people living there, and I'm the only survivor." the girl said, as she felt tears welling up inside of her eyes as she stared back at Marco defiantly for a moment, "I'm Nico Robin. What are you going to do now? Turn me in for the bounty everyone else is after?"

"I'm Anders D. Marco pirate cabin boy at your service, it's nice to meet ya, and there's no way I'm turning you in, Robin." Marco said as a slight smirk appeared on his face for a moment as he reached out a hand towards Robin who hesitantly took his hand and they shook hands, as he and Robin stared at each other in silence, "it wouldn't be fair to turn you in, especially when I'm on the run myself."

"Look why don't you come back to the ship with me? I'm sure pops would let you stay onboard if we asked. He won't try and turn you into the marines like those other guys did. Once your onboard you'll be safe," Marco said before shrugging a bit at the disbelieving look on Robin's face as she stared at him suspiciously for a moment, as a slight smirk appeared on his features for a moment, "since not even the marines would dare try and mess with pops if they find out your with him. He'll take anyone onboard if they want to join the crew whether they are boys or girls. I've been with the crew since they rescued me when I was six."

"Rescued you from what exactly? Who's this 'pops' exactly if not even the marines would dare mess with him? Plus why are you calling him pops" Robin asked as her eyes narrowed a bit suspiciously as she felt torn between wanting to trust the black haired boy before her, or taking her chances and simply keep running, rather than risk being hurt and betrayed again, "if he's the captain of your pirate ship? And are you sure he would really take me in? I've dealt with pirates before who broke their promise to me."

"I don't know what they rescued me from exactly. I was unconscious for a few days, and when I woke up, I had no memory of my past at all beyond waking up in the ships infirmary. I didn't even know my name but pops gave me the one I have now. Pops has everybody on board call him that. Don't tell me why. But his real name is Edward 'Whitebeard' Newgate, leader of the Whitebeard Pirates." Marco said, as he grinned a bit smugly as he saw the wide eyed look Robin was now giving him when she heard the name of the captain of his crew, as he quickly keeps speaking, as he held out his hand towards her once more, "You don't have to worry about him. Once he gives his word to someone he always keeps it no matter what. So what do you say? Trust me, and give pops a chance, or stay here and be hunted and probably be on the run forever?"

For a few seconds, Robin looked thoughtful and worried as she weighed her options on what she should do. After what had been happening to her for the past year since Ohara had been destroyed by the marines, leaving her the only survivor and a huge bounty on her head when she was only eight years old, Robin's was wary to trust anyone these days. But at the moment she was getting tired of being on the run, and wanted a way off the island anyways, as she stared at Marco's sincere face for a few seconds longer, she came to decision as she reached out and grasped the offered hand.

"Fine I will go with you, if your captain lets me come. I need a way off this island anyways. If he's really like what you described, I might stay," Robin said with a determined look on her face, as a slight blush crept to her cheeks as Marco laughed a bit at her response to his offer as his hand tightened for a moment in hers before letting go, "But if I don't like it onboard I'll leave first chance I get as soon as we make land again, and what's so funny?"

Awhile later, the sun was just getting ready to set in the horizon as the Whitebeard pirates waited impatiently for young Anders D. Marco to arrive on the pirate ship. The rest of the children who had left the ship with him earlier had already returned hours ago, and the ships repairs were finally done and the pirate crew were ready to set sail once more.

'Just where is that boy? After what the other children said happened in town, I hope he hasn't been captured,' Edward thought frantically as he sat on his throne like chair facing the pathway leading up to the hidden cover, as he searched for +any signs of young Marco's arrival, 'we need to start heading out soon if we're going to catch the tide out without being seen...'

Just then there was a commotion from deck, as two small figures came barreling into the cove at full speed heading straight for the Moby Dick. One of the figures was easily identified as Marco, as he seemed to be dragging a young girl behind him by the hand as they ran.

"Marco! You little brat! Where have you been! We've all been worried about you!" one of the crew members shouted as he and another crew member lowered the gangplank to the shore to allow the kids onboard, "who's that with you? I haven't seen her before."

"This is Robin, she's a friend, I gotta go see pops for a minute." Marco said as he and the girl made their way towards the lowered gangplank and quickly made it on board, releasing Robin's hand as the hooded girl started following him on board on her own, as she looked around the ship warily for a moment, as she followed after Marco out as the boy stopped in front of a tall and was rubbing the back of his head sheepishly as he stared at Whitebeard, "Sorry I'm late getting back, but I had a bit of trouble getting back down to the cove without getting spotted."

"Marco where the hell have you been? We were about to send out a search party for you when you and your friend finally showed up," Edward demanded as he stood in front of the black haired boy, as he looked Marco over for a moment to make sure nothing was wrong with him, before turning his gaze on Robin once more, "And who is this that you brought home with you?"

"This is Nico Robin, pops, and she's the main reason why I'm late coming back. I couldn't leave her back there, because there were people after her who wanted to hurt her," Marco said quickly as he reached out for Robin's hand and pulled her forward to stand in front of him as he reached up to pull off her hood despite her protests to show the rest of the crew what Robin looked like, "She's Nico Robin, the girl the marine's have been after for the last year. Can she stay and join the crew? We helped each other get away from the guys chasing us, and she needs a place to stay, so the marines won't get her."

"So you're the infamous Nico Robin who I hear singlehandedly sunk all those marine battleships at the age of eight last year?" Edward said as he stood in front of Robin and Marco with a stern look on his features causing Robin to back up a bit in fear, if it was for Marco stopping her from bolting as he gripped her hand and gave it a reassuring squeeze, "Tell me lass, exactly why should I allow someone with your reputation onboard my ship?"

"Look, I swear that everything that you heard about me are all lies the marines are telling people so that they won't help me! As soon as they recognize me they either fear me because of what I supposedly did or they pretend to be nice then go and try and turn me in for the bounty the marines have my head. I never did anything to deserve the marines coming after me. I'm a certified archeologist from Ohara, and I never did anything wrong in my life to have the marines after me," Robin exclaimed angrily as her face flushed a bit in her anger at Edwards words as she stared up at the older man in fear for a moment, as frustrated tears came to her eyes, "A year ago, they destroyed my home island for no reason other than because we were studying ancient things they didn't want people to know about anymore. The marines had even promised to let the civilians who lived on the island go free while the scientists and archeologists stayed and faced and the marines, then they turned around and shot down the boat killing everyone on board so there was no survivors. I was eight last year and the only thing I did was run away with the help of a marine and just kept running. I didn't attack anyone or anything, but then the next thing I knew there are wanted posters going around with my picture on them and a huge bounty on my head, telling how the marines are after me because I supposedly singlehandedly destroyed a bunch of their ships all by myself which is nothing but a big fat lie, but nobody ever cares to hear my side of what happened.."

"Calm down lass. Whatever beef you have with the marines doesn't matter here. If Marco's vouching for you, you are more than welcome to join my crew if you want for as long as you want to stay. Everybody is welcomed to join as long as they can pull their own weight around here," Edward said simply as he gently rested a hand on top of her head, as his eyes lit up a bit in mirth as he saw the incredulous look Robin was now giving him through her tears because of his words, "no matter what their pasts are. Maybe we can put your archeology skills to use here to help us on our exploits. No one here will turn you over to the marines."

"But what about..." Robin asked as she glanced worriedly at the rest of the crew for a moment.

"Like I already said, nobody here will turn you over for the bounty. We don't trust the marines any better than you do and turning you in would be pretty stupid of us anyway," Edward said with a slight shrug of his shoulders, as he his gaze immediately became stern on the rest of the crew who all immediately backed up in fright at the look Edward was now directing at all of them, "because the marines would be coming after us rather than hand over the bounty. We may as well be turning ourselves in as well while we're at it. Right everyone?"

"See I told you everything would be fine if you came," Marco said with a slight smirk on his lips, as Robin met his gaze for a moment, as the crew all voiced their agreement to Whitebeards announcement, "welcome to the Whitebeard Pirates, Robin. Maybe if you stay long enough, you'll be a

"Now Marco, what's this I hear from the other kids that you found yourself a devil fruit?" Edward demanded, before Robin could say anything in response to what Marco had said, causing the two nine year olds to turn their attention towards the pirate captain once more, to see he was now holding out a hand towards Marco with his palm up, "Let me see what you got, lad."

Pulling away from Robin immediately, Marco pulled off his backpack and rummaged around in it for a moment before pulling out the devil fruit and reluctantly handed it over to Whitebeard without a word.

Taking the devil fruit into his large hand, Edward examined it from all sides for a moment, as if trying to gauge what it was just by looking at it, before letting out a loud snort as he handed it back to Marco after about a minute.

"Nicely done lad, in finding yourself a devil fruit, I have a feeling you might have lucked out with this one," Edward said cheerfully, as he smirked down at Marco for a moment as the brunette grinned back as he cradled the devil fruit in his hands for a moment, "so why don't you eat it now, so we can find out exactly what kind of devil fruit did you get from town."

Nodding his head at Edwards words, Marco gulped a bit nervously as he stared down at the fruit once more, Marco gained a determined look on his face, as he brought the fruit to his mouth and took as big a bite as he could from the fruit, as he cringed a bit at the horrible taste that filled his mouth after one bite, as he fought down the urge to throw up as he quickly swallowed the first mouthful, then proceeded to finish off the fruit, as he realized that he might have really found a devil fruit, because he always heard from the devil fruit user members of the crew about how no matter what type of fruit breed it started out as, devil fruits always gave off a horrible taste no matter what the fruit was.

Still cringing as he finished off the last of the devil fruit, Marco licked his lips as he easily tossed the core of the fruit into a nearby trash barrel, as he wiped his mouth with the back of his sleeve, as he turned his gaze on everyone as they stared at him expectantly.

"So how was it?" one of the crew members asked.

"Horrible. I don't think I'm ever going to get that taste out of my mouth," Marco deadpanned as he stuck his tongue out, as he glanced down at his hands for a moment and flexed them as if expecting something to happen, before shooting a accusing glare at the rest of the crew, "are all devil fruits supposed to taste like that."

"Yep, they always taste bad no matter what. Though you should look at the bright side." Another crew member said with a slight smirk as he saw the disgusted look on Marco's face as the younger boy scowled at him for a moment, "If it tasted horrible, then you didn't get a dud after all, Marco. It's either that or it was rotten."

"Well if what you had was definitely a devil fruit and not some fake, you should try doing something." Robin said as she sat next to Marco watching him steadily for a moment.

"Do something like what?" Marco demanded.

"Try anything. Anything could trigger the power," one of the crew members said.

"Fine." Marco said, but before he could say anything more he let out a startled gasp of pain as pain seemed to rock through his body causing him to nearly double over in agony as it felt like his body was on fire starting from his forehead as the strange lightning bolt shaped scar on his forehead suddenly started bleeding as a strange shrieking, black smoke started to pour out of the cut and disappear into the wind.

Through the pain he could hear the others calling his name as they grabbed him, only for them to all pull back as his body seemed to burst into blue and gold flames, as his feet seemed to morph into taloned clawed feet that reminded him of a birds feet, and he could see his arms morphing into wings that were also giving off the same blue and yellow flames that was now engulfing his body.

'What the heck is going on?' were Marco's last thoughts before everything went dark around him and he knew nothing more, as his unconscious body slowly fell to the deck floor in a heap and transformed back into his human form, 'It's not supposed to hurt...'

Awhile later, found Marco waking up with a splitting headache in the ships infirmary, as he stared blankly up at the familiar ceiling for a moment, as his foggy mind tried to process what had happened to him, before memories of what had happened earlier filled his mind, as he groaned loudly and covered his eyes with one arm.

'What the hell? Why did my head hurt like that after eating the devil fruit? I don't think I remember seeing any of the other crew wind up in the hospital wing,' Marco thought angrily to himself for a moment, as he tried think through the throbbing pain cursing through his head, and flinched a bit in pain as his arm came in contact with his now sensitive skin, as a slight frown crept to his lips as he felt bandages wrapped around his head, 'after eating their first devil fruit. Was Teach right and the blasted thing was a total dud? And why's my head wrapped up?'

As he laid there on his bed, a noise caught his attention, as he turned his gaze to a nearby corner, and chuckled a bit as he saw Robin sound asleep in the large chair that Whitebeard usually sat in, wrapped up in a warm blanket as she laid curled up in the chair. From what he could see of her from what was sticking out from under the blanket, it looked like Robin had at least gotten a bath and clean clothes during the time he was knocked out.

'Why's she here waiting? We barely even know each other,' Marco thought silently to himself as he gingerly pushed himself up into a sitting position on his bed, as he glanced around the hospital room for anyone else he knew, only to groan a bit when he saw one of the nurses coming his way with a stern look as he gave her an innocent looking smile, "Hiya, Nurse Crocket. What's going on today?"

Nurse Crockett was a tanned skinned middle aged woman with gray brown hair and purple eyes, who had been working onboard the Moby Dick for the last fifteen years and had originally come from Drum Island. She and a few other medical staff onboard had personally taken it on herself to take care of the medical needs of Marco and the other younger crew members, and acted like an overprotective mother hen towards Marco whenever he wound up in the hospital wing for something or another ever since his mysterious arrival onboard the Moby Dick three years ago.

"Young man, don't you 'hiya Nurse Crocket' me and lay back down on that bed this minute!" Nurse Crocket exclaimed irritably, as she came forward and made the young boy lie back down with a withering look on her features, "You've had everyone here worried sick about you again. You just can't keep out of trouble can you? I gave young Robin a checkup and fed, but she wouldn't leave your bedside other than eat and use the restroom."

"Hey its not my fault this time! All I did was bite into a bloody devil fruit, and the next thing I know I'm in agony. Nobody told me that eating one of them would hurt as well as taste horrible," Marco exclaimed as a slight blush of embarrassment crept up to his cheeks as he saw the look he was getting from the older woman as he squirmed a bit under her gaze, "How long have I been in the medical wing this time? Not very long I hope?"

"You're lucky, young man. You've only been unconscious for a few hours after your little stunt." Nurse Crockett said as clicked her tongue against her teeth for a moment in thought as she gave him a full examination, "In all my days I've never seen anyone react to a devil fruit the way you did. You're the first user I've seen who's been in pain as their new power woke up."

"Lucky me..." Marco grumbled a bit, then yelped a bit in pain when Nurse Crockett flicked his ear hard with her fingers in retaliation, causing him to grab his stinging ear as he glared at her, "what was that for?!"

"Show some respect, kiddo. You had a lot of people worried while you were unconscious." Nurse Crockett said, scolding him as he cringed a bit at the glare she was now giving him, when he heard a voice calling his name.

"Marco? Are you awake already?" Robin's sleepy voice asked, causing Marco and Nurse Crockett to turn to see Robin sitting up in Edwards chair with the blanket resting on her lap as she stretched and yawned sleepily, as she scowled at the black haired boy, "Everyone else has gone to sleep waiting for you to wake up. How are you feeling?"

"I'm fine except my head hurts," Marco said as he reached up with his fingers to rub at the bandage covering his forehead as a slight frown crept to his lips, "What happened anyways to cause it to hurt so much? And why's my head bandaged up?"

"We don't know why you reacted that way to the fruit, Marco. In all my days I've never seen that kind of reaction from someone eating a devil fruit before," Nurse Crockett said, as she slowly shook her head ruefully, as she glanced at the two preteens thoughtfully for a moment, as she walks over to a water pitcher and fills an empty glass with water, and brings it over to Marco, who gratefully takes the glass and drinks from it, "your devil fruit reacted badly to something inside of you and it nearly killed you."

"It nearly killed me?!" Marco exclaimed.

"Yes, and that weird lightning scar on your forehead opened up and some kind of screaming black smoke came pouring out of it," Robin said as she hopped of the chair and came to stand at his bedside as she narrowed her eyes on him suspiciously as she reached out to touch his bandaged forehead, only to jerk back and hiss in pain when her hand came in contact with it, "It really still hurts doesn't it?"

"Of course it still hurts! And what are you talking about when you say 'Screaming black smoke'? Are you guys pulling my leg or something? I don't know what all of you are talking about." Marco asked as his eyes narrowed a bit suspiciously at his friends as he searched their faces for any sign that they were simply joking about what they had just told him, but he didn't see any, as he shook his head in denial, as confusion filled him as he realized that he very vaguely remembered seeing the smoke coming from his forehead, "My scar couldn't have done what you said it did, and I sure as heck don't know anything about 'screaming black smoke' that might have been trapped inside it."

"Well it did," Robin said stubbornly as she crossed her arms as she glared back at Marco for a moment, as she turned to Nurse Crockett for support, "Everybody saw and heard it scream didn't we?"

"She's telling the truth Marco." Nurse Crocket said, nodding her head in confirmation with what Robin had just said, as she reached out and gently tapped the area above the bandage lightly, "it looks like you had something that shouldn't have been in your scar, and your new devil fruit powers somehow got rid of it."

"Well whatever it was, I'm glad its gone then. My head feels lighter now for some reason without it there. Wait my devil fruit power! What is it?" Marco said as he reluctantly laid back against the mattress of his hospital bed as a thoughtful look appeared on his face for a moment, before he jerk upright again, "The last thing I remember seeing is my body bursting into flames, but at the same time I turned into a bird? Because of the bird part, I guess I'm a bird Zoan devil fruit user, but what am I exactly if there are flames as well?"

"Looks like you lucked out with the fruit you picked up, Marco. You didn't just get a simple Zoan bird-type devil fruit. We looked it up in the encyclopedia while you were unconscious," Nurse Crockett said as a slight smile appeared on her lips as Marco turned his gaze on her once more, "But you managed to get your hands on a Mythical Zoan devil fruit. Your Zoan form is a blue and gold Phoenix of all things. It's a legendary bird who's body is made out of flames."

"I'm a phoenix? That's cool!" Marco said excitedly as a huge smile appeared on his lips just as a loud yawn escaped from his mouth, as he stretched a bit, "I'm going to enjoy this!"

"Why don't you get some sleep, its obvious that your still exhausted from your ordeal," Nurse Crockett said, as he forced Marco to lie back against his bed despite his protests and started tucking him in, and turned towards Robin who was also starting to yawn once again as the older woman walked around Marco's bed and gently gripped Robin's arm and starts moving her towards one of the spare hospital beds and helped her into the bed, "As for you, young lady, no more sleeping in the captains lounge chair tonight. You're going to bed as well."

"But we're not tired yet," the two kids whined just as another yawn escaped their lips.

"Pull the other one when you're not both yawning in synch with each other. Go to sleep already. The captain wants to talk to you in the morning Marco." Nurse Crockett said as she tucked Robin into her bed, and moved towards the candle wick lanterns that lit up the room, and starts blowing them out and causing the room to darken as she starts making her way out of the medical wing, "I'll see you both in the morning. Good night."

"Hey Robin are you still awake?" Marco called out sleepily as he turned over on his side to face the bed Robin was sleeping in, a few minutes after Nurse Crockett had left.

"Yeah... I'm still awake. What is it?" Robin said sleepily.

"I wanted to say thanks for staying around while I was unconscious. I really appreciate it," Marco said cheerfully after a few seconds.

"You're welcome, Marco. I only stuck around to make sure you were okay and thank you for bringing me here," Robin said, giggling a bit, as she turned over on her own bed to face him, and the two of them found themselves staring at each other in the dim light of the hospital wing, "after everything I've been through for last couple of months since Ohara was destroyed, I didn't really think I'd find a safe place with pirates."

"Well I told ya to trust me didn't I?" Marco said cheekily.

To be continued...

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Besides it wouldn't be much of a Marco & Robin romance if it takes them twenty years to finally meet, and by then Robin's not as easily trusting as she would still be as a kid, after twenty years of everybody always backstabbing her or trying to catch her for the bounty, until Luffy comes along into her life.

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