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Author's Notes: Okay, so to clarify things, thanks to Dobby, Harry gets sent to the One Piece world during the summer before Harry's second year at Hogwarts, with amnesia and has been deaged a few years. He gets found by Whitebeard and joins his crew, and thanks to his amnesia is renamed Marco, and later gets the Mythical Phoenix Zoan Devil Fruit just like canon Marco did.

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TheBlackSeaReaper's & Guest's Harry Potter-One Piece crossover Challenge #102 idea - Little is known about Marco's past, before he was Marco he was Harry Potter but because of an accident in the summer after the first year of school, and before the beginning of the chamber of secrets, he was teleported by his magic to the one piece world. Losing his memory Harry becomes Marco.

-sent before the chamber of secrets and returns to the goblet of fire
-returns to the one piece world before Ace's execution
-after returning to the wizarding world he retains his powers
-Dumbledore bashing and Molly Ron and Ginny bashing

Word Count: 11,420

Summary: (OP!HP crossover) What if, Harry Potter disappeared the night Dobby came to warn Harry from returning for his second year at Hogwarts? After witnessing how the Dursley's treated Harry, Dobby used his magic to send Harry far away from everything to keep him safe from both the Dursley's and Voldemort and gives him a chance to start over elsewhere. (Time Travel!Harry IS Marco)

'Hi' - thinking
"§§Hi§§" – Parseltongue
"^Hi^" – Harry talking while in Zoan form
"~Hi~" – Bird-speak

The Phoenix Requiem
Chapter 5: Wind Beneath My Wings
By: Sakura Lisel

-~Archimedes Battleship, Black Lake - October 24, 2006-~

Late that night as the crew of the Archimedes Battleship were busy getting things in order and doing last minute checkups all onboard the ship to make sure there was no permanent damage done after the previous nights earlier escapades, before they were to head off to bed for some well-deserved rest.

It had been a hectic night for everyone on board the ship, as they were still trying to gauge what had been happened.

Just a few hours ago, the crew had been sailing the familiar seas of the Grand Line, when they suddenly found themselves caught in a strange thunder storm that came out of nowhere and tried to take away their captain, Anders D. Marco, but instead their pirate ship along with themselves wound up being dragged along for the ride, as they suddenly found themselves transported into a different world.

Now the crew found themselves stranded in the middle of a lake of all things in an unfamiliar land, where they were first greeted by a Snowy White Owl named Hedwig who Marco somehow seemed to know, with a nearby castle who's residents had shown up onboard the Archimedes with loud pops searching for a lost boy named Harry Potter who they had believed was onboard their ship, who was responsible for them being brought there.

At first the crew had denied that there had been anybody onboard with that name, but it wasn't until the strangers had given them a description of the one they were looking for, that everyone had realized that the 'Harry Potter' whom the strangers were looking for sounded a lot like their captain. It wasn't until when the owl was mentioned that all the pieces fit, as he stepped forward to introduce himself and deny their claims of who they thought he was.

The ensuing meeting had lasted a couple of hours and had left Marco feeling frustrated and annoyed as he remembered what had happened with the 'talk' with the trespassers onboard his ship.


-~Archimedes Battleship, Black Lake - October 23, 2006-~

A few hours later found Marco and his crew seated inside of the Archimedes' mess hall, as they reluctantly listened to Albus Dumbledore's explanation about why they had been brought here. After the group of magicals had gotten over their initial shock at seeing the blond haired adult version of their missing child savior, and not only that but he had complete amnesia and had no clue who any of them were or even who he himself was.

After getting permission from Marco and his crew to allow Poppy to run some tests on him and his crew, Poppy had performed some quick medical scans on every member of the crew and prescribed potions and healing spells to some crew members who had been badly injured during the freefall of their ship towards Black Lake, before casting more medical scans on Marco that proved without a doubt that Marco was indeed Harry Potter, the group had been led into the ships large mess hall to have a long talk on their current situation they were in.

At first the four magicals had been in instant denial about what they had discovered, but had to reluctantly admit that even with the blond hair, Marco looked too much like the diseased James Potter with Lily Potter's emerald green eyes to be anybody else except the lost Potter heir, and had even brought out some old pictures of 'Harry Potter' that had been taken when he was attending Hogwarts for his first year, and even the pirate crew members who had been with Marco since he was a kid on Whitebeards ship, all agreed that the pictures matched what Marco used to look like when he was that age.

After some explanations the pirates had been skeptical and wary about their intruders, especially after Albus had introduced himself and his companions before going into a lengthy explanation about exactly where they were, and that he was the headmaster of the school while his companions were members of the schools staff, who had accompanied Albus to the boat in their search for their missing student.

"So let me get this straight once and for all. Somehow I am a 'wizard' named 'Harry Potter', who is also your missing boy savior who has only been missing for three years here, compared to the twenty-four years I spent back home? And that I'm supposed to be fourteen right now and been entered into some kind of tournament that's responsible for dragging my crew and myself here against our wills?" Marco asked skeptically as he eyed each of the intruders warily for a moment, before he continued speaking once Albus and the others nodded their heads in agreement to his question, before a slow smirk appeared on his face as he glanced around at his crew and saw the amusement on their own faces, "That's the biggest load of shit I've ever heard. Do you people even hear yourselves? Sure you have those pictures of what looks like me when I was eleven, but that's impossible. I know for a fact that when I was eleven I was sailing the seas with the Whitebeard Pirates like always, causing mayhem and chaos in my wake. I've never been to your school or done any of those things the pictures show me doing. Nearly everyone on my crew can attest to that since most of them were there with me the entire time, right everyone? Hell, even Robin here can attest to that one since we've been together since we were kids."

"Marco is more than correct on that note. I've known him since we were eight and we've both never been anywhere except with the Whitebeard Pirates. Its mere concept of the matter is simply just impossible," Robin said as she took a seat next to Marco at the table as she handed Marco another mug of ale, which he gratefully took and while she took a sip from her own mug of ale, before continuing talking after setting her mug down on the table, "So even I can not fathom how you can possibly have pictures of him when he was eleven years old. Such a thing is more than impossible. We've never been to this land before or seen you people before now."

"Aye! Half of us here practically grew up with Marco on Captain Whitebeards ship from the time we were young kids until Marco decided he wanted his own ship and crew," one of the crew mates called out, causing most of the crew members, "and we all chose to join up with him,"

"Pardon me, Mr. Potter, but I assure you that everything we say is the truth. Despite how old you are now, you have to be the one we have been seeking for the last three years. Everything you told us that happened prior to your arrival points to that simple fact," Minerva said, trying to remain as calm as possible as she stared worriedly at the young man before her, who looked so much like the young boy she remembered yet at the same time looked so different, as she gestured towards Hedwig who was currently resting on a nearby golden bird pedestal that that Marco had brought out from his quarters, "Just the fact that Hedwig came to you of all people proves what we say, since you were her owner and she must have sensed your return or else she wouldn't have flown to the ship after it arrived and found you."

"Sorry but I don't remember any of you, or this 'Pigfarts' place you say I attended as a kid, and I am not remotely interested in going back to that life," Marco said with a slight shrug of his shoulders, as a look of annoyance appeared on his face for a moment as he thought over everything he had learned so far since the arrival of his 'guests', "Plus even if half of what you say is true. It doesn't change the fact of my age. I was six years old when I lost my memories, not eleven. How do you explain that?"

"The school is called Hogwarts, my dear boy, and from what I can surmise, I believe that whoever sent you away, they must have deaged you somehow to that of a six year old as well as erased your memories of your past, my dear boy," Albus piped in, deciding to add in his own two bits to the conversation at hand, as everyone turned their attention to the older man, as a contemplative look appeared on his face, "If you would come back to the castle with us, I am sure that we can fix things and get you sorted. Hopefully we can find a way to return your memories of who you truly are, plus I'm also sure Severus can find a potion that will return you to your proper age and…"

"No way in hell." Marco snapped, causing Albus to stop in midsentence as the older man stared at Marco in confusion.

"I beg your pardon, my dear boy?" Albus asked.

"You should be. Let's get something straight old man. I am not your 'dear boy', second, I don't want my memories back, I'm more than happy with who I am now. Years ago, I've made my peace with myself over my lack of memories from before I was six years old. Back when I was still a kid, the idea of having my memories of my past would have been nice, but that's all they are. They are in the past, and I have lived my entire life without them. What good would it do me getting them back now after all these years?" Marco snapped angrily as he shot Albus a glare that could have melted the elderly man on the spot if it could, as Marco sat back in his chair and crossed his arms across his chest, as he eyes the four magicals skeptically for a moment before focusing completely on Albus once more, "Whoever I was before I lost my memories is officially dead, and no longer has a part in the life I have now or a part of the person I grew up to be without my old memories. I decided this years ago that I have no need for memories of a life that's been out of my memory for over twenty-four years. It has no bearing on the person that I am now. If I was meant to have them back I would have gotten them back long before now, and third, what do you mean by 'fix me and return me to my proper age'? This IS my proper age, ya daft barmy old git. There is nothing to fix about my current age."

"No, I am afraid that your current age simply won't do. Your proper age is fourteen. Everyone here would expect you to be that age when you return. It wouldn't do to confuse the masses about your current state if you were to return as you currently are," Albus said simply, ignoring the insulting words that Marco had just called him as he nodded his head in agreement to what he had just said, as a smile appeared on his lips as he stared at the blond haired man before him, "I'm sure that we can return you to your proper age of fourteen so that you may once again return to your studies here at Hogwarts while you compete in the Triwizard Tournament and..."

"I said no, old man! I have no more need for school. I'm not attending a school meant for kids. I have no interest in whatever it is you and your school have to offer. Even if I did, there is no way in hell am I going to go back to being a kid again. I don't know what is going on in your mind, if you seriously think," Marco snapped angrily, once again, as the temperature in the room seemed to be heating up as Marco spoke, as Robin and his crew gave their captain worried looks as Marco's anger flared up for a moment and almost activated his devil fruit power as he continued speaking as he forced himself to calm down, "that turning me back into a kid will ever be an option. I'm quite happy with my current age and have no intention of going through puberty again to appease people I don't know or who's 'opinions' about me mean very little as far as I am concerned. Plus, I never agreed to compete in this tournament so you may as well send us back home right this second. We have more important things to do than to waste our time playing in a children's tourney."

"Show some respect for your elders, you insolent brat! Despite your supposed current age, you are still the spoiled little brat I remember from three years ago. We are trying to help you, you dunderhead, and this is how you react? Such insolence. But I wouldn't put it past a Potter." Severus snapped angrily, as he glared at Marco, though he flinched a bit at the killing intent aura's that were now directed at him by Marco and his crew all turned their attention on him, as he ignored the glares they were giving him and focused on Marco solely as a sneer of his own appeared on Severus' face as he met Marco's eyes, "Whoever you are now, it's obvious to me that you're still the disrespectful little brat you always were. Just like your arrogant father. Plus, obviously whoever raised you in your 'new' life didn't teach you how to properly respect your betters and… ACK!"

Whatever Severus was about to say next was immediately cut off, as there was suddenly a flash of light, as Marco was suddenly out of his seat and was now standing face to face with Severus, just before Marco grabbed Severus by the throat with one hand and had the potions master pinned against a nearby wall by one hand with Severus' feet dangling off the floor, as Marco's green eyes seem to give off an unearthly glow as green and blue flames started to lick off of his body.

"I don't know who you think are, grease ball, but I can tell you now that I don't like you one bit. I didn't like you even before you started mouthing off at me. In fact, just looking at you makes me feel really ANGRY! I swear, if you value your puny little life you will keep your trap shut about me and my family. I could care less about you or your little competition," Marco snarled out as his eyes bored into Severus' own eyes as he dug his fingers into Severus throat, and causing the older to flinch in pain from what Marco was doing, especially when some of the flames coming off of Marco's body flicked against Severus skin and clothes, before Marco finally letting Severus go, causing the potions master to hit the wooden floor with a loud thud, as Severus stared up at him from the floor while Marco glared down at him, as green and blue flames still flickered off of his body in his anger, "So I advise you to shut up, especially about showing 'respect to my betters' you overgrown bat. Nobody here is my 'better', and I will beat anybody who tries to claim to be my better. I only show respect to those who have earned it and deserve it in my eyes. Plus, I am not some childish brat. I am in my thirties, and from the looks of you, you look to be just as old as I am, so do me a favor and stop treating me like a child you can boss around, or else you will see what this 'boy' is more than capable of doing to arrogant little pricks like you. If this is how you treated me when I was 'Harry Potter', then you can damn well forget about treating me like that in the future if you value your pathetic little life and…"

"Harry my dear boy, please refrain from hurting my Potions Master. I'm sure he didn't mean a word of what he said," Albus started to say only to be instantly cut off by Marco who shot the older man a dark look that stopped the old man in midsentence, while Albus' mind was going a mile a minute as he thought about what he had just witnessed 'Harry' do when he attacked Severus, as he remembered the blue and green flames that leeched out of the blond man's body as he threatened Severus, "though most of what Severus has told you is true. We are trying to just help you. We mean you and your crew no harm, and just want you to return home where you truly belong."

"For the last time, get my name right old man. It's Marco D. Anders. Even if my name once was Harry Potter at some point like you claim, I have never answered to that name in my entire life thanks to my amnesia, nor have I given you permission to use my first name to begin with, so stop it. It's Mister Anders to you, or Captain Anders." Marco snapped angrily, as frustration at the whole situation filled his voice as he leaned back in his seat and took a swig of alcohol from his mug, before settling it down on the table before him, as he let go of Snapes neck and let the other man drop to the deck floor with a loud thud, as Severus immediately scrambled away from the younger man, "I am not going to start answering to 'Harry Potter' now, just because you say I should. In my mind, Marco's been my name far longer than 'Harry Potter' has ever been and I'm not going to just 'switch back' to a name I am not familiar with."

'This isn't good. I thought it would be easier once I had him back. What has happened to the poor boy all these years he's been away from us? What did that other world turn him into that's made him so different, even without his memories?' Albus thought silently to herself as he tried to figure out this unknown new power that 'Harry' was now exhibiting, that he knew the boy didn't have before he disappeared three years ago, as he glanced at his companions worriedly for a moment, and saw the frazzled look on Minerva's face as she listened to what was going on, while Poppy was still tending to Severus' injuries, while the potions master was glaring daggers at Marco, 'Plus what were those blue and green flames coming off of his body? He was never able to do that before he disappeared. If I didn't know any better, those flames almost resemble color of the flames that phoenix we saw earlier that saved this ship. Is it possible that…'

"Fine, Mr. Anders, but it's my sad duty to inform you that you cannot 'refuse' to compete in the Triwizard Tournament. Once your name came out you were put into a magically binding contract, whether your name is Harry Potter anymore or not," Albus said, irritation filling his voice at the constant disrespect Marco was giving to him, as he glanced over at Severus as he was being tended to by Poppy, before he quickly continued speaking once more, "Until the tournament is officially over with all of the tasks completed, you can't back out of it now. Backing out of it now will have dire consequences. Anything from losing your magic, or dying for breaking the contract before the tournament is completed."

"So… what your saying is that the captain is screwed if he doesn't compete in your little tournament?" one of the crew members snapped angrily as he heard the news, while Marco's eyes narrowed a bit in anger, "What kind of idiots make such rules that will kill the competitors?"

"Mr. Potters name coming out of the Goblet of Fire was unexpected especially since it brought all of you here with him, but everything turned out find as far as I am concerned," Albus said with a slight smile on his face as he stared directly at Marco with a curious look on his face as he looked the younger man up and down, "though we didn't expect that we finally found him he would be as old as he is now and with amnesia. We were hoping to see the fourteen-year-old he should have been when he returned." "A lot of people will be disappointed if they see you as you are now, Ha- Marco," Albus said, as he quickly corrected himself when he starts to say Harry only to change his mind when he saw the glare that Marco and his crew were still giving him, "Are you sure you will not be willing to become fourteen again while…"

"No means no, Dumbledore. Even if the deaging could happen, I'm not bloody interested. I've already gone through puberty once, and I have no interest in doing it again for the likes of you," Marco snapped, cutting Albus off completely as Marco waved off a hand at Albus dismissively, as he started to stand up with Hedwig still perched on his shoulder as he stands up and starts walking away, "You can leave now. My crew and I need to get settled in for the night if we are to stay here. I'm far too tired to be bothered about this right now. I'm going back to bed. You guys handle this mess and get rid of them without hurting them too badly if possible."

"Mr. Anders! I really must insist…" Albus started to say only to stop when he found himself confronted by at least a few dozen blades pointed at him and his followers.

"It doesn't matter about what you want to 'insist' about, matey. The Captain says its time for you people to leave now, so you had best be leaving right now on your own two feet down the gangplank, or you could use whatever it was you did to appear onboard the ship," one of the crew mates said as he took a step forward with his sword still out, and causing the group of magicals to instantly take a step back to avoid getting stabbed, "or else we'll throw you off the ship and you can swim back to shore."

"Fine, we will leave. I shall send somebody by in the morning to invite all of you to the castle for breakfast so that you may get acquainted with the area," Albus said, as he turned his gaze on his staff members who all agreed before disappearing with loud pops from the pirate ship, leaving Albus alone for a brief moment with the gang of pirates as he eyed Marco once more, "Mr. Anders I would like to speak to you after breakfast concerning what your duties in the tournament will be, as well as see if anything else can be done about your current situation."

When Marco didn't reply to what Albus had just said, Albus let out a loud sigh of frustration as he watched his errant pupil walk away from him without a backward glance, before Albus also disappeared from the ship with a loud popping sound.

~End Flashback~

After the magicals had left to return to the castle for the night, before he went back to his quarters Marco had set the crew to work checking out the ship to make sure everything was still in tip top shape, and wasn't damaged thanks to their unusual arrival, and after nearly an hour and a half of making sure everything was still fine onboard, he sent everyone off to bed, with only a few crew members staying up late to keep watch and make sure they didn't have any more unexpected visitors on board the ship while the rest of the crew was resting up.

Robin was the last one to head off to bed after making some last-minute instructions for the crew members that were on guard duty, before she headed off back to bed to the captain's quarters that she shared with Marco.

"Are you going to sulk in here all night, Marco?" Robin asked casually as she walked into the captains quarters to find Marco lying on their queen sized bed that was in the corner of the room, while a quick glance around the room allowed her to spot Hedwig who still perched on her new golden bird pedestal in a corner of the room near the big windows that were now cracked open wide enough to allow the snowy owl to be able to come and go whenever she pleased, "If you are I can go bed down in with the other girls for the night."

"I'm not 'sulking', I'm thinking about the situation we are in and how we can get out of it and go home. Come over here, it's too late to be changing rooms now, especially after the long day we just had." Marco countered immediately, as he glanced over to Robin when she spoke up, as a bright grin appeared on his face as he watches as she starts stripping off her clothes until she's wearing nothing except her underclothes, as he waved a hand at her to indicate that she should still join him on the bed, "With what nearly happened with Thatch and Teague, and now this, I have enough problems to worry about to last me a life time. I'll worry about this tournament later, and just go back to sleep."

"Once we get into the castle tomorrow, I'll see if I can do any research to get us back home once this tournament is over." Robin said as she snuggled up against Marco's body as he wrapped an arm around her own to pull her closer, "I have a feeling that if we left them to their own devices, they won't let you leave that easily. You saw how Albus Dumbledore was looking at you once he realized who you were."

"Hmm… like I was a prize bull about to be put to sacrifice or something. We always have to watch out for people like that, especially when they have that look in their eyes, and it always makes my skin crawl," Marco said, nodding his head in agreement to what Robin had said, as his eyes narrowed dangerously as he was reminded once more about the conversation he and his crew had with the group who had arrived earlier, "I still can't believe that he had the nerve to even suggest that I get myself deaged to what I'm 'supposed' to be, like he seriously thought that was going to ever happen. What did he think? That whatever 'magic' that sent me to our world made me my current age? That I would be willing to 'grow up' all over again?"

"Who knows what was going on in Dumbledores mind when he suggested it," Robin said as she slightly shrugged her shoulders in response, as a loud yawn escaped from her mouth for a second, "Are you sure about your refusal about getting their help with your memories though? You always wanted them back when we were kids."

"That was back when we were kids, Robin. But it's like I told the old man. As I grew older with no sign of them returning on their own. I decided that having my lost childhood memories back would be nice, but that's all they are and getting them back no longer mattered to me anymore. I was six years old when I lost my memories," Marco said, said with a small sigh, looking thoughtful for a moment as he thought about what he was going to say next, before finally continuing his line of thought, "What would getting back those six years' worth of memories have done? I remember the condition I was in the first day I woke up on Pops ship. I had been beaten half to death by whoever had me before, so what good would it have gotten me getting back the memories of an abusive childhood?"

"You don't have to do anything you don't want to do, despite what those people may seem to think or say on the matter. It's your life and your choice alone. Though I have a feeling we need to keep an eye on the headmaster, he seems too eager to have you 'returned' to your proper age," Robin said as she stared worriedly at Marco for a moment as she laid a reassuring hand over his left hand, and gave it a small squeeze before she continued talking when she saw the look on Marco's face, "Plus you have myself and the rest of the crew here with you. We'll keep an eye on those wizards to make sure they don't try anything against you."

"I'll give them hell if they bloody tried," Marco said as a slow smirk appeared on his face as he grinned at Robin, as they slowly drifted off back to sleep once more, curled up against each other's bodies as they slept.

-~Headmasters Office, Hogwarts - October 23, 2006-~

Meanwhile back at the castle, Albus was busy pacing around his office deep in thought over the nights events, as he thought over everything that had occurred. Severus had gone to the school infirmary with Poppy to get the burn damage he had received from Marco properly treated by the school mediwitch, while Minerva had given him a thorough tongue lashing for over half an hour about the whole Harry/Marco incident, before she finally headed back to Gryffindor tower to check on her lions before heading off to bed herself for the night.

What was currently going through Albus' mind was the man he had met that night, who turned out to be the long lost Potter heir, who had disappeared from his radar over three years ago, who should only be fourteen now, yet somehow was in his thirties instead thanks to his time spent in the world he grew up in.

The fact that Harry Potter, or Marco Anders as he insisted on calling himself now, had amnesia had couldn't remember anything of his past before waking up on the pirate ship of the man who had taken him in and raised him to be the person he was now.

The young man that had arrived through the power of the Goblet of Fire wasn't the same boy who disappeared. Albus could already see the changes that made the thirty year old man known as Marco Anders the complete opposite of the eleven year old boy who disappeared over three years ago, something Albus blamed solely on whoever it was that was responsible for sending Harry Potter away to begin with. Things were going just fine in his plans for the Potter heir until they went down the drain one summer night when Harry Potter disappeared without a trace after being nearly beaten to death by his muggle guardians. Now the lad has finally returned three years later, but was now much older than he should be, thanks to the place his unknown savior had sent him to.

The worst part of the whole situation, was that young Harry had arrived in his new home five years younger than he should have been, with his mind wiped clean of his life. From the sound of things, the lad had been a virtual blank slate and easy pickings for whoever found him and took him in to use, and the boys dumb luck had him being found by a crew of pirates of all things, who gave him his current name and identity and raised him to be the defiant strong willed man he had met a few hours ago, instead of him remaining the way he was if he had retained his memories.

Marco Anders more confident and arrogant than the weak and timid little boy that Albus remembered during Harry's first year. Albus could already tell just from Marco's mannerisms so far that getting the youth to do what Albus was knew needed to be done, especially since he had brought his 'family' with him, and was already demanding to be returned to the world they had been stolen from by the power of the Goblet of Fire.

Albus had seen how Marco had listened to what Albus and the others had tried to tell him about his life with a critical look in the young mans eyes, and when Albus had told him that they could help him regain his missing memories and return him to his proper age so that he could return to Hogwarts to attend school, Albus still couldn't believe it when Marco had flat out laughed in his face at his gracious offer, and refused what he was offering, saying that he had no need of memories that are long gone and were useless to him now as they had nothing to do with who he was now, while also flat out rejecting the idea of being deaged and demanding to know what made Albus even think he would agree to that one at all.

Albus truly didn't see anything wrong with his plan for deaging 'Marco Anders' back down to the age of fourteen so that he could resume his life as Harry Potter once more. The idea was a sound one as far as Albus was concerned, especially since it would fix any problems that might come up in proving who 'Marco Anders' was. Especially if he was to resume lessons at Hogwarts while he was there so he could be prepared for the day when he needed to face off with Lord Voldemort once more if that day ever arrived.

Yet instead of being appreciated of the suggestion, 'Marco Anders' had flat out rejected it, not only refusing to becoming a child again for any reason, but he also flat out refused the idea of going back to Hogwarts to complete his education, firmly stating that he had no need for it and that he didn't want to go back to school either.

Another thing that had Albus worried, was Marcus firm denial about being Harry Potter even with all of the proof that had been presented to him. The fact that he had amnesia was another thorn in Albus' side when he thought about it, especially when 'Marco' said that even if he could get his memories back now, he had no interest in memories of a life that belonged to a person who he hadn't been in over twenty-four years, and said that those memories had no bearing on who he was now and that he had no wish to become that person ever again for any reason.

'Even if I could find a spell that would send young Harry and his friends 'home' when the tournament is over, I must find a way to convince young Harry to remain here while his friends go home without him.' Albus thought silently to himself as he tried to come up with a new plan to help him deal with the new matter at hand, as he realized that all of his years of planning for Harry Potter were now completely ruined by 'Marco's' arrival earlier that night, 'Despite how happy he might be with his new life, for the greater good of all, sacrifices must be made to keep everyone safe. It wouldn't do the wizarding world any good if our savior abandoned us to go live as a pirate of all things.'

-~Archimedes Battleship, Black Lake - October 24, 2006-~

Early the next morning, Marco was still sound asleep in bed, completely exhausted from the events of the night before, while snuggled up under his blankets with one arm wrapped around Robin's waist as she slept next to him, both completely oblivious to what was going on outside of their cabin, as the rest of the crew changed watch guard duty shifts with the ones who had stayed up all night keeping watch for trouble.

A loud pop suddenly was heard inside of the captain's quarters, as a three foot tall creature with bat like ears and dark blue eyes the size of tennis balls and was dressed in a pillow case baring the Hogwarts coat of arms on it, appeared in the room.

The strange creature was obviously female from the way her body looked underneath the sheet, and glancing around at the unkempt room, the creature let out a small tsking sound from its lips before moving to her main objective of being on the boat as she quickly spots her target lying on the nearby bed.

'Still in bed this early in the morning? The headmaster won't like this one bit. Mimzy needs to get Harry Potter up so that he can come to the castle for breakfast as the headmaster commanded,' Mimzy thought silently to herself as she silently moved towards the bed, being as quiet as she can in an attempt to not wake up Robin, as she stepped up to Marco's side of the bed and starts to gently shake him in order to wake him up, 'Let's see if I can wake him up by shaking him first without waking up his lady friend. Otherwise I'll have to resort to drastic measures to wake him up…'

"Hmmm… go away…" Marco mumbled loudly, not bothering to open his eyes as he swatted at Mimzy's tiny hands as he turned around in his bed, and snuggled his body more against Robins, as he feel back asleep once more despite Mimzy's insistent prodding.

'I didn't want to have to do this, but if he's to get up in time for breakfast, it must be done, I'll punish myself later for it if I have to,' Mimzy thought silently to herself as she pointed a finger at Marco's body and sends a low powered stinging hex at Marco's body, causing the blond man to loudly yelp in pain as he immediately sat up in bed in shock, 'well that worked better than I thought it would…'

"What the hell?! Who did that?!" Marco shouted angrily, now fully awake as he looked around his cabin angrily for whatever had hurt him, as he rubbed at the now painful spot on his body, as his yell woke up Robin as she sat up as well, while rubbing her eyes as she glances over at him in confusion.

"Who did what, Marco?" Robin asked as a low yawn escaped from her lips.

"It felt like something zapped me. I swear if it's Mobley pranking me again, I'll…" Marco snapped angrily, as he glanced back at Robin and gave her an apologetic look for waking her up, when the sudden sound of someone clearing their throat caught the duo's attention, as they quickly turned to look to the side of the bed and spotted the odd little long eared, green creature standing there, looking at the two of them anxiously.

'What the heck is that thing and how did it get onboard without anyone sounding the alert?' Marco thought silently to himself as he stared down at the house elf that stood next to his bed, as a small shiver filled him at the sight of Mimzy as a sudden sense of déjà vu seemed to fill him upon laying eyes on Mimzy, 'Plus why do I get the feeling that I've seen something like it before now?'

"Who are you and what are you doing in my cabin?" Marco demanded angrily.

"I be Mimzy. I be a house elf working at Hogwarts. I being sorry for waking you up so early and I apologize for zapping you awake, but you wouldn't wake up," Mimzy said, as she tried not to flinch in terror at the anger that seemed to just be radiating off of Marco's body as the room seemed to heat up, "Headmaster Dumbledore has sent Mimzy to come invite you to the castle to have breakfast with everyone else. Breakfast starts in an hour, so you have plenty of time to come to the castle if you chose to come."

"Tell the headmaster that everybody will be there," Robin said, stopping Marco from responding to Mimzy, as she nods her head in greeting to the little house elf, as Mimzy turned her gaze upon Robin, as Robin continued speaking once she saw she had Mimzy's full attention upon her as Robin gave her a few extra requests, "Please tell him that we will also require a huge table that's at least long enough to occupy at least fifty-nine people. Marco and I will deal with waking up the crew so we can all go down to the castle for breakfast."

"Mimzy will go inform the headmaster, miss, and the Hogwarts house elves will have an extra table set up for you by the time you arrive." Mimzy said, as she nodded her head excitedly once she knew things were going to go with plans, as she starts making a mental note of what Robin had just asked for, before speaking up once more, "Is there anything else that Mimzy can do for you miss?"

"No that's all for now, and you can call me Robin." Robin said as she gave Mimzy a warm smile in gratitude, while Marco laid back down face first on the bed with his face in his pillow.

"Okay, Missy Robin. Goodbye," Mimzy said excitedly as she quickly popped away to start getting things ready back at the castle.

Once Mimzy was gone, Robin smirked a bit when she glanced over at Marco and she could hear him mumbling under his breath. It sounded like he was saying several curse words, but whatever they actually were was being muffled by the pillow that he had his face buried in.

"Marco? Are you okay over there?" Robin asked curiously as she patted Marco on the top of his head.

"I'm fine. I don't want to go to the castle for breakfast," Marco grumbled a bit as he turned his head away from his pillow so that he could speak clearly for Robin, as he stared at her from the side.

"Come on, Marco. Unless you want the headmaster to send somebody else if we are late, we might as well get up now," Robin said as she yawned for a moment and stretched her body out to work out the kinks out of her body, before she reached over and playful ran a finger over Marco's uncovered back, sending a shiver through the man's body from the sensation, "We need to go get the rest of the crew up and ready before the hour is up."

Half an hour later, found Robin and the rest of the crew leaving the ship and making their way towards the castle for breakfast, while Marco stayed behind on the ship watching his crew leave silently. Hedwig was peacefully perched on the railing next to him as she waited for him to get going.

'I can't believe it. Now that I can fully see this place in the daylight, it's starting to feel more familiar by the second. I really don't want to go over there, because I have a feeling that it's going to be awkward. Even if they are right about who they think I am, that's not who I am anymore,' Marco thought silently to himself as his eyes narrowed a bit in concentration as he looked at the surrounding area past the lake, taking in everything as he saw it, before stubbornly shaking his head in silent denial as a scowl appeared on his face, ' It's thirty years too late to be this 'Harry Potter' person again. I like who I am now and I don't want to be anyone else anymore. My life as Harry Potter set sail a long time ago and died a painful death the day I woke up half dead from being beaten nearly to death on Pops ship with amnesia, and he isn't coming back any time soon if ever. I am Marco Anders now, and I will remain so until the day I die.'

"So, what do you say, Hedwig? Want to help get me reacquainted with the lay of the land before breakfast? I think I can do with a quick aerial flight of the area," Marco asked Hedwig as he glanced over at the Snowy Owl as they watched Robin and the rest of the crew head for land in the long boats, as Hedwig turned her golden eyed gaze upon as she gave him a questioning hoot, as a slight smirk appeared on Marco's lips as he reached out to gently rub the top of Hedwig's fluffy head gently with two fingers, earning himself a contented hoot from Hedwig as a result, "Come on, don't look at me like that. I can't remember this place for the life of me, so I'll need a guide to show me everything from an aerial viewpoint."

Hedwig gave her human what looked like a skeptical look for a moment before she bobbed her head and gave a small hoot as she agreed to his request.

"Good why don't you take off into the air now, and I'll join ya in a tic?" Marco said as his smirk widened a bit, as he reached out an offered hand to Hedwig who quickly climbed onto it as he carried out of his cabin and out to the railing of the ship and threw his hands up into the air to launch Hedwig as she quickly took off into the air with a loud screech, as she flew around the boat for a moment as she waited for Marco to join her in the air,

"And no freaking out about what I'm about to do. It's something I picked up while I was gone," Marco called out to Hedwig, who let out a loud hoot in answer to what he had just said, "I swear to you right now that I'm perfectly fine when I do this, Hedwig so no worries."

As he watched Hedwig fly around the boat, Marco shook his head for a moment, as he walked over to a nearby chair and picked up his captain's jacket that he had left outside earlier that morning. Shrugging his jacket on, he glanced up once more at Hedwig once more before he closed his eyes and his body seemed to become engulfed in blue and green flames as he seemed to disappear from sight, much to Hedwigs shock and horror as she let out a worried shriek as she flew down closer as she became afraid she was about to lose her newly returned master once more.

But just as she reached the blue and green flames, Hedwig heard loud thrilling sound coming from the flames, just before a large shape emerge from the flames a few seconds later as the flames died out as the figure took to the air. As Hedwig watched the figure coming towards her, she immediately recognized it as the blue and green phoenix from the night before who had saved Harry's ship from crashing into the Black Lake the previous night, albeit it was now a lot smaller than it had been before.

"^Hedwig I told you about no freaking out when I did this. Though I guess I should have warned you a lot better before I did it,^" the phoenix said, causing Hedwig's eyes to widen once more in shock as she heard Harry's voice coming out of the fire birds mouth, as a low laugh could be heard from the phoenix as he saw the look on Hedwig's face, "^Though from your reaction, I can see that you are shocked by what just happened.^"

Marco mentally grinned a bit as he saw how flustered Hedwig seemed to get as the Snowy Owl seemed to quickly get over her shock over what he had just done, before the Snowy Owl suddenly became enraged as she tried to dive bomb him in midair, only to just barely miss as Marco quickly dove out of the way of her attack.

"~HARRY JAMES POTTER! OR WHATEVER IT IS YOU CALL YOURSELF NOW! YOU TOOK SEVERAL YEARS OFF OF ME WITH THAT STUNT!" a female voice suddenly called out, that seemed to be mixed in with Hedwigs hoots, causing Marco to stop in midflight as he stared in shock at Hedwig for a moment, as the Snowy Owl chased him through the sky, "SO HELP ME IF YOU EVER DO THAT TO ME AGAIN I'LL…~"

'Dang she full-named me. She's really mad…,' Marco thought as a low chuckle escaped from his beak as he quickly dodged another divebomb from Hedwig as the Snowy Owl continued her attack on him.

"^Okay, okay I won't scare you like that again, I promise. So you don't need to continue your threats of what you'll do to me if I did it again,^" the phoenix said, causing Hedwig's eyes to widen for a second time as she realized that 'Harry' could understand what she had just said, as another laugh could be heard from the phoenix as he saw the look on Hedwig's face at the revelation, "^Yes I can understand you now. Though it's only when I'm in this form. Though sometimes I can understand you even when I'm in my human form...^"

Hedwig let out a small huff, as she finally stopped chasing him around in mid air after a few minutes.

"^Come on Hedwig, I want to take a look around before I have to go to the school. We don't have much time left before breakfast starts thanks to that chase,^" Marco said, chuckling a bit as he took off into the air and starts soaring through the sky, as Hedwig reluctantly followed behind him as they flew through the early morning air.

-~Great Hall Dining Room, Hogwarts - October 24, 2006-~

Meanwhile inside of Hogwarts Great Hall, it was slowly filling up with students from all three schools as they came in to start breakfast for the day as everyone took their seats at their assigned tables, everyone couldn't help but notice what appeared to be a seventh table that had been added to the Great Hall, that was currently empty at the moment except for a floating signboard that had been placed above it saying that nobody was allowed to sit on it except for their latest guests, as whispers spread throughout the dining hall about the new addition to the room, along with talks about the sudden appearance of the ship that had been summoned the previous night by the Goblet of Fire.

"I wonder exactly who the new table is for?" Ginny Weasley said as she took her usual seat at Gryffindor table in between her older brothers, Fred and George Weasley, as she glanced over at the new table that had been placed in between the Gryffindor and Ravenclaw tables, "Is it for whoever was onboard that ship the Goblet of Fire brought over?"

"It probably is…" Fred said

"…sister dear, but whoever…" George said.

"…they are, they are…" Fred said.

"…not in the dining hall…" George said.

"…yet, so we won't know…" Fred said.

"…who they are until…" George said.

"…they actually get here." Fred said.

"Though I must say…" George said.

"…that we are seriously…" Fred said.

"…looking forward to seeing…" George said.

"…what kind of people have..." Fred said.

"…such a huge phoenix…" George said.

"…on hand to save them…" Fred said.

"…and then for it to…" George said.

"simply disappear into thin air," Fred said.

"Like it was never there to begin with." George said.

"I just hope whoever they are, they are friendly, but I'm crossing my fingers and hope I'm right," Neville Longbottom said from his spot on the other side of the Gryffindor table, earning some nods from his classmates who had overheard his comment, "Did anyone else see what looked to be a pirate flag on the ships mast? I thought pirates didn't exist anymore in the world except in stories?"

"I think I caught a glimpse of it in the light of that phoenix's flames as it lowered the ship down to Black Lake, Neville." Ron Weasley said, as his eyes narrowed in thought for a moment as he thought about what the implications of what had happened last night filled his mind as a small frown appeared on his lips, "Maybe we should be worried about them after all. I always heard that pirates were nothing more than blood thirsty cutthroat murderers."

"Even if they are pirates, they can't be bad pirates, could they? They had a phoenix onboard with them for Merlin's sake. If they were evil, the phoenix wouldn't have been with them at all, let alone save them from that great fall," Hermione said, shuddering a bit in fear at the memory of last night, as she pointed out the near save caused by the green and blue phoenix that had appeared to save the pirate ship from crashing into the Black Lake the previous night, "Other than the headmasters phoenix, Fawkes, I've never even seen once that big before, or thought they came in that particular color except red and gold like Fawkes."

"Whoever they are, hopefully Harry is with them. The ship did show up right after his name was called out of the Goblet of Fire, and I read that it wouldn't have happened if Harry hadn't been onboard," Hermione piped in, just as the morning breakfast appeared on the table before them and she started helping herself to a slice of toast and jam along with bacon and eggs, as she also glanced over at the vacant table, as a wistful look appeared on her face, "and remember Hedwig came out of the school owlery and flew straight towards the ship and disappeared onboard. Why else would she have done that unless Harry was there?"

Before anybody could respond, the big double doors leading into the Great Hall were suddenly flung wide open, as a grumbling Argus Filch walked in while carrying his pet cat in his arms as a large group of adults in pirate garb came walking into the great hall right behind him as he show them the way, and came to a stop near the end of the dining Gryffindor and Ravenclaw tables, as whispers slowly broke out among everyone in the Great Hall.

"Aw… Welcome to Hogwarts my dear fellows. I am glad that you accepted my gracious invitation to dine with us this fine morning," Albus Dumbledore spoke up with a grandfatherly tone in his voice as he stood up from his golden throne and walked down to greet the group of pirates as his eyes scanned the group and couldn't spot Marco anywhere, "If you don't mind my asking, but where is young mister Potter? I don't see him with you this morning."

At the sound of the long lost Potter child's names, the whispers became even louder as everyone started scanning the group for any sign of their long lost savior, only to come up disappointed when they didn't see anyone who looked like Harry Potter among the group.

"Captain Anders is coming later. He said he'll be here before the start of breakfast," Robin said, as she walked forward to face Albus, as her eyes glanced over at the only empty table in the Great Hall that didn't have anybody already sitting at it, before turning her gaze back on Albus with a pointed look, "Is that table supposed to be ours?"

"Yes, it is. Mimzy has already relayed to me what you asked for, so it was no trouble to simply rearrange everything in order to grant your crew your own table here in the Great Hall," Albus said, as he tried to bite back the irritation in his voice when he heard that Harry was going to show up later, as he led the group over to the dining table and waved a hand over it in invitation to the group, "Feel free to sit down and wait, for breakfast will be served soon."

As the pirates took up seats at the table, they started to talk amongst themselves, while ignoring the stares and whispers from the people around them, as Albus returned to his own seat at the head table.

Just then there was loud hooting sound coming from high above, as everyone immediately glanced up in time to see a familiar white snowy owl come flying through the one of the windows that all owls used to enter the school. Hedwig immediately flew down first to Hermione to give her a playful good morning nip on the ear, before taking off into the air once more to go fly over to Robin and landed on Robin's shoulder where she remained.

"Wait a second. Hedwig!" Hermione cried out, when she saw what the snowy owl was doing, but Hedwig paid her no heed as she stayed by Robin's side, as Hedwig cocked her head upwards as if she was searching for something.

"Dang 'Mione. It looks like Hedwig has found somebody new to hang out with," Ron said as he stared wide eyed at where Hedwig now was for a few seconds.

Just then another disturbance came from above, as everyone turned their gazes upwards once more only for their eyes to widen in shock as a smaller sized version of the blue and green phoenix from the previous night came flying through the open window that Hedwig had entered through, and proceeded to fly around the Great Hall for a few minutes as if it were surveying the entire area for something.

"Welcome to Hogwarts, Captain Anders. You made it just in time for breakfast." Robin called out cheerfully as she gently stroked and petted Hedwig on top of her head as she and the rest of the crew stared up at the phoenix, as her comment earned gasps of surprise from everyone in the room.

"Ms. Nico. You called that Phoenix 'Captain Anders'. Why?" Albus demanded as he back down to where the pirates were seated with some of the faculty following behind him as they all glanced incredulously up at the green and blue phoenix as it finally flew down and landed on the edge of the table.

"^They called me that because it's my name and title, old man. What else would they call me ya know?^" a teasing male voice asked, causing everyone except the pirates to freeze up when they heard the voice coming from the phoenix, who sat staring directly at them, "^Geez, get with the program already and try and catch up with everyone else...^"

"Whoa, since what can phoenix's talk?" a nearby Ravenclaw asked.

'It can't be. But that voice…' Albus thought silently to himself for a few seconds as he stared intently at the phoenix for a few seconds in disbelief, before he finally spoke up once more, "…Harry? Is that you, my boy?"

"^Oi… I told you repeatedly last night not to call me that. It's not my name anymore and I will not answer to it just because you insist on calling me it. And I sure as hell am not 'your boy' so don't call me that either. My name… ^" the phoenix said, as its body started to give off a bright glow that seem to envelop its entire body, as everyone watched in shock and awe as they could visibly see its body starting to change shape and become humanoid before the glow finally stopped to reveal a blond man with familiar green eyes and a faded lightning bolt scar on his forehead now sitting on the edge of the table with his legs and crossed over each other, as he also lifted his arms to cross over his chest as he glared at the headmaster as he continued what he was saying before, "…is Captain Marco D. Anders, the leader of the Whitebeard Phoenix Pirates, and you had better get used to it, because its not going to go away. Not now and not ever."

To be continued...

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