A few days ago I finally got the How to Train your Dragon book series (1-5) and I just fell in love with them, It doesn't seem to me that people appreciate them enough, they all go for the movie.

Ok, I also liked the movie, it's very good, but I think that the book series deserves more and that's the main reason I'm writing this.

This is my first story in English, so be nice please, my grammar is 50/50

This fic focus in the relationship between Hiccup and Snotlout; they are cousins but Snotlout hates Hiccup and vice versa. The main reason is that Snotlout hopes to be the chief of the Hooligans clan one day, but Hiccup is the heir. However if anything happened to Hiccup, Snotlout would be next in line for the throne. So I asked to myself what if Snotlout finally got his wish come true? Set at the ending of book four, kind of "what if" style...

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"This is probably the best day of my life," thought Snotlout to himself. "Now that Hiccup the Useless is finally out of my way, the Hairy Hooligans clan will have the heir they deserve. A muscly, strong, star of the class and dapper boy… not a useless fishbone!"

My wish finally became true. Even after defeating a giant sea dragon and escaping from the outcasts and the romans, he is dead… and all thanks to a stupid disease. What a looser!

Vikings never get sick!

That's another reason that proves the clan would have been doomed if Hiccup the Useless had become the Chief. Luckily for them, now they have a true heir, a true chief.

But everybody was so sad. COME ON!

Sad for the death of Hiccup the Useless?!

Was the entire tribe crazy? That fishbone was completely useless; why would someone spill tears over him?

Nah, who cares? I better go with Dogsbreath, he will understand me.


Snotlout and Dogsbreath toasted with their beer mugs; they were sitting at a table in the Great Hall.

"For Hiccup," said Dogsbreath sarcastically.

"For Hiccup," said Snotlout. "Thanks for generously dying, leaving me to rule the village," they both laughed. "This is the best day of my life."

"Mine also," Dogsbreath said. "I cannot imagine that useless being the chief, he would have doomed the tribe."

"Luckily for all, here is a real chief, a real Hooligan, a real hero—" in that moment Snotlout felt a fist in his face, and fell backwards.

"YOU STUPID PIG FACE!" the person who had punched Snotlout was Camicazi. "HOW CAN YOU TALK THAT WAY?!" Snotlout nose had started bleeding. "HICCUP WAS YOUR COUSIN, YOUR OWN BLOOD!"

"But he—"

"DON'T EVEN SAY A WORD! HICCUP MAY NOT HAVE BEEN THE MOST STRONG, BIG, OR BRAWNY, BUT HE WAS A BETTER PERSON THAT YOU WILL EVER BE…! And he was a true hero," she went out of the Great Hall. Fishlegs was also there. He did not say anything; he only sent a look full of hatred and then followed Camicazi. Dogsbreath was completely frozen.

Camicazi's words made him think. Were all these years of rivalry, hatred and bullyng of any use at all? After everything, and though it didn't seem real, Hiccup was his family. Snotlout started to feel something in his interior, not quite sure what it was, but it did not felt good. He felt guilty.

He might be the Chief now, but certainly, he had lost a relative.

His own blood…

I want to send a really big hug to Sweet Reichel, for helping me in this fic, thanks very much friend.