"Dipper, watch out!" Mabel cried but she was too late. Dipper's cocky grin quickly drooped as the sound of slicing echoed throughout the room. Dipper's eyes widened and for a second he remained still, as if under a spell but he suddenly gagged and blood spurted from his mouth. He stumbled to the ground.

Slowly, his arm moved and he felt his back while tears streamed down his face. Mabel stared at her dying brother in devastation. His hand felt around the sword that had been thrust into his back by wax Sherlock Holms.

Wax Holms chuckled and bent down and grasped the sword, quickly pulling from Dipper's flesh. Dipper let out an inaudible scream, then squeezed his eyes shut while tears streamed down his pale cheeks.

Holms held it triumphantly over Dipper who's face suddenly softened.

"No!" Mabel gasped quietly. She fell down, her eyes dull and flooded with grief.

Dipper was dead.

I've been writing a lot of stories about Dipper dying... maybe i's a faze? Oh well. Anyway, this is supposed to be what would happen if Mabel hadn't warned Dipper in time during the wax figure fight.